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  1. Wait your supposed to stay on the trails? Huh who knew. Maybe a nice instructional video would be a thing to prevent that. Definitely 10+ minutes for sure. Ill write them a letter with my idea. Wish me luck!
  2. Im afraid to ask what the video is about
  3. I do that for at least one of my Permits
  4. No i cant stand trailering. I will ride from cottage 95% of the time or not at all
  5. optional is the key word. if someone (who shall remain nameless) doesnt like it. Simply dont go there.
  6. No they dont have great traction But if you have the 1.5 it certainly stops in snow. The ice well its just a bit of insurance.
  7. Ok I bought one. Price not great but im ok with it.
  8. Ill let you know once i find one..............LOL
  9. Same here T-bird. Hope you dont mind the Hijack. I assume you found one. If you havent Ill repost elsewhere. Looking for a 2020 -2021 XRS or a Matryx Assault
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