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  1. Im hanging onto snowmobiling by a thread. If I choose to quit Ill just go south all winter
  2. Traction works so well on that setup the sled is on the wall!
  3. Our Trailer has the regular guides and traction pads. Its basically plug and play and puts the sled exactly where its supposed to be. Unless you miss the guides.
  4. No real stress on a 550 fan but I do agree. Its why I run the iceripper
  5. looks south of muskoka parry sound
  6. Huh Id like to see that, I know i have busted a few plastic track guides on mine when im a little overzealous on the throttle
  7. The cold will make that plastic brittle and get ripped out by studs
  8. might be smart to fill up the trailer and run over to Buffalo this weekend and rescue some motorists on the highway
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