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  1. Its coming down. Looking for a newer ride for Jr and I have a found a few that re close in price.
  2. one year old 3 years warranty left 1000 km.............perfect
  3. The just fund me page didnt solely go to Skelly it went as a legal fund for everyone fighting this unlawful lock down. You can look that up. And also you can say what you want but I suggest that in the world of laws that the nazis and the Soviet Union were on the side of the law and not the victims who were trampled with them.
  4. statistically that was the way this whole "pandemic" went down. If we only protected our seniors (like we were supposed to) and not shoved our patients into old age homes and then reasonably protected everyone else . This would have been fine.
  5. yes and the totally laughable part is all of their emails and communications were released
  6. now the Toronto Police are asking him to pay 187k for their complete overreaction..............we live in ridiculous times
  7. amazing how much mis information is out there. Good on Adam. Small business is the lifeblood of this country and good luck to our children of we let them kill it all.
  8. Did you see all the people dying in muskoka Haliburton.........oh right there wasn't any
  9. Oh sorry. Was watching the leaf game at the same time as reading. So no.
  10. well i hope so. I was just discussing and if it was my business that was affected I would be camped out on that idiots doorstep. Should have fired him immediately. I would have.
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