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  1. yup. sold my 1200 for that reason. didnt like the weight
  2. its a sickness. Im actually surprised at how quiet the 900 is and the throttle pull is non existant. Should be a good family sled.
  3. apparently only idiots........................Thanks again
  4. good news! Im guessing sooner has become sooner rather than later? lol
  5. I may be interested in the 900 for sale....and if your splitting up the trailer depending on size, The kids sled doesnt fit in my triton
  6. Im trying to find a nice little 600 etec for a 3rd sled in the family and no Im not paying 6k for a 2010
  7. no the 600 carbs have notoriously heavy throttles.
  8. Truly amazing that the only time people had trouble with the forum was when people posted opposing viewpoints. Think about that! What will work is if you keep any politics or religion to off topic and leave it there. If we go to 100% censorship I for one will be out of here. Here is a formula that works, #1 - you dont like what someone is saying, either debate it or stop reading and move on. #2- see #1
  9. I think we should delete LMV.............................Domino?
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