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  1. ill trade you two sheets of 3/4 inch OSB plywood and 2 2x4's.........................
  2. lol. im keeping them for when i sell. But for next winter will be C and A pros on it.
  3. Wat the hell is UTSD? its a personal preference thing. nothing more. Im sure he windshield mounts are way better
  4. I use the foldable handguard mirrors because they are tiny. I dont like the big ones. I just need to see a light in them and thats all. Still works with my medium windshield but rubs slightly on full turns. Should be ok for your sled as the XRS has the forward leaning steering post.
  5. thats from the summer, before i realized that the sled was he coldest sled i had ever ridden. still good now
  6. BS. my xrs renegade with medium old man windshield fits in my 10 foot triton with room to spare. and by room i mean 2 inches. but it fits no problem
  7. I'm 7 years away but I may step that up. I'm going to contact a real estate agent next week in Florida and move the process up. I'm also streamlining my work so I can disappear from January to March. If I can pull it off. I'll be just fine I think. Or I may miss it. Will see I may try my hand at deep sea fishing. I think that may be fun.
  8. im guessing you wont miss me ? awwwwww
  9. im seriously considering chucking the whole sport and disappearing down south all winter. Ontario is a huge disappointment right now.
  10. When all the dealerships were told to go to multi platform entities one of the selling points was factory backed support for things like parts.
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