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  1. I guess riding a Ski-Doo causes partial blindness.
  2. Here's 5 more photos from tonight's "Wednesday Night at the Groomers". Thanks again, to all that came out. Actually, I was given 1 more but unfortunately it has a big Ski-Doo banner in the background so I've been forced to censor it for the sake of the children. Ah, screw the children, they can suffer with the rest of us, At least its partially covered!!
  3. A few pictures from last night's "Wednesday Night at the Groomers". A huge Thanks to all that came out!!
  4. Thanks Again to everyone that came out last night to our 2nd "Wednesday Night at the Groomers". Here's some pics from last night.
  5. Reminder: Tomorrow night is another "Wednesday Night at the Groomers". Come join us at the Clubhouse!! 211 Laidlaw St. S, Cannington Safety Shoes & Glasses Required
  6. Here's some pictures from our weekly "Wednesday Night at the Groomers", groomer work night.
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