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  1. I think any online driver training & no time behind the wheel of a boat, sled, groomer or any motorized vehicle is a good thing. When the boating Lic came out they ask me to sign up & they would do it for me. Man I feel safe with that. At least in class training can answer any questions & teacher can go into more details. With grooming I dont think any clubs would put somebody in a groomer after doing the online coarse on there own
  2. I find talking to someone in person seems to get more volunteers. It also helps our permit selling locations get more customers. Now with the permit sales being online, makes it easier on the clubs. no more running around with permits & selling locations dont have to deal with filling out the paperwork
  3. Maybe we should not have on line permit sales, & go back to in class driver training. On line is easier but is hurting clubs when it comes to getting volunteers.
  4. Looks like someone that is new on the ofsc is going by the book. He said that it could be a conflict. The pres can say how much they get paid and how much they can groom. I agree with Nutter that when the dist is desiding on pay on payed posetions that the pres of the club has no vote. So the Dist sets the pay amount and the club groomer cordinator organizes the grooming. so what is the problem
  5. I agree with you. I feel sorry for what the families are going through. It is bad enough they lost someone, and think they should be smart enough to stay off the lakes. Now there gone & this makes snowmobiling look bad. Dont know why, when it is the person behind the sled that makes the bad choice
  6. I hope so. the rail line is staring to look good. But we need colder temps & more snow. A lot of the water on the trails are not freezing up
  7. I will look into that. Thanks
  8. For sale under seat storage box. fits under rear seat of 1999 to 2007 Chev siverado & GMC sierra Ext cab. asking $150
  9. Tri Fold tonneau cover for sale Fits Chev silverado & GMC sierra, 1999 to 2018 6.6 foot box. will fit some 2019 classic body. no rips & in good condition. asking $150
  10. For sale a set of winter tires & rims Roughly 7000kms on them. Firestone Winterforce. 265/70R17. the rims will fit 2014to 2018 chev silverado & gmc sierra. Will fit some 2019 if they are same body style as 2014 to 2018. The rims don't fit new truck, so selling rims & tires together. asking $600
  11. Not sure yet. No problem at -12c. I don't think there will be an issue at -20c . -40c might be a different story
  12. roughly 10.5. Not a lot of driving yet. No high way driving. I am pulling 16x7 pro starr bullet
  13. So far love the new 3.0L DMAX. Trailered to Haliburton forest and back. Not on the highway but a lot of hills & lower speeds. Averaged 12.4L. Can't wait to see what it is like on the highway. Tows awesome. Pulls up hills with out the engine revving over 4 grand like the 5.3L.
  14. 1st thing. It feels great to get behind the wheel of a groomer again. I started packing the rail line section of B103. Not sure when we will start the other trails that is not part of the rail line. We need colder temps to freeze up the water on the other trails. Hopefully the temps will drop soon so we can start packing other trails. Here is some pics from last night
  15. I was running the same truck with the same trailer as Blake. I think we picked up our trailers the same day LOL. I get about 16.4 to 16.7L 100km. I am running 6 speed transmission with 308 gears and find it a bit of a problem on windy & slushy days. It has a hard time holding its speed on a light upgrade. My buddy is running the same truck with 323 gears towing a tritan 167 and he is about the same as me on fuel. We will see how the new truck works. Decided to try the new 3.0L duramax. More torque and at lower rpm. where the 5.3 is less torque but at high rpm. Should work well.
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