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  1. Just heard that the ofsc will not be paying the pres of the club next year for any grooming hours anyone heard of this new one for club the clubs boy hard to get volunteers now this nice move ofsc what next .....
  2. hi guys just heard sledjunk is in hospital with c-19 please put him in your prays and thoughts to get well soon
  3. just heard that ryan at the ofsc will be leaving in January hope there is not trouble staring there again we will see i guess
  4. Hi Guys just heard that groomer drives now need first aid and whmis training to drive the groomers this year any other club hear this will loss more drivers for this one
  5. if the trailer is NOT over the weight it done's not have to have a sticker
  6. raining here in Kap now getting a little thin in places going through town most of the trails are still good good luck mike
  7. We rode up to hearst today trails were good saw the groomer a few times today Denis did a good job of hiding hearst today signs are a little screwed up to get into town then ended up going towards hornpain got turned around made it back to Kap about 300 km today some pictures
  8. just ne and my brother sledjunk is down with flue
  9. great hope it stays like that for a few more days
  10. Hi Denis how are you doing we got here about 4 trails look good will find out tomorrow mike
  11. trails look good will find out tomorrow hope it stays cold
  12. I have a 14 runs quiet track and ski sounds only great on fuel works good for me
  13. Well just got this from the MTO if a club has a trail on the side of a highway anywhere in Ontario there is a hole new set of rules just come out . From what I understand first we have to get permission from every land owner that its ok to have a trail going along the highway in front of there land then we have to go to all utilities to get permission to have a trail on the side if the hwy and also permission from any town ship that the trail is in ,next is to check with any Indian nation near the hwy that you have a trail on . I have not seen the paper work yet bu
  14. just going through this now were part of a grant that we bought two mules now they say they are theirs not sure how this works we have to prove it to them not right
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