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  1. There are certain positions that must be filled as per OFSC for the club to exist, just cant remember all of them.
  2. The president of the club should be a sitting member of the district board.
  3. Reading the first one was brutal, new Canadian must have wrote it up.
  4. It caused quite the kerfuffle in D12 a few years ago, presidents of clubs who groomed where given a choice, groom or president, many quit to groom.
  5. It has been policy for a while now that a standing board member cannot be paid for grooming.
  6. What's even stranger is when your dealer has that strange obscure part.
  7. Mid city motorsports in sudbury is my go to (only dealer) dealer. They have been very very good to me. They go out of their way to help anyone.
  8. Generally events at the front are mounted high to avoid road crap, and tears low, mi e are mounted this way
  9. My new 2022 has been turned into my old 18, just not in the works for next season.
  10. They may have been removed due to the offensive content. They show people outside enjoying themselves. lol
  11. Bikes as in motorcycles, quads, dirtbike ?
  12. I would love to ride the south sometime. This year would have been the year to do it but with covid and moma bear being a little over protective of me I couldn't do it.
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