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  1. Great deal if you're a Quebec resident as it includes liability does it not?
  2. My parents used to take us there sledding in the early 80's before we had a place of our own. We'd drag the two John Deere's up there and ride a few days each winter. Good times! I had a t-shirt from there about Jackalope's - would wear it to school and people were so confused Anyway, was a great place and great area for us for many years, brings back some great memories.
  3. Its not sneaky at all - if you have a broker - tell them what you have and they will get you the proper insurance. If you don't have a broker - read your policy - understand the coverages, and govern yourself accordingly.
  4. Have crossed over at least 15 times since June and not a mention of it one single time.
  5. Wash your hands before he has a WSIB claim on your books - or sues you for some other stupid reason.
  6. Big time - get a landscaping project quote these days........... When we were doing our back patio - I got three quotes - wife and I looked at each other and said only way this is getting done is if we do it. It was a tonne of work - rewarding - turned out great - and we saved a pile of money - and are still married too
  7. People love to pretend they want to do the physical work - then they do it - and quickly realize it's not fun.
  8. Listen, both of my parents walked to school uphill both ways with one pair of shoes their whole lives too.... Times have changed, its not 1950 anymore. There is plenty of very good paying jobs for these kids now that are not as physically demanding, good for them if they can find that kind of work and save their body for having fun instead! Work ethic comes in all forms
  9. Well, landscaping etc. is hard physical work, long days, in crazy hot weather, for not so great pay. Can't say I blame anyone for wanting something else.
  10. It's 14. Cineplex - and it has been a very good place to cut her teeth at. Great employer all around
  11. Algonquin Outfitters Her plan is to ride the Seadoo into work on the nice days I'm ready to quit here and join her lol
  12. They sure are - if you're in Huntsville, physically capable, and not working - its by choice.
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