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  1. Wow, unfortunate for sure. Have ridden through there many times as well.
  2. my son has a pair of FXR and a pair of Klim - he says the Klims are better. I wear 15 year old leather Polaris gloves still - they are thin - with holes - but I love em.
  3. Excited to see what they do. I actually really really enjoy riding my Pro-Cross
  4. Mandates everywhere, in workplaces etc. are all gone - and for a reason....... Good luck with the mandatory every 9 month non-sense.
  5. If they push a mandatory 9 month booster - they will see an uprising 100 times worse than the Freedom Convoy.
  6. Everyone will be broke from living.
  7. I crossed at Lewiston friday, saturday and sunday, not once going into the US did I have to produce anything to show vaccination status and no questions asked other than citizenship, where we were going, and reason, with a "good luck" or "enjoy your trip" - awesome folks and easy peasy. coming back - a little more - but not much
  8. $405.00 includes the insurance thought doesn't it?
  9. The City planners need to do a better job providing commercial vehicles with appropriate truck routes.
  10. I remember all the hoopla about the 2012 Procross tunnels, the tapered ones, I even bought the replacement - 10 years later it's still sitting in the box with zero issues to date on the tapered one. Granted, it must have been enough of an issue to force the re-design, but I haven't experienced it at all. Lucky I guess
  11. One of the absolute nicest looking sleds out there. That blue......
  12. I only ride a Cat because at the time I needed/wanted a new sled, and being only a Polaris fanboy, I could not bring myself to ride a Rush because of how they looked. I have to admit I am surprised at how well this Cat has worked for me and how much I enjoy riding it, but if I were buying today, I'd be back where I belong, on Polaris.
  13. Not sure, but it's a good idea. It's a small token of appreciation - sometimes a little can go a long way.
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