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  1. Have always done the same, for the amount to insure just the one sled, slap it on my visa and take a few points.
  2. GCNA is/was a great company to be insured with.
  3. Decided to try shopping my sled insurance yesterday. First place I tried is where my vehicles and boat are - no dice - my antiquated crap box Cat is on their "restricted" list..... Broker is making some other inquiries today - see what shakes out. If all else fails - back to TD
  4. Maybe it's time for a career change and I should buy it.
  5. In your example - if your kid lives in THE SAME HOUSEHOLD and YOU KNOW they have a piss poor driving record - and they have their own car and insurance - then I would 100% add them as a 28A - excluded driver and save yourself the headache and premium - but of course - talk to a broker, but I would.
  6. Yeah, they handled it poorly - firstly - you didn't "lie" about anything - if you don't know - you don't know - they can run an abstract and have it back in less than an hour and find out for themselves - they chose not too and/or possibly failed to ask the question. If the questions were: 1. How many drivers in the household - Answer - honestly 2. Who are the drivers - names - ages - relationship? 3. Will those drivers be driving the insured vehicles? If you failed to answer those honestly, then that's a different story. It's not reasonable for your know the driving history of everyone, household or not - I don't know if my own wife has tickets - she might? I don't know.... - so that's on them - you didn't lie about anything - and if you cared enough - you could take that up with the ombudsman - but I would say move along and if it's an issue anywhere else - either have him chip and pay the extra or get the 28A and he's on his own.
  7. Agreed, which is why for some who are not insurance educated could rely on the services of a broker. Here is the link to the endorsement and details. I see them quite regularly on the claims side and actually check for them on every auto liability claim when we are assigned them. https://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/auto/forms/Documents/OAP-1-Application-and-Endorsement-Forms/1069E.pdf As for the customer service, it sounds terrible and I would not be happy about it either. Talk to a broker - they'll answer you're call and do the work for you. Cheers,
  8. there is a lot going on here. All insurance companies want to know how many licensed drivers are in the household and who they are - namely - because of use and operation and consent, whether it be implied or not. The simple approach you could have taken is to add a 28A excluded driver end. to your snowmobile policy and be done with it.
  9. Keeping it for now - been on the fence kind of waiting to see what kind or hockey season we're going to have - looking like none - so leaning towards replacing it - just not motivated yet.
  10. Only ever had custom numbers and only ever will. Not sure what all the discussion is about - but Quebec laws/legislation regarding registration, plating etc. would apply to only residents there - not me.
  11. ATC was good, Jody took care of me the first year I had my Cat. As for the weather, it was strange setting up my rink last weekend in 25 degree weather and a t-shirt and shorts - felt like when I normally take it down - not set-up. I hate the warm this time of the year, lets have some winter.
  12. Perfect - thanks for the link. Her sled qualifies - this is a good fit for us. Cheers,
  13. Asking a question - and 100% transparency - it's because I am out of the loop - and quite frankly - too lazy to look........:) Question - is the Classic Permit gone? We ordered 3 permits for our regular sleds - but my daughter is legal on the trails and I was wondering what permit to put on her sled - she will use it very very little- but will use the trails sparingly and I don't want her out on the 800's or 600's just yet. Is there a modified option - or is it full pull or nothing? Thank you
  14. Well, a couple of things for me. 1. My house, vehicles and boat are with one insurer. I use a broker for those - because I believe in some broker support - good ones do have value and they are necessary for a large part of the insurance buying public. My broker does the shopping - it's their job. We talk once a year - review any changes - discuss coverages and discuss insuring options. It's a 10 minute call and I don't have to initiate it or ever be on hold. Do I need a broker to do this for me? certainly not from a knowledge base - but I prefer the easy chat than chasing quotes myself. 21 years adjusting multi lines claims - I have a very good handle on what coverage I feel I need/want and we get the best for our buck every year. 2. My sled is with TD - a direct writer - why - because apples to apples coverage - no insurer can touch the rate I have. It's not a "little", it's close to half in most, if not all instances - so that's where it stays. I take 10-15 minutes a year on the phone with them - at renewal - review coverage ( changed it last year - dropped collision ) and give them my credit card number - aside from that - no need to call them at all and that's how it's been for over 10 years now - couldn't be easier in fact. If you're doing the shopping each year - you apparently do not use a broker - but if you are and you are doing that work - then you need to find a new broker.
  15. Lol, like I said, BEST coverage for BEST price, cars and house are elsewhere, and none are with the company I work for.
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