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  1. Spiderman


    What a thunderstorm we are having today - pouring rain - crazy lightning - and very loud thunder. Is it July?
  2. 100% we need snow - and need it in areas not north of North Bay to make everything work. OFSC can't control the weather
  3. Its apples and oranges, Ontario is not Quebec and can't be Quebec. We have to deal with what Ontario has -and find better ways to deal with what Ontario has.
  4. It’s insurance and liability legislation that needs to change first, then funding.
  5. My sled will probably qualify for a classic permit before I replace it lol
  6. Some dealers have lots of stock. Might be time for the manu's to start offering some bigger incentives to help move these units along!
  7. This winter I am sure will put a solid dent in the activity. the hardcore will always be there, the fringe will find other things, and good luck convincing newbies.
  8. Spiderman


    First and last. perfect day out there
  9. It’s actually amazing reading all this and understanding how much time and running around you have had to do for an oopsies moment. if my wife did that, she’d be done riding with me 😁
  10. Spiderman


    Yeah, I'll be overheating all over the place. My son's sled is air/fan cooled - so he will be fine and get to ride. That'll be it looking at the forecast. A little warmer tomorrow should soften things up a bit too. Not ideal - but only chance we'll get to ride at all this winter
  11. Spiderman


    Heading up tomorrow to try and turn the track. not looking good for next week, so this could be it for us.
  12. Spiderman


    We were hoping to hit some spots around the cottage on Sunday. Not looking good for that yet again.
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