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  1. There won't be any "deals" when there is limited numbers and people are buying - I mean the margins are small all the time anyway.
  2. I got a quote on a Seadoo yesterday - the owner was kind enough and said sell yours private - you will do WAY better - he'd love it on a trade - but sell it private.
  3. I found one I wanted- but its not delivering until the end of July. so 2022 it is......
  4. Congrats! Maybe I should list mine and see what I can get for it
  5. Yes, Where do you guys go? I was looking on-line - looks like a decent amount of places in the province which are legal. His buddy backs onto Gopher as well - sounds likes it's fun out there.
  6. Nice, congrats. We are hoping to get bikes for this year - hockey is still king for the winter around here
  7. This mean you sealed the deal?
  8. Talked to a dealer today - said he can't keep ink in his pen since the release of the new line-up - order after order coming in - going to be a good year for dealers - which is nice to see.
  9. Licensed or not is not the point - that will have zero bearing in the end. But I am curious, which I am sure he is too, which is it...... 1. If he has no license - is he a legal restaurant? Did they shut down a "business" that was never an actual business? did they shut down a "restaurant" - openly defying an order, or did they shut down a guy having a bbq for his friends? Interesting.......
  10. 21 years of claims and I can count on one hand how many people have said " you know, it's my fault" lol
  11. I think that is my jacket model now that you say it - sounds familiar. It's a great jacket - I won't get rid of it anytime soon. Depending on the weather - if -10 or colder - I wear a t-shirt and sweater of some sort - above -10 it's either just a t-shirt or a thin long sleeve t-shirt type.
  12. It will always have inherit risk and it will always be someone else fault ( in our own heads )
  13. 100% - I think in my own poorly laid out post - this is what I was getting to. I'm must glad to see the locals who live there are getting to ride. be well - be safe
  14. Saw an awful lot of sleds out and about in Langton area yesterday - looked like a lot of fun and trails looked great, was jealous.
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