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  1. Sleds arriving before Seadoos........
  2. Question for you guys that are dealers - or know how they work. When a dealer is invoiced for a unit - I assume that means it's built - has a VIN etc. Once that happens - what follows? Is it built - Shipped to dist. warehouse - dist. invoices dealer - then delivered? Just curious ......
  3. Spare relay in your purse is a must
  4. My risk factor is as close to 0 as possible. I personally would not ever invest that kind of $$ into something on leased land - but that's just me. I wouldn't lease a car and put 10k worth of upgrades onto it either - only to turn in it 4 years later.
  5. Big investment. Assuming this is good news!
  6. If it's not the right place, then as terrible as it sounds, could you not sell it and then put that money towards something where you would like to be?
  7. Yes, and they are also smart enough to invest where there is a return - and it isn't on sleds.............
  8. Turned the furnace back on this morning!
  9. Sleds make f-all in the scheme of “big” business.
  10. 100%. Your bill of sale - if you traded - is your contract. Unless you agree to deliver yours in advance - or your contract says otherwise, technically you get mine - when I get the one on the bill of sale, and you ( dealer ) get paid as outlined.
  11. Kawi Will likely end up the same way - but we're holding out for now. Bought a carrier, both kids gear lol
  12. We still don't even have a VIN # for a dirt bike that is supposed to deliver by the end of this month. I do feel for dealers - hard to deliver any kind of "service" when you can't get anything concrete from your suppliers.
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