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  1. Yikes, that’s a lot of inventory. Forced too I am sure!
  2. Can't ride it in the winter either!
  3. Saw a flatbed with Ski-doos on it yesterday. seems early
  4. And that’s why neighborhood's with old infrastructure have sewer back-ups, systems were designed for average, not average in 1 hour storms.
  5. Been too quiet around here!
  6. That’s good, but if they were Polaris, would be even better!
  7. Litigation has prompted that. Minimum Maintenance Standards exist.....
  8. I'm not an Engineer - but isn't that essentially the same thing?
  9. so like toilet paper in 2020 then!
  10. Way better now to whom? - not sledders!
  11. Road running wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the winters and now the winter maintenance expectations, they are plowed and sanded now they’re pavement most of the time after one day in the sun.
  12. Weather is the only thing we can't control. Prices will go up as ridership goes down though - there is no way around it.
  13. Spiderman


    Already way too hot. Lets go back to winter please
  14. The 80's, 90''s, and early 2000's and now are not even close to an apples to apples comparison - so it sounds good, but it's not reality for what is currently in place.
  15. but, can't they just dive into their 10's of thousands of dollars in savings? anyone under 30 - not living at home - and without inheritance is living cheque to cheque - the math doesn't lie
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