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  1. We need some out of the box thinking, which I think Ryan Eickmeier (CEO) Excom and staff are doing a fair job of. There are many clubs and or districts doing different styles of fundraising. Some have are registered charitys. But with that, there can be alot of red tape. It can be a slippery slope, but can be done... Even to have a 50/50 draw you must register..
  2. Each club is its own corporation and so is the OFSC. Ofsc has its own Charitable number and under the guidance of staff, decided to take a poke at this lottery. Will be used for infrastructure, safety related programs. Without a large permit increase. So if you wanna play, support the trails give it a shot.. Personally I think its an exciting endeavor for organised snowmobiling. Completely legit...
  3. I believe it's November 15th launch date..
  4. Snow and traffic dictates grooming frequency. The budget dictates fuel useage. We are covered for budget..
  5. You will know probably sometime next week, as approval needs to be made offical by MTO on any increases. Clubs will find out this weekend coming.
  6. OFSC Agm is this weekend coming. Nothing official regarding permit cost for this season..
  7. Lots of Alis Chalmers Tractors .
  8. We just grabbed the cowl, there is more sled..
  9. My buddy just recently took possession of a farm out in Midhurst, outside of Barrie. We were doing some digging out in the back 40 and came across an old Ski doo, burried in the field. We dug this up? I don't have to much history on the Huronia Snowmobile Association, but understand they exisited back in the early 80s. Have you guys ever found someting unique to Snowmobiling?
  10. Things have changed, we have a better mechanism to quicker get things approved for permit fee structure.
  11. I believe our district got 100 gift cards, 10 clubs in the district. I'm going to guess $10-$15 each, I don't have confirmation of the denominations.. Regardless its a nice gesture and is meant as another way to say thank you.. 😊
  12. Landowner appreciation program that the OFSC has going, through some of our Platinum sponsors. I believe BRP Go is apart of it. Districts are recieving Tim Horton gift cards for each club to hand out to Landowners. Our club does gift cards already through our club sponsors and fundraising, CTC and Home Hardware cards.
  13. Psst, head out towards field and Verner.. We just did that today.. Mint!
  14. 5 cms lastnight and blowing snow right now.. Lots of drifting. Groomers will be out again tonight and tomorrow. We will stay open as long as we can..
  15. We know how to stretch the snowflakes! Thanks Baylaker!
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