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  1. And here I thought you liked Kid Rock?
  2. It all depends on what the districts have inputted thats been provided by clubs. Points of Interest, clubhouses, scenic lookouts, public staging/ parking etc etc. We all have that option. Our clubs, clubhouse shows up in Midhurst Sno Voyageurs club in D8. May I ask what device you are using to view? I am using a Samsung s20, and on computer google crome. Crome is the preferred for best optimized view. You can also try and clear your cache or cookies.. Paul
  3. The district offices do the updates, the office could be closed. Could in error or unlikely unavailable.
  4. You bought a very clean well maintained sled, Gary took pride in it.. Enjoy it and the break in period. Tee hee 😆
  5. This project is underway but our snowmobile club still needs your support. If you can spare a few dollars it would certainly go a long way. I would like to thank those generous supporters that have committed so far and also a huge thank you to The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs - OFSC for the additional funds committed to this project. If you are a friend to organised snowmobiling could I ask you to share the link provided, every share gets to more people. We have adjusted the fundraising goal to reflect our current state.. https://gofund.me/bb5a8dba Thanks for your support.. Paul
  6. In a Effort to enhance your riding experience, the Sno Voyageur club would like to announce the reopening of Trail #421 to Horseshoe Valley Resort and Trail #420 to Craighurst. You can connect to these trails using trail #422 at Line 2. Updates reflecting these trail additions to the ofsc interactive trail guide have been completed and are now online. Always refer to the interactive trail guide for trail status reports. https://ofsc.evtrails.com/# Horseshoeshoe valley resort club sponsor, trail #421 is open for sledders, eat, sleep and ride. Trail #420 will lead you to Craighurst, fuel up, get some parts, grab some grub from one of our awesome sponsors, Foodland Craighurst, Craighurst Napa Autopro, Craighurst Esso Corner gas and convenience and HQ Restaurant and tap house.. Horseshoe Resort HQ Restaurant and Tap House Inc. We hope you can thank these businesses for supporting us in this endeavor, this wouldn't have happened without them. Please support them by stopping in, thank them and give them some business. Please visit our website for info on our club sponsors www.snovoyageurs.ca/sponsors.html Trails Manager Paul Ineson Sno Voyageur club
  7. Yukon


    I found to upsize the vest for comfort and because it helps with a layer for warmth, I didnt require a heavy sweater anymore. It shields you from the cold. Its all in the sizing. If you are intersted in wearing one. My advice to you is try them on at dealer who sells them, pick your size, then purchase direct from Tekrider..
  8. Yukon


    Tekvest safed me from serious injuries in Quebec end of season. I never ride without mine................
  9. Count me in for district 1 never been. District 1 and 17 are the last of the districts for my bucket list. Ridden the rest.
  10. If you are looking for the Calhoun fire tower, it is south of greenwater warm up shack at the end of Polar Bear riders trail L105.
  11. We see this type of damage with our club. Sometimes its just optics, ! Logging in the area starts the process. Logging finishes, water sits, atvs come along and continues the degredation of trail. Snowmobile club comes in early fall, finds damage, blames the atvs, since they see 4 wheeler damage. The solution is tread lightly, lots of times atvs share trails with snowmobile clubs. All user groups need to work together towards a solution and a common goal. Blame and shame gets you nowhere! Work together, this is the inevitable solution... Personally I don't find spinning out in a mudhole full of loon shit to be fun..
  12. Trailside bbq has always been a big hit. Hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers. One guy even brought a venison steak to throw on as a little appetizer. We have also used club sponsors who have a restaraunt. Either meet for breakfast, or if its not a long day, a late lunch..
  13. Clubs need to build relationships with local detachments. Our club has Huronia west O.P. P and the Save unit. Sled and traffic divisions. Although they can't be everywhere, they want to know where we are having issues. With Landowners, when trespassing or off trail riding occurs they want personal introductions, so relationships can built with them as well. For us, just a phone call away.. We had to work for this result, but we weren't willing to sit and wait for enforcement to just show up. Yes we also trail patrol, do permit checks, educate and scorn. Document and report everything and I mean everything. We as clubs need to protect our interconnected trail system with everything we can.. Tax dollars aside, Bill 101 and validation stickers should be covering enforcement... Be loud and be heard...
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