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  1. I just had Luc pump it for me, I provided the steaks! Worked like a charm..
  2. Clearly they don't know when land use agreements expire in that area..
  3. That's great news, I'm sure no complaints about that.
  4. The clubs are allowed to maintain the trail surface during lockdowns. For Safety and emergency services. Closed is closed. No farce, just people not abiding by the Public health lockdown orders ...
  5. Ouch! I take it everyone is ok? Any Idea of the cause? Electrical? I know often debris from trees can be an issue.. Those Gordy bells are a neat little machine. Not to many left in the provincial fleet..
  6. Maybe that's it, better informational signage for the people who will help, not for those who run them over or ride off trail right beside them. Nobody has a definitive answer to the problem. The process of which I mentioned is direct from the O.P.P, we have a good presence for our club, but as always there can always be more enforcement. We also collect the incident report numbers we send in.
  7. Enforcement, Enforcement, Enforcement! Signs don't work, preaching to the choir doesn't work. Most people on these forums or who follow club pages. I would think people know by now to stay on trail and are abiding snowmobilers. The only way, and this is coming from my contacts from different police agencies is to report,report report! Whether its a club, club volunteer or just a friendly snowmobiler witness, to off trail riding or trespassing, report it. The O.P.P and different police agencies need these reports (data) to build a case for more
  8. I have been out of the loop for a better part of two years. Left a club and took a break, but I got reeled back in. Now on the board with Sno Voyageur club. I am not sure how long the policy has been in effect, but its been long enough for me to forget. See below. Yup, funded by the club or if the district chooses to support snowmobile grooming. Fundraising or through budget allocation. I get it, clubs feel the squeeze, when it comes to funding and using a snowmobile for grooming. The use of snowmobiles are very much an anomaly province wide. But the OFSC ha
  9. Nice little retreat in the perfect location! Nkce find
  10. It takes time to lobby and advocate. I wouldn't call it silence, I would call it having your ducks in a row.. Quack! https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2021/01/20/ofsc-urges-all-snowmobilers-to-follow-public-health-protocols/
  11. Since the permit is an mto document, there is no place for refunds. For this season the ofsc at special request was able to make arrangements for a covid credit for next season. With stipulations of buying early, clicking the box for covid credit. $50 or $25 credit dependant on when you purchased. Those folks who purchased agreed to the deal, when clicking the box. The snow guarantee was a ofsc marketing agreement, not with mto. You were to obtain (purchase) additional insurance through the snow guarantee (ofsc sanctioned broker) to be part of the snow guarantee. I can't remember t
  12. If you signed up at royal to recieve the parts catalog, you would recieve the osm magazine.
  13. Our club Sno Voyageurs have been out almost nightly, trying very hard. We are hoping to see that clipper storm roll in tomorrow night, then some squalls. We need it bad. Glad you got out to enjoy!
  14. Just stop spewing please? The ofsc will be here next year, just like the last 54 years! I like many others will continue to support organised snowmobiling.
  15. Waste or pro-active approach? I believe we are going to see the need for it shortly. Better than reacting to it to late. Like we are seeing...
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