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  1. Yes steel frame with very low kms and aluminum body. You would need 7x16 for 3 sleds. Most 14 footers only fit 2 sleds. Nunz is selling a TC716 and that is all aluminum and could fit 3 sleds if you are looking for all aluminum. Great trailer just like mine, single axle and no electric brakes. This one has 550 km on it and it’s $4500 less than new with a few extras like a spare tire. I think a V nose may pull better than a TC716 too.
  2. Only 550 kms. Over 15K new. Price drop $11,500.
  3. It’s 7x16 fits 3 sleds and it’s OBO.
  4. 16' MISKA Cargo Trailer (plus an extra 32" V-nose). Trailer has only 550 kms of travel on it, and was used strictly for storage). Dual axle, with electric trailer brakes, LED lighting, full ramp style rear entrance, side door, interior mount spare tire, wall rack tie downs, plastic ceiling vent (requires new plastic cap). Will also include 3 puck locks with keys, trailer ball security lock, and wheel anti-theft lock. Has a few scratches from being on blocks as was used in driveway as a garage and storage area. This will carry 3 snowmachines if 3rd machine is backed in. Located in Azilda. * In good condition, price is $12,500 FIRM Pm for details, posting for a friend.
  5. I know you are looking for a Triton and I don’t blame you. My 716 is great. My buddy has two available in two weeks if anyone is interested. A 2016 7x16 Miska with only about 450 kms and a 2020 7x14 Discovery all aluminum with 75 kms. He bought them for storage so they are like new. Located in Azilda. Pm me and I can give you his contact info if you are interested. I believe he wants 10k and 13k
  6. I have a Pioneer 500 and have had it for a couple years now. It works well and is only 50 inches wide. I found it a little tippy so added 2 inch wheel spacers so now it’s 54 wide but much more stable. It’s built like a tank and isn’t fast but it will go almost anywhere my King Quad 750 would go. I plow snow with it and also use it for moving aggregate dirt rocks etc with a dump trailer and it has a surprising amount of low end power and it’s not belt drive.
  7. Unfortunately there are people who like to ride open water or water and ice in the area. YouTube April Fools if you want to see what I mean. These people ride open water all the time and it’s all good until the belt gets wet or breaks. It’s probably an absolute riot sledding where you boat but all it takes is one miscalculation, that water is cold. Ride safe, you will live longer! I feel sorry for the family left behind.
  8. Is it the tandem axle with the side door (bottom pic)? Thanks,
  9. The whole industry should use a wireless key fob tether. Skidoo does it best so far with a wired anti theft tether imho.
  10. https://www.thesudburystar.com/news/local-news/popular-sudbury-trail-back-in-business
  11. I have a working link for the NBSC but it looks like just the north trails and It’s not complete. It’s great for planning a route, I would rather the groomer went by the day before. It just helps me decide to go left or right from my start point.
  12. Does anyone have the new SPOT link for Sudbury Trail Plan?
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