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  1. I have a Pioneer 500 and have had it for a couple years now. It works well and is only 50 inches wide. I found it a little tippy so added 2 inch wheel spacers so now it’s 54 wide but much more stable. It’s built like a tank and isn’t fast but it will go almost anywhere my King Quad 750 would go. I plow snow with it and also use it for moving aggregate dirt rocks etc with a dump trailer and it has a surprising amount of low end power and it’s not belt drive.
  2. Unfortunately there are people who like to ride open water or water and ice in the area. YouTube April Fools if you want to see what I mean. These people ride open water all the time and it’s all good until the belt gets wet or breaks. It’s probably an absolute riot sledding where you boat but all it takes is one miscalculation, that water is cold. Ride safe, you will live longer! I feel sorry for the family left behind.
  3. Is it the tandem axle with the side door (bottom pic)? Thanks,
  4. The whole industry should use a wireless key fob tether. Skidoo does it best so far with a wired anti theft tether imho.
  5. https://www.thesudburystar.com/news/local-news/popular-sudbury-trail-back-in-business
  6. I have a working link for the NBSC but it looks like just the north trails and It’s not complete. It’s great for planning a route, I would rather the groomer went by the day before. It just helps me decide to go left or right from my start point.
  7. Does anyone have the new SPOT link for Sudbury Trail Plan?
  8. Paul, By cahonas, I was referring to.....courage. Any organization like the OFSC, and I am not blaming them by the way, needs to communicate to it’s members if there are problems in delivering services or product. What I am asking for is communication and have done so appropriately via their email. Many organizations will post a regional report explaining the facts. I have attended a recent local club meeting and It wasn’t discussed but that was before the rumours started flying. This season the weather hasn’t been cooperative. Many members will have to trailer to be able to sled this winter.
  9. WTF. Why the secrecy? Does anyone know why the OFSC doesn’t comment on an issue that threatens the trail system we all pay to ride on? If the “leadership” refuses to inform the members, someone should have the cahonas to talk about it!
  10. I called Windy Lake Motel and a nice young lady tells me the closed section of C111D has a bypass in the works. Should open up next week some time. That will be enough of a loop for me. Nice people, good food! Let it snow.
  11. Appreciate it if someone posts the new Spot link for STP once things open up!
  12. Try FB Ontario used sleds. The odd one comes up every week. What about a Yamaha Bravo? Arctic Cats 2021 sled sounds like a step back to a smaller lighter single cyl sled but it will be 10K. Good luck.
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