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  1. Arctic Cat just announced a recall for their 800 cc sleds due to a possible fuel rail leak and fire 2019-2023 8000s.
  2. Hmm I am towing a 716, so 3000 lbs max. I have a 350 hp pickup truck now but looking for options. This trailer doesn’t have electric brakes but I could add them if necessary. 3000 lbs wears out the front brakes on a lot of vehicles if you aren’t careful but front brakes aren’t expensive if you don’t use the stealership.
  3. Does anyone use a 6 cyl Toyota or Lexus SUV as a tow vehicle? Anything to consider?
  4. I found this video interesting. Apparently we need a little tongue weight!
  5. I hope your friend makes a full recovery. The police should be able to track the other rider down based on the parts they are going to need replaced if they can commit the resources. Should need a left side ski leg or left side parts, maybe blue panels. Disgusting they didn’t stop and help your friend. 80kms, could have been a lot worse too I guess!
  6. X3. I have a TC167 and it’s only a couple hundred pounds heavier but it will carry 3 sleds in a pinch. Looks very similar to that Bullett trailer. I have never pulled it with a four banger and don’t know anyone who has, having said that it’s probably only 3000# loaded but you may have to budget for new front brakes every spring hauling with a lighter vehicle or buy one with trailer brakes.
  7. Sounds like a 12 foot aluminum clam is what you are looking for unless you have a decent towing capacity. Here is another suggestion: Triton TC128-LR Ramp rear door and 14 inch wheels. Weighs 1000# and will carry 2000#.
  8. West side of Sudbury is hovering around zero. Expecting 10-15 cm this afternoon but we need a lot more than that with some cold temps! I haven’t been there in more than a week but my camera at camp doesn’t look like we lost that much snow. North of Barrie is +2 and pouring rain! Feeling lucky I have an enclosed trailer this year! How about the east side Soup?
  9. The weather is March like. Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how you make out. I have less than 300 kms on this winter.
  10. The trails are brown around Barrie. Sudbury maybe?
  11. Yes it’s a seasonal road. Billy goat steep.
  12. His GPS directed him to trail 201 (5th conc.) north of Horseshoe Valley Road. Lucky it didn’t tell him to drive off an embankment!
  13. Step off the trails and there is quite a bit. There was maybe 3 inches of fresh snow last night too. They have something to work with. Not as much snow as a normal year but not too bad either. Maybe winter will return.
  14. I heard the club only grooms that piece Thursday. Not sure if that’s correct but that’s the word on the street. Maybe get a dentist to sponsor that piece, lots of fillings will shake loose.
  15. And, C 111 D from Cartier to 56 was rough today but past 56 to Capreol was in great shape.
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