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  1. The whole industry should use a wireless key fob tether. Skidoo does it best so far with a wired anti theft tether imho.
  2. https://www.thesudburystar.com/news/local-news/popular-sudbury-trail-back-in-business
  3. I have a working link for the NBSC but it looks like just the north trails and It’s not complete. It’s great for planning a route, I would rather the groomer went by the day before. It just helps me decide to go left or right from my start point.
  4. Does anyone have the new SPOT link for Sudbury Trail Plan?
  5. Paul, By cahonas, I was referring to.....courage. Any organization like the OFSC, and I am not blaming them by the way, needs to communicate to it’s members if there are problems in delivering services or product. What I am asking for is communication and have done so appropriately via their email. Many organizations will post a regional report explaining the facts. I have attended a recent local club meeting and It wasn’t discussed but that was before the rumours started flying. This season the weather hasn’t been cooperative. Many members will have to trailer to be able to sled this winter. If it’s a sensitive situation, more reason to stop the rumours by carefully utilizing the facts. Closed trails without explanation will result in a reduction of trail passes next year. Just sayin.
  6. WTF. Why the secrecy? Does anyone know why the OFSC doesn’t comment on an issue that threatens the trail system we all pay to ride on? If the “leadership” refuses to inform the members, someone should have the cahonas to talk about it!
  7. I called Windy Lake Motel and a nice young lady tells me the closed section of C111D has a bypass in the works. Should open up next week some time. That will be enough of a loop for me. Nice people, good food! Let it snow.
  8. Appreciate it if someone posts the new Spot link for STP once things open up!
  9. Try FB Ontario used sleds. The odd one comes up every week. What about a Yamaha Bravo? Arctic Cats 2021 sled sounds like a step back to a smaller lighter single cyl sled but it will be 10K. Good luck.
  10. Horseshoe Valley resort north of Barrie is another option. If you plan on a week night you can get a preferred membership for $125 that gets you a free hotel night and discounted meals and ski/golf/Snow tube for a year. They have a spa, pool and restaurants. There are a few good restaurants close by too. The trails loop around the resort (recommend Midland-Coldwater-Orillia and back) and you can sled as long and as far as she can ride. There will be air bnb places close there too. Cheers,
  11. For what its worth, my Triton 716 will fit 3 sleds. It’s not a V nose but light and easy to pull. I normally move 2 sleds and a pop up fish hut but 3 will fit.
  12. I think you are on the right track selling the 570 if you want to sell a sled. Not sure how aggressive you ride but you are going to love the procross chassis. Your Zuk 800 is a solid motor and will last you at least 10k before a top end rebuild. One consideration is neither sled will bring a lot of money. Another is the age of your boys, my boy was riding a sled in his teens putting on more miles than my wife. If they are younger, can you trade a sled for a ZR 200? Decisions decisions!
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