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  1. Everyone will be broke from living.
  2. I crossed at Lewiston friday, saturday and sunday, not once going into the US did I have to produce anything to show vaccination status and no questions asked other than citizenship, where we were going, and reason, with a "good luck" or "enjoy your trip" - awesome folks and easy peasy. coming back - a little more - but not much
  3. $405.00 includes the insurance thought doesn't it?
  4. The City planners need to do a better job providing commercial vehicles with appropriate truck routes.
  5. I remember all the hoopla about the 2012 Procross tunnels, the tapered ones, I even bought the replacement - 10 years later it's still sitting in the box with zero issues to date on the tapered one. Granted, it must have been enough of an issue to force the re-design, but I haven't experienced it at all. Lucky I guess
  6. One of the absolute nicest looking sleds out there. That blue......
  7. I only ride a Cat because at the time I needed/wanted a new sled, and being only a Polaris fanboy, I could not bring myself to ride a Rush because of how they looked. I have to admit I am surprised at how well this Cat has worked for me and how much I enjoy riding it, but if I were buying today, I'd be back where I belong, on Polaris.
  8. Not sure, but it's a good idea. It's a small token of appreciation - sometimes a little can go a long way.
  9. I've had a tonne of great times there, I wish there were more places like it around. No fun anywhere anymore
  10. It's pretty much now an elitist persons hobby - not the grassroots backyard place it came from.
  11. Adjusters have a duty to uphold and follow the Insurance Act and the policy contract you purchased, nothing more, nothing less. Starts and stops there. Their duty is to both parties of the contract. Your policy and Statutory Conditions within set out the settlement process very clearly - and Adjusters work within those boundaries, problem is the policy holder never reads or understands them.
  12. He is the biggest POS that has ever walked the earth.
  13. Of course, I think that goes without saying in any negotiation - that's all it is. There is nothing stopping anyone from hiring their own appraisers and substantiating their loss themselves either if you disagree with it. There are other "tools" in the insurance companies bag to use if people become un-reasonable too. It goes both ways and good adjusters know what they're doing
  14. Well, they will decide will if it's repaired or written off.
  15. Round-abouts are great when people know how to use them. The last time I was in Ireland I don't think I saw a stop sign lol
  16. Its pretty simple folks, ride somewhere else and choose who you want to support. Support comes from your wallet
  17. Sledding can be dangerous, accidents will always happen, condolences to the riders friends and family.
  18. 100% pay it out and move on.
  19. You can eliminate the insurance investigation and any luck of recovery with that one. Sucks, but replaceable.
  20. Have done both as well - no doubt Agawa is better scenery. I wanted to go to Moosonee to see where I almost moved at one time as a child, and also had a friend working there at the time.
  21. Smart designer making sure there is breasts and a pony tail.......
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