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  1. As they should - they're largely responsible for it. Should be a simple concept
  2. So, by not using it, it can be checked daily….. Trakmaps sounds like a nice to have, not necessary item.
  3. On-line status is a “guide”, and can still be checked daily. Did they say they were taking it down? Did I miss that?
  4. I can tell you the one thing I would like to see change. I would move to have Snowmobile insurance not fall under the OAP......... I would like to see where it has it's own insurance - which would be tailored to off-road use only. Sleds are not cars, do not operate under the conditions in any way shape or form like cars - and should not be "lumped" in as such. Boats aren't - so why are sleds? No standard 1st party injury benefits - unless purchased by the user i.e.- opt in - opt out ( choose you risk level ) No tort actions permitted for any use/operation of a sled ( Quebec with vehicles..... ) while riding on a prescribed OFSC trail - legislated - statue barred. These steps would save snowmobiling in numerous ways. Unfortunately - it won't happen - because sledding is small potatoes in the bigger picture to those who don't care about it.
  5. They all have different laws and litigation procedures when it comes to dealing with personal injury via snowmobile accidents and how tort claims are allowed to proceed. It's not apples to apples and that is a big part of what is misunderstood. I would put to you they are defending the OFSC, their partners, and their memberships interests before they are that of the insurer. I am speculating -but I bet the OFSC has a fairly sizeable SIR
  6. Unless any of the ones that did not know it was coming were required to know ahead of time- than I don't see an issue. Why a consumer/user would think they should be aware of private contract renewal details with a third party is not something I would concern myself with either. The best you'd get is that I am sorry you liked using the product - but we're no longer supporting it and that's it. My work does it to us all the time with equipment, vehicles, you name it - we don't get a heads up - we don't get a say - and that's it. Move on
  7. Based on the limited I know and/or have read, perhaps communicated - but without being on the inside and having knowledge of all that went on, don't believe it would be fair to say not well thought out, and not well executed. I know I am the one-off/exception to the norm here - but i have never heard of it until I read it here - I don't use that stuff and could care less about it. If you're quitting sledding over a digital map - you have the issue - not the other way around. imo
  8. Hence the OFSC doing everything they can within their abilities to take care of, and protect that access.
  9. Way north for Crown land. Pretty much all of Muskoka riding is on private property
  10. I'll take 7. My property taxes are slated to go up 14.5%. Might be time to move.
  11. It was the perfect place.
  12. What is painfully obvious is without all the volunteer work and generous person(s) and businesses that help to keep the machine running - the cost to ride would be astronomical - and we'd have a lot less places to go.
  13. You and a lot of others. Their limits will barely cover the clean-up costs these days - let alone the repairs and personal property damage. I could never have my house with them for the same reason. Need the RIGHT coverage!
  14. Sleds in Ontario are all insured under the OAP - settlement is set out within that form, along with the Insurance Act, so they all HAVE to follow the same rules/regulations. They can't go rogue. Service on how they choose to deal with their customer is the only thing that can set them apart. TD are direct writers and write only the simplest risks - they are not a company that dives into anything specialized or niche. If you have anything that is not a regular car or house - they are likely not the company for you. For those types of risks - or if you have zero knowledge of anything about insurance at all - is where a broker can be helpful. Like everything else in the world - there are good brokers and not so good brokers. Some are very very knowledgeable - some are very good at selling and have ZERO understanding of claims etc. - which can also give a false sense to the client. I have come across some that should not have a license to sell - period. Anyway, do your homework - find someone you like - and put your money where you want. Cheap does not = good. You get what you pay for.
  15. Only my sled is with TD. They entered the market with low rates - that's how they pulled us all in. They ceased renewing clients that had payouts. They're all the same. Only time an insurer can show their worth is service on a claim.
  16. Wow! Thank you volunteers!
  17. That being the case, I assume fund raising for a club is important
  18. Community partners like to support one another. I'm sure there is no real "pay off' - other than showing your mutual support for one another.
  19. His claim was paid. He was cancelled on renewal - not denied. Those are two completely different things. Any insurer or insured have the right to cease doing business with each other.
  20. Actually no, it isn't - that's why you have an "application". Because it's required for an auto to be on the road - there is a facility market if no regular market is interested in taking you on. Facility will provide you coverage if no regular market will
  21. Yeah, an Ombudsman. That said, there are always two sides to a story.😁
  22. Brokers don’t dictate payouts, your policy and the Insurance Act do.
  23. Paper maps were great for promoting the comraderie of riding. Stop, pull out a map, check the map smoke break ( for those that needed it ), rip on each other about their crap riding skills, push down your buddies kill switch, etc. I prefer those days
  24. 2 totally different insurance products.
  25. If you're full coverage on that sled - it's reasonable. Without knowing full details - hard to compare. I've been with TD over 10 years. Premium for coverage provided is better than anywhere else I have shopped. No claims - so no personal experience on that end - but it's an OAP - process is simple and I am not concerned about it as I know how to handle a claim
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