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  1. Evil

    New Liskeard to Cochrane

    Was good meeting you guys too!
  2. Evil

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    Great to see you, Kim and Frank. We will definitely be seeing you guys on the trails soon enough! Thanks for sharing the info for the new sled I'm sure you gave Mr. Evil something to think about! LOL
  3. Evil

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    We will be there tomorrow. When are you going?
  4. Evil

    Yup. Come on Thursday.

    See you guys tomorrow night!
  5. Evil

    Sudbury trails

    I was out on Sunday. Trails were in great shape.
  6. Evil

    Gas between Timmins and Temiskaming Shores

    let me know what time you plan on leaving Cochrane. We will be leaving from Timmins but lunch in Smooth Rock. Maybe see you guys there unless you're heading straight through.
  7. Evil

    Gas between Timmins and Temiskaming Shores

    Promise? LOL, should be a great time! :-)
  8. Evil

    Gas between Timmins and Temiskaming Shores

    It is all ready to go! Heading to Hearst Friday morning from Timmins. Will stay in Kapuskasing on Saturday. You guys staging out of Cochrane for the weekend?
  9. Evil

    Gas between Timmins and Temiskaming Shores

    Gowganda Lake Lodge also has premium fuel now as well as a general store.
  10. Evil

    Temagami North on A

    I came through there on Sunday, I would avoid the section of plowed road by going further North towards New Liskeard. It's being used by Powertel.
  11. Evil

    Timmins Hotels

    Super 8 is $117 per night with continental breakfast. You have to ask for the snowmobile rate.
  12. Evil

    Timmins to Sudbury

    Not the same trail. L136 used to run Grassy Lake road. Was super fast for 100 miles. I prefer the C trail over the L143. Ran the 143 to Timmins a few weeks ago and it was groomed and marked.
  13. Evil

    Timmins - Parking

    Super 8./Caseys you can park there without staying there
  14. Evil

    Mileage this season, so far...

    3 days each weekend. Friday Saturday & Sunday
  15. Evil

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Out 2 weekends. 2175 kms so far.