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  1. My 2 OFSC permits on the way, plus 2 FCMQ 7 days will buy this year.
  2. Come on, that guys doing what they can and I'm glad to see base camp and always bring some cash to a local business Thank you for great season
  3. I prefer ride with my team, but it falls in a parts this time so solo its it's some kind of compensation.
  4. After long discussion our group decided to cancel our 7 days North corridor trip this year. Too much going on around..... Hopefully next year everything back to normal. I'm planning to do my solo closer trip this weekend Sudbury-Gowganda-Temagami-Sudbury and put my sled in storage.
  5. Amazing, Thanks. Will ride any available spot, we have 7 days to do that 😍
  6. Hey Guys, unforfunatly we have to replaning our week trip as Half way heaven is closed. So we planning to ride around Hearst and Kapuskasing area and I have a question about local dead end trails. Which out is worth to ride L110, L111, L303, L117,L113, L151, L153, L167? Thanks in advance.
  7. We have booked for big loop on March 12th for 8 days. Yesterday night I spend almost 2 hours to deture and rebook all hotels. It is what it is Sad to see when business cant keep running and no any options to solve it It's great to have some emergency funds in OFSC to help in that case
  8. Perfect that exactly what I need, have a muffs for long run and take them out for play day
  9. Like I said we are over 50th so comfort become priority 😂
  10. I used a lot different gloves, muffs and thin gloves provide comfort and good control.
  11. That's awesome great feedback. A couple questions, how is a wind protection for a cold days and long run, is it worth to put Adjustable windshield, remove hand guards and put muffs? Also I heard suspension lower 1.5" is it make any difference or unconvenience for long dag ride? Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot for your feedback. 👍
  13. Thanks for feedback, I'm not a racer, we ride a North trails with long day and many miles. So I'm looking for enjoyable, fast responding and advanced suspension sled. Now I ride and to upgrade my 2017 Grand touring se 1200.
  14. Hi to all members, I'm seriously considering to buy 2022 Mach Z and looking for feedback from people who have or ride this sled. I watched and read some on internet and YouTube, but appreciate additional information. Thanks
  15. We are going on March 12th for 8 days loop. Starting from Sudbury to Elliot lake, Sault Ste Marie, Wawa, Herst, Cochrane, Atibity, Gogama and back to Sudbury. Hopefully the mother of Nature will be on our side.
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