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  1. andreyboater

    Ski-doo mini Z

  2. andreyboater

    Are you getting the storm

    8th of May, I took this picture today at my cottage close to Parry Sound. Can we still ride?
  3. andreyboater

    Are you getting the storm

    21st of April at Parry Sound, I wish I can still ride.
  4. andreyboater

    Oxygen Helmets

    Feel so upset for earlier trails closure and canceled my trip, at least got some compensation and bought last available XL Oxygen helmet for fair price. So will upgrade my Modular 3 for next season
  5. andreyboater

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    THAT'S IT. Season gone
  6. andreyboater

    Abitibi Canyon Basecamp news

    Looks like west side is closed on ITG. Any idea if it's temporary or not? Planning to do Canyon next weekend. Thanks
  7. andreyboater

    Sudbury or North??

    Difficult to predict right now, I think you need to decide on a fly, in this weather conditions trails can be red on both locations.
  8. andreyboater

    Abitibi Canyon Basecamp news

    What I see its still missing section cliose to dam. So is it mean you can't complete whole loop or is it detour for closed section???
  9. andreyboater

    Abitibi Canyon Basecamp news

    We are starting from Sudbury on Wednesday and will stay at Cochrane for two nights Thursday and Friday to do Canyon...
  10. andreyboater

    Abitibi Canyon Basecamp news

    Great news, we are going make that loop next week, during our 6 days North trip .
  11. andreyboater

    Look out on East side Algonquin?

    Just a couple pics from our RAP trip. East side of Algonquin trails was awesome. A little bit chilly on Friday start -33C in a morning but overall nice 4 days trip and 1000km on odometer.
  12. andreyboater

    Fatal WEst of Listowel, D9

    RIP, condolences to family
  13. andreyboater

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    IT'S GONE...... just find out, back to city from the cottage opened ITG and was shocked
  14. andreyboater

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    It's so sad BRP have removed mini's from production line at 2008 if I'm not mistaken. Also they don't have any 3/4 sled or sled with small CC engine. Actually now kids are limited with sled option.