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  1. TheNavigator

    ElliotLake to Searchmont - Help!

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
  2. SHELL Station @ Hwy 11 & Line 1 - Oro Medonte - CLOSED off trail (B112B) shell.bmp
  3. Remember that year Canuck, when we ALL headed to Giant Tomb to see the ice formations! You were our fearless leader, if my memory is correct!
  4. TheNavigator

    Happy Canada Day... belated

    Enjoyed a pig roast, provided by Shaw's Catering. Happy Canada Day my friends...
  5. Happy Birthday WD!!! Sweet sixteen again!!!
  6. TheNavigator

    barrie bbq trailside

    White Dragon in the Groomer!
  7. TheNavigator

    barrie bbq trailside

    Some pics of the BBQ today.
  8. TheNavigator

    Butter Tarts close to Trails

    Wilkie's Bakery in Orillia.... Butter tarts and Chelsea !!!
  9. TheNavigator

    Orillia to Norland today

    Happened to run into White Dragon and Bill and their group early this morning at the Canadian Tire gas bar in Orillia. joined their group that was headed to The Riverside Inn for lunch - awesome lunch btw Loads of fresh snow!!!! Great weather too! It was a great run there and back! Great bunch of guys, and can't forget little Ms Skittles (White Dragons little one)
  10. TheNavigator

    elliot lk to d'ville

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. TheNavigator

    Dungannon Vintage Sled Show...

    Love those old sleds! Great pics... thanks for sharing!
  12. TheNavigator

    hearst to dubreuiville

    WD... never leave home without'em SKITTLES....!!!! Cool pics!
  13. TheNavigator

    OCer ride Jan.17th 2016 Thanks to D8!!!

    Yamaha Fan, we're all thinking about you. Hope all goes well.