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  1. blake tell me you haven't thought about buying that place ? what da offer ? so up your alley..get booze ticket back pronto...ease into edibles...dancers few times a wk...anyhow lets talk
  2. nunz could u find out how rest of trail was to Elliot lake tomorrow for me ?
  3. seen F went red.thx for update scott & eric,guess we will go thru Cochrane & try to make duberville
  4. ya ...ok,that is 4 things I would never believe on any day...i'm no fool
  5. .In the 6 hrs it takes to get there from orillia,u can get to many better sledding areas & we do.
  6. want to drive up early morning & skip Dunlop lk lodge,park at staging area that is further north on F trail.can someone pin point that for me.
  7. looks like revrnd got one of the renovated rooms,last time we stayed there we were in the 70s room.Love the way the owners walk around in morning counting all the empties the cleaners put out.Asked to borrow cork screw once,needed deposit.Place sucks,ice hut sucks unless you have biggest group in place.Otherwise u are on back burner.Trails are poker straight,but well kept because of it.Chinese food place is ok.polaris dealer is also handy.We usually unload in Cochrane then get the hell outta there,at least to kap or further up the line.Would love to see nai back in the game.In the 6 hrs it takes to get there from orillia,u can get to many better sledding areas & we do.
  8. playin this hand to the end,bill & I realized we did 400 miles in 1 day.Most miles we have ever done.i video with go pro this trip so when we are old we can watch..lol
  9. we were there late aft,damage was done.Nice place
  10. day 2 started like any other day while sledding in Quebec..great.Tourist ride was on tap today,riding to some lookouts in the mountains.Heading for gas we noticed all local trails were groomed.The trails up to the lookout were amazing,twisty.. up & down with great scenery.You get use to it. as 02 says " happy wife..happy life" There was a observation deck at the peak,beautiful newer steel structure,i decided I would watch the sleds while the group went up.Bend over backwards for these guys. lily is always up for a pic We believe this is the lake where we are staying,this whole day we were never further than 30 km away from st-donat In this pic bill brings me down some water during my watch.. We rode across to another mountain peak,bill figured we were looking at where we just came from...made sense,left,right,up...down...repeat.Yet never more than 30 kms away,some to do with time change I imagine. We made it to Pourvoire Coin Lavigne,put on around 140 miles. in this pic,bill is asking "how the hell do drive this thing" In this pic pretty sure lily is asking fire242 why he & fab hang out with bill,wife & I..sure he avoided question...anyhow... in this pic amber is asking bill how do they put up with us,Fabio & fire242 are asking each other why do we put up with them..so many unanswered questions We headed home to prepare for...yep..my birthday..We had great ride back & pumped about the great trails & lack of other rider...& my birthday (inside joke) Boys hit booze barn again,little dinner & we lite her up..Got in to a game of crazy 8s,bill style.Packed it up by midnite so we were good for...my birthday ride.girls were staying home tomorrow Day 3 started like any hung-over day,but its my brithday We were heading to Auberge le Cabanon,the hub of central Quebec sledding Our 1st stop & I all ready said its my birthday probably 35 times Trails were top notch,we rode 50 to 60 mph all day with no one around.Trails musta been good because there is no more pics of that day...at least what I can post.We put 225 mile on that day & didn't get back till 7:30 that nite,amber had dinner ready.Boys were all so beat from riding,we crashed early & decided to have a lax next day to repair a sled problem & venture intown for supplies. day 4 Late aft we headed for short ride,lite rain arrived & dampen our ride.we cut it alittle short & waited for the arrival of our French friend for our trip last yr in gaspie.where we made friends & rode together for 4 days.they wouldn't get there till 11:30 that nite so we left door open & prepared the couches....I know... spoiled them Day 5 started with some hand shake & introductions..& couple relieved French men that they were in right place.philip our friend wanted to take us up north where his is camp is.240 miles.With 3 inches of fresh snow,we headed out.Even Philip knew we needed fire242 & Fabio to navigate this ride this is our 1st big stop,as we go up it starts to mist.Further up its very light rain,not enuff to get wet but keep u wiping the visor. pic of beauty & the beast..but if anyone calls her beast you'll be sorry Philip didn't fill-up (see what I did there) but ski-doo guys stick together regardless of language barrier This is at Pourvoire du Barrage Gouin et Magnan & this is Philip,approach with caution.He is French,friendly & loves to snowmobile this pic is all of them asking,what are we doing with them ? we all stayed together in 1 cabin,the wind was howling & was snowing.Owner was telling us about local fox Philip feeding the fox by hand At this place gas was $ 190 a litre,$ 125 pp(talk to owner about lily & dropped to $ 75) included dinner & breaky.Bought pitcher of beer & wife had couple drinks.My total with $ 50 tip for waitress was $ 594 for night...think I heard my visa say wtf I would go again... day 6 we were up early had breaky & on the trail by 9 sat morning...can u spot the problem in that sentence so far great morning not much traffic followed a beauty trail all along a river,stopped on the bridge crossing,20 min stop not a sole Further along we noticed the trail was getting worse,to the point it was washboard to mougled out corners well we had go outta of our way for gas & figured out why it was ruff,some club party After 10 min away the trails were much better,it was later in the aft & no where near home...about 3 gas tanks away its was about here when fire242 could have used a snicker bar after Philip announced we were still 250 km away...ish here amber tell fire...sorry no snickers & lily is not giving hers up at our next gas stop we saw a sign that read 140 km to st donat...but is was disputed amonst the leaders.trails were pretty good I think..it wasn't important.Soon we were riding in the dark,but was warm & ez to follow riders ahead.We are now getting to our area where trails are tight & mountainous,now the pace is fast.I checked my mirrors so much making sure amber was behind me,i might as well rode in reverse.About 80 km for home we stopped for break,i was laying on trail,lookiing up at the clear sky full of stars...I asked everyone if they found it weird that since night fall we haven't one other sled,we laffed.. we got home at 10:30 that night,bill cooked everything that was left with Fabio helping we did 2000 km total but 1000 km in 2 days on sunday we loaded up but no before making plans for next yrs ride just like to add.. thx to glenn(fire242) for organizing such a great trip & offering to help on sad day thx to Fabio for help organizing trip,leading the pack all wk,helping me with sled, & the prosciutto ( I got left overs ) thx to the French connection thx to FCMQ for great trails thx to wife for being a real sledder & putting 2000 km on & 1000 of those in 2 days with a bunch of crazy men thx to lily who never complained once during 7.5 hr in truck both ways or doing the mileage too...double seat but hanging on by my body harness.poor thing had calluses on her hands thx to brother bill whose truck that took us there & just being bill sad note...on march 22 amber father passed away,shaken & upset she agreed to go on with our trip... slomo ...I noticed on toilets in quebec the flush handles point to the back,in Ontario handles point to front... we missed chris (crawdaddy) who didn't make it do to work we missed eddy (northstar) who maybe caught on & just dodged us...lol
  11. bill & I with our sons are thinking next thur heading to halfway & duberville if u can..nothing in stone 

    we may leave early morning & skip Dunlop lodge,drive to next staging area or next gas stop...let me know

    1. Crawdaddy


      Hey dude that right there sounds like a good time. i don't think i'll be able to make it.You know id be there in a heart beat,- It's been an busy winter at work, my sleddin has took a hit from that for sure.Looks like you guys had a wicked time in Qewwbeec! would of loved to of been there and be witness and part take in the shenanigans. Enjoy your rip.


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