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  1. Ran a few trails today. In much better shape than I was expecting. There were the odd icy patches but no rocks or bare patches. If it were mid season I’d say the trails were good with some icy patches. For mid March I’d say the trails were great.
  2. Wish I knew this before I ran the Paudash trails today.
  3. We got about a foot or just a bit less in Carnarvon. Kushog Lake to Baysville was great today. Some logging on the B just before it gets to D101B but not too bad. 101,102 and 45 were in great shape. Lakes in Haliburton were good.
  4. Don’t know about Whitney but Kushog lake to Baysville was great today.
  5. Don’t know about MSR but last time I went to an HCSA meeting they didn’t have a lot of volunteers to work with either.
  6. Heard back from OFSC. They are working on an option to close that section but it’s not due until November.
  7. How do you close the OFSC section on the left side that takes up a third of the page?
  8. I like my Airoh and better half prefers her 509.
  9. I've got the in between seasons figured out. RV. Last year headed out in September across Canada then headed down to Moab then worked our way over to Florida and home early January. Looking for escape routes as I write this, lol. September through January already booked.
  10. Thanks, and I'll also probably remain in sledding, just frustrated by the short season. As the boss said, "what would we do if you sold the sleds?" I'm not ready to move to Florida for the winter so I guess all I can do is hope for better winters. Doesn't help that we have a son that goes to Revy every weekend. His pics are killing me, lol.
  11. Not with the seasons that we have been having. I know trailering is an option for good riding but one of the reasons for moving to the Haliburton area was to get away from needing to trailer. That hasn't worked too well the past couple of seasons. Another season like the one we just had and I think the sleds may go.
  12. A couple of Cats for sale.
  13. x2. Season was too short but still had some great rides. Trails were amazing especially considering what there was to work with. Job well done!
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