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  1. Totally agree. Haliburton is my happy place. Trails and lakes, fantastic mix, right from my house. Have a 4 place enclosed trailer that has only been used for storing lumber for the last 10 years.
  2. Cuyuna


    We can't fix stupid, we all sure as hell have to pay for it.
  3. Words is that HCSA has told their groomers that all grooming activity ends tonight - Mar. 07.
  4. Bought a 136" pre-installed-studded ice ripper type track way back when they first came to market... hated it. I was disappointed with the lack of penetration compared to a good stud. Also found the points to wear and dull down way ahead of the life of the track. The track itself was a thumper. Worst out of balance track I have ever encountered. I took the loss and bought a new track and went back to studs - never looked back. As previously mentioned here about Lake Simcoe... Before moving to Haliburton, I used to live near Queensville and did all of my sledding around Cooks Bay /
  5. Feb 22/21 - Early Morning - Haliburton Lake Northbound Days like this make you happy to have a stake line.
  6. https://markcrispinmiller.com/2020/10/that-mask-is-giving-you-lung-cancer/?fbclid=IwAR0AsjjcOYr7cQm6IrtE8NXFdpUE6e3UpQPiuira2bsmRDn98EvKGRBfv3g Give it a read... bring on the hate... doesn't matter. I fight for the kids.
  7. You CAN'T tell exactly what happened, but you CAN tell that it didn't have to happen.
  8. Early start... Lord knows, there are lots of problems and worries to think about... but not for the next few hours. I give thanks for every ride.
  9. Camp Northland, whose property the trail ran through to Haliburton Lake Rd., had issues with the OFSC insurance policy for landowners. They pulled the land use agreement until there were improvements made to the policy, and here we are... Same situation existed at Camp Towhee ( B Trail near West Guilford ) The trail was almost closed until they found that B trail was old "Legacy" trail and belonged to the County. It was a "close" call.
  10. FWIW, Kennissis, Redstone firmed up pretty good as of today ( Feb 1 ) A little slush in the middle of Big Hawk and down at the Marina end of Kennissis, nothing major. Hopefully Haliburton Lake will come in soon.
  11. No. I have only crossed Little Hawk to the Totem, and just a 1/4 mile into Big Hawk. Looked pretty good, but my thinking was to give it all another couple of really cold days...
  12. GLOVES FOUND ... B Trail - between Hwy 118 and Trail 8 Junction. 1 pair gloves, trail maps and chocolate bar. Picked up and wedged in tree. Today - Jan 28 @ 11:30 am. Cheers !
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