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  1. My dealer asked for $500, no biggie. They did ask what promotion you want for the spring order. I chose the %.99 financing rate. That's $550 over 5 years. Hard to argue with that. Might as well keep my money, gain interest on it and pay for the sled over 5 years. Question is, is that for everyone, seems so? What if you are maybe not credit worthy? BRP has always been back stopped by government so it's probably meaningless.
  2. Never been an issue for us. We sometimes need heavy equipment type companies to build and maintain trails. Preference is given, to landowners, volunteers, etc, but it's still done as an RFQ. Operators, machines and material are not always free. Sometimes we get lucky though. We get treated very well when we must hire the above. As much as we can, volunteers with volunteered equipment is used, free of charge, including even fuel. Our books are open to any club member, the district and the OFSC. An audit would find nothing untoward.
  3. I can agree with that...however I don't think it's really an issue. Groomer operators in my district have had static pay for as long as I can remember. $17/hr during the day, $19/hr at night. Most of the operators I know have heavy equipment jobs and background, and/or are small business owners. I make quite a bit more at my other endeavors. None I know do it for the money, we usually take a financial hit, not to mention the missed family and riding opportunities, so riders can enjoy the sport we all love.
  4. Yep, Add on. I think it's worth the 500 bucks. List was $650. Dealer dropped it %20 and threw in the heated shield option port no charge. Without me asking for such. Friends around me go to this dealer with nothing but good reviews. I see why.
  5. Ordered a Renegade XRS with the 900T R, heated seat. Brother has a yamaha with a heated seat. It's kinda nice. Decades ago I thought who in the heck needs heated grips and throttle? Was converted in the 90's. Heat is good. First new sled for me, first 4 stroke, in 40 years of buying used. Not sure what to do with the 1000 sdi Mach Z? This sled is it's equal in power, albeit delivered differently. Hope it's as much fun, but for anyone who has ridden the 1000 sdi that's a big hill to climb. When the servo opens up the exhaust valves at full throttle, it's
  6. Ontario used to max out our supply of power. Think it was around 27 or 28 GW. The only realistic way to beef up the grid for electric cars is small modular nuclear reactors, in the location of demand. That ain't gonna happen. Plan B is removable, standardized battery configurations. Charged off site, brought to a "filling station" You'd lease the battery, swap it out at now what are changing stations. That's doable, and in the works, but years away. Many factors are involved in that. Batteries and the power to drive a vehicle. The laws of electrical design haven'
  7. Impossible for a snowmobile IMO. To put it in perspective, there is about 33 kwh in a gallon of gas, but much of that goes out the exhaust or to waste heat. A tesla 85kwh battery weighs 1200 lbs. 10 gallons of gas weighs 70 lbs, so even at %10 efficiency, that is 33 kwh @ 70 lbs. Fact is a car rolls, sleds need the power applied much of the time to keep it moving. That 1200 lb battery would be depleted in a matter of hours. Sorry to burst the bubble.
  8. Pricks! Had a local land owner last week, family watched his pick up truck leave his place. Neighbors knew the truck, saw it on their road, tracked it down a block or so away. Got the truck back, but not his wallet. Wife now has me taking all the keys out of everything, where I used to not do that. Are we able to shoot these mother buggers, with at least some rock salt?
  9. The toy/trailer market is looney hot. My brother bought a 2015 7x12 single axle steel enclosed in 2017 for $4500. Sold it Sunday for $5500. He did do some upgrades, annual Krown spray and it was in near new shape. Sold his 2004 Kodiak 450 Yamaha, again, great shape with new plastics .. for $5500 as well same day, after a day or so on Kijiji. He ordered a new 7x14 aluminum 2 axle...delivery maybe some time in June. I thought the market was going to be flooded with cheap toys and trailers after covid. I could not have been more wrong, but I didn't fo
  10. Think I mentioned rock star status earlier. Had the opportunity a year or so ago to do some work on a land owners hot tub. Eby Farms on HWY 21 in Allenford. Got us off a road run when the town started plowing the road after decades of not doing that. Made a point to thank them before I started to fix their tub. Dairy farmers that have been nothing but awesome letting us use their land. Don't think they even own snowmobiles. Sometimes a small thank you can go a long way.
  11. Now, if we can only get the townships on board with us pushing back the snowbank and smoothing the normally untraveled portion, we'd have less road scratching. I was doing that, well I thought. So well, cars and even a snow plow got off the road and sucked into the ditch. We got advised to no longer do such. IMO it keeps snowmobiles off the road. No interaction between cars and snowmobiles. Saves lives. Talk to your town people. We should not be punished for bad drivers. Don't mention me or my township lol.
  12. Lol, didn’t want to call you out by name etc. You do that for me... My deeds can get posted, but not my face or name, lol... You have done wonders for the club, grooming, land owner relations, funds and everything else... We”d be friged without your leadership That’s a young chick here old boys. Gets the job done way better that us old boys did... Just sayin”
  13. Groomed our rail line today, hard as concrete but slow and steady cut some up into a flatish fine powder and small nuggets. It will reopen, it's survived well. Still a foot of rock solid base in most spots. Bush trails and farm fields not so much. Couldn't do much but scratch up enough so you might not smell sliders and coolant.
  14. We may survive. Frozen solid base now, but all the snow we are getting is just blowing away. Could be a tough scratch......
  15. Gotta chime in for the D9 peeps as well. None of this happens without district/ofsc support, or permit money. Had an issue with our shared groomer. Didn't turn left worth a crap. Emailed the district, they got the Shop Industrial guys down and worked on our groomer, fixed the issue. That ain't free. Don't ride with jerks who didn't buy a permit.
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