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  1. Yep to the above. Spectacle is really nice. Golf and ski is not as fancy but a great spot non the less. Started and finished at spectacle, they let us leave vehicles
  2. A phone call from him may be enough, but who knows how many calls dealers are getting from spring buyers looking for dates, scared they will not get what they ordered, when it is supposed to arrive? Be tough to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Maybe call some dealers, see who may have, or think they may have some back outs, put down some real, refundable dollars. Money does talk, shows commitment. I drive by my local GM dealer, and it looks like they are getting ready to repave the parking lot. Same for the Deere dealer. Deer dealer used to have a nicely stoc
  3. I had to check the date. 12:30 is a little early to be all shitty faced, but it is a Sunday and the rules of normal do not apply.
  4. vooodooo


    Nothing better than an in person, hands on experience.
  5. vooodooo


    The online system cuts out a bunch of paperwork. There is an option to allow the club you chose, to contact you via email for volunteering. Personally, I think that's better. If someone wants to help, and the club has a process to contact etc. One needs to want to get involved. Others just buy the permit and complain, not knowing the struggles. When I moved and went to the local dealer to buy a permit, there were 4 options of club. I asked the dealer which club I should contact to volunteer. One club's trail was across the road from my place, a different club at
  6. Dumb question, but what's the market for something like that? I've seen people asking just marginally less (like %5) than I'll end up paying for a new 22. Is it like good used cars and trucks? Happy to get it, for almost new pricing, because new are unobtainium?
  7. vooodooo


    Did I mention I was permit guy for the final few years? They'd get dropped off here, then I'd divvy them up between Ron's, Thomboys, Cindy's, Shallow lake, Mumma browns. Weekly pick up of money, hunting down bad checks, getting crapped on for depositing the cash in my bank and writing a check to GBST when it saved us a % 1 cash fee. Fudging the Dec 1 date as far as you could, getting crapped on when you couldn't. Paperwork, and you know my feelings and ability in that department. Worst part (or best) was that technically you could only put permits in a business within
  8. vooodooo


    We need bridge builders, as do many clubs. Most can swing a hammer, run a saw, lay down boards. That's as easy as pounding in a stake, hanging a sign, even running a groomer. Grunt work. We need more of them. The tougher bridge work is the bridge between land owners, governments, municipalities, counties, those who would push back at organized sledding and "herding the cats" that are the groomer operators. I self identify as a feral cat. Anti social, avoid humans. That type of person is much harder to come by. Christy
  9. vooodooo


    True, and sad. We all need to remember, once a trail or trail system is gone, in today's anti powersports, burning carbon for purely pleasure is bad environment, it's probably gone for good. If the trail system ever collapsed, I'd keep the Skandic. Most of us would have no use for even a utility sled, let alone a trail one.
  10. Till Doctor shaft smoker shuts you down you means. Sharpen the pitch forks, warm the tar and pluck the chickens.
  11. Never considered that trade in factor, because I've never done it. I sold mine in the summer because I can ride my brother's spare if needed. It's a Yamacat SR viper, but beggars can not be choosers. Questions for those that have, and general thoughts in what is already a fubar market. Does the dealer give you a value based on the sleds market, mileage and condition when it got parked in the spring? What happens if your new sled isn't ready and you add miles on it this coming season? What is delivery of the new one is mid to late season and you've ad
  12. vooodooo


    Well said. if an AGM brings new ideas and new blood, I’m all in. I don’t even think about the expenses I incur while doing anything organized snowmobiling related. I could elaborate, but it’s thousands of dollars a year, easily. This from a guy that maybe did 500km on a sled last year. I literally did at least twice that in the groomer, so I guess I got 1500 km in, on the trails last year lol. Many others do the same. Permit prices should be higher, but without l. enforcement, it’s the law of diminished returns
  13. Doubt they will. Don’t want it? Someone else will. It is sure to upset many if we get a good snow year, and you are sitting on a chair making bbrraaaapp noises.
  14. My sled was slated for a January delivery anyway
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