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  1. Not much of a tale, Stoney. When I picked up the sled, the dealer had the blue and white stickers, so we put them on the tunnel right away, to make things legal. It took a few days to receive the custom numbers, and I haven't yet removed the originals. Waiting for warm weather. I also have "black with tangerine outline" replacements for the sled's original "ski-doo" letters, but won't do the switch until warm weather, aka spring. I suppose the sled is good, but I must say I haven't developed much of an appreciation for it at this point. I'm still annoyed that I paid over 25 grand for a new machine that doesn't have operational smart shox. In the fall I had been expressing some reluctance about going through with the purchase unless everything was working. Two weeks before picking up the sled, the dealer checked the v.i.n. on his computer and said I was "one of the lucky ones" and the sled was complete. This was our belief right up to the point where I plunked down the cash and got my receipt. We applied the blue and white numbers, and were getting ready to wheel the sled out the door, when the tech decided to hook up his laptop to confirm the smart shox were working. To everybody's surprise, it turned out the shox were still disabled. It was a little late in the process for me to bail out. To be honest I've been a bit reluctant to ride the thing and wear it out before it's completely functional. I will not be rushing out to do another spring order any time soon. This 2022 will seem like a "new to me" sled next season - - assuming the smart shox are working by then.
  2. Yesterday morning. Near Glen Orchard on C102D and on Lake Joseph. Memories of Muskoka on C. Many roads are toast, unless it snows again.
  3. They know how to do it in Temiskaming Shores too. Sorry to hear some folks have had bad experiences, but I've sledded out of New Liskeard several times, and found the trails generally excellent. I'm sure they have their challenges though, just like everywhere else. Trail conditions on the Wabi and Blanche Rivers, as well as Lake Temiskaming, are out of the club's control. I've also noticed the A Trail between the Wabi and Earlton can be subject to bad drifting, especially on the south side of the airport. Generally, though, I've found the club to be very experienced and diligent with their grooming. Also very good at communicating their progress via regular Facebook updates. Here are the last three posts:
  4. Rutherford Esso, accessible via Trunk Road from Bonfield when roads are good - - which they likely are at the moment. Also accessible (I think) via Talon Lake Road off BF201 from Lake Talon. On trail option for gas is the Freshmart in Astorville at the west end of Lake Nosbonsing.
  5. I replied in your other thread. My two cents worth would be that A Trail has variety, and is interesting in its own right.
  6. I'd recommend staying on A along the edges of Cobalt, Haileybury and New Liskeard, as the ride is more scenic - - good trails, variety, a bit of elevation, and glimpses of Lake Temiskaming. If you want to get off A, you could use the A108 north from Earlton.
  7. Agreed. A lot of NB to New Liskeard follows the pipeline, and you can maintain a good pace. Nice logging road trail between Temagami and Latchford. Twisty like Muskoka for half an hour near Cobalt. New Liskeard going north is largely farm fields to Engelhart. Tighter for the last part into Kirkland Lake.
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us.
  9. https://muskokatoday.com/2022/02/ghs-mourns-loss-of-tech-teacher-george-guppy-who-made-shop-classes-authentic/
  10. The 20 question survey is geared toward non-motorized usage, but there are a few options for choosing "other" and then specifying snowmobiling. Here's a direct link to the survey: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=gfXy1XBYwkyp6ch16FnRGZNQT4xyKH1EnG0stl3OAFpUMFRSTFNJT1FMOUNTOFJNTjNSSjJPRldWSy4u
  11. I've heard no details about what happened, but I did know the victim. George Guppy was a teacher in the tech department at Gravenhurst High School. A very nice guy.
  12. Gravenhurst High School tech teacher George Guppy, 57, died today on D123 north of Kearney. Very sad news. He was a nice guy. Level headed.
  13. The Frosty Pint is one of the Trail Guide sponsors for the local club, Snowcrest Riders.
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