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  1. I don't think so. Not by me, at least...but the Snowtrax boys put the first 300 miles on the machine, before I bought it from Byers Equipment in Atherley.
  2. That truck had an eight foot box. As for it being easy, I was always more comfortable using the ramp with a two stroke sled as opposed to a four stroke. Many times the ramp was merely coming along "just in case" I wasn't able to find a suitable snowbank for loading. It worked best to unload as in the video, and then move the truck (if I could find a suitable snowbank) for reloading after the ride.
  3. Here's a video of BFB's ExxonMobil Valdez cruising near Sturgeon Falls.
  4. Larissa, all our hearts go out to you, Adrian (Moosifer), and your mom. So sorry for your loss. Blake
  5. My friend has a 16 and really likes it. 20200325_085202_1_1.mp4
  6. Congratulations, irREVerent. Where are the pictures so we can see the colour? Did you get a man door on the gas pumps side? I got my Bullitt from Strathroy two years ago. The purchase distance is a bit of an issue, as you stated, and could also became an issue if you ever need warranty work. PS: I ordered a NEO trailer from Action Trailers three years ago, but canceled because it came with the door on the curb side, contrary to what was ordered.
  7. Thank you for the clarification. I originally thought Martin's partner was Justin, but figured I must have had it wrong when you wrote about Dustin. I never tried the food after the restaurant became Kearney O'Neill's, but it sounds as though it was very good. Will try to check in on Dustin at the Driftwood this winter!
  8. Dave, we're all waiting to hear about you beating this dreadful covid. Stay strong.
  9. I found a picture of a Dustin burger on Facebook. If he's the Dustin who ran the Iron Skillet with Martin (and by the looks of this burger the answer is "yes") my diet is sunk.
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