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  1. Blake G

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    Strong Farmer: A couple of months ago I picked up a 2018 Black Enduro 1200 with 440 kms on the odometer. Will be keeping my 2017 Grand Touring 1200 with around 5,000 kms on the clock, as well as the trusty 2015 Polaris Adventure 155 (550 fan).  Planning to sell my 2017 Tan Enduro 1200 in September. It has around 15,000 kms on the odometer. Love the sled, but it was time to replace it with a fresher one.
  2. Blake G

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    Nice clean sled! The Enduro I bought in April also has the Montana 610 and Skidoo mounting extension to the glovebox. May be a learning curve, as I have used only a phone gps in the past.
  3. Blake G

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Loretta's is a mile south of Memories.
  4. Blake G

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Two weeks ago, the Orrville Bakery pulled the plug for 2020. The Seguin Trail is a low carb zone. On the plus side of the ledger, Loretta's Bakery opened last spring south of Parry Sound near Memories of Muskoka. (Right on Top C in the former location of the Lighthouse Restaurant, but closed in the winters as far as I know.) All Loretta's baked goods are excellent. Don't ask me how I know. Bread, pies, scones, you name it. Her butter tarts rival those of the Maids Cottage, Doo Doos, and the Little Tart. Loretta's sticky buns are the best I've ever had. https://www.muskokaaccents.ca
  5. Blake G

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

  6. Blake G

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I see the hotel is still for sale. Asking price was reduced a few months ago, and now reduced to 285,000.
  7. Blake G

    Are you getting the storm

  8. Blake G

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    Yes....and the insurance would become more complicated if the landowners were receiving compensation.
  9. Blake G

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    High winds?
  10. Blake G

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    Quebec and Ontario have fundamental legal differences around insurance. The issue may be too big to be resolved by efforts put forth by our federation of snowmobile clubs. Here's an article discussing the provincial differences for auto insurance. https://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures/20160315/car-insurance-differences-from-province-to-province/
  11. Blake G

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    Here is part of the OFSC press release: “It’s an honour to join the OFSC team as CEO and I want to thank the Board of Governors and the Members for welcoming me to this new role. As an OFSC permit holder I understand how this storied organization is seen as the leading voice for the snowmobile industry in Ontario” said Landon. “OFSC members are passionate about Canada’s leading winter activity and I look forward to providing the support required as we navigate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”
  12. Blake G

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    About 80 inches from the back of the Grand Touring track to the back of the trailer floor. The GT could be moved ahead a couple of inches. I think a Snowscoot is 84 inches, so it would likely fit by having the skis straddle the larger sled's track.
  13. Blake G

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    The Bullitt floor is quite sturdy. Thick plywood, unlike the thin stuff on the ramp door. The door has strong frame members, and the areas covered with ski guides and traction plastic are ok, but sections in between have wood that's too thin, and won't stand up to sharp carbides.
  14. Blake G

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    57.3 inches is the official Goldwing height. Bullit trailer inside is 58 inches. Door frame is lower. I suppose one could remove the bike's windshield, but it would be tough to get the bike inside when you have only 4' 10" of head room to try and stand up. I use my Wells Cargo with 6' interior for the rare times I need to trailer my bike. I would say a Bullit would be poorly suited for transporting a Harley, if that's what your contemplating.
  15. Blake G

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Doubtful. I think the door opening would be too low.