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  1. Blake G

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    We had an old guy waving a broom or shovel at us in Fenelon Falls about 3 or 4 years ago.
  2. Blake G

    Holy Crap!!!

    Did you see this friend of yours?
  3. Blake G

    Update on food and lodging in Kearney

    Any favourites from their menu?
  4. Blake G

    Update on food and lodging in Kearney

    Here's one of the food ladies and one of the Legion ladies. Very friendly. I envisage going here a little more often, now that the Sprucedale Hotel is closed and for sale.
  5. Blake G

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Perfect for me.
  6. Blake G

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Met snowchopper today at the Fork-on-the-Trail (Kearney Legion). Nice fellow. Chatted only for 5 minutes or so, as my riding buddies were ready to go before snowchopper spoke up and introduced himself. Food was good, by the way, and served with a smile. Snowchopper is right, it was chilly around Kearney this morning. Minus 27 at the visitor centre when we ventured out, whereas it had been only minus 24 when we left Gravenhurst an hour earlier. One of my buddies was cold all day on his brand new Renegade turbo, especially his hands. Maybe he's cold blooded. I was warm as toast on the 17 Grand Touring. We were stopped by two OPP officers on the Seguin Trail. Very efficient and professional: looked at our sleds for registration numbers and permits, spoke briefly with each of us to check that we were coherent, and sent us on our way. Trails were excellent!
  7. Blake G

    North Bay Area Parking

    Thank you, revrnd. Didn't know about this lot. Could work well when D is available across Trout Lake.
  8. Blake G

    North Bay Area Parking

    Something like the yellow dot path?
  9. Blake G

    North Bay Area Parking

    Calendar to the town of Temiscaming Quebec is an hour's drive. Many sledders park in the side lot at the Esso station on Highway 101 just across the bridge into Quebec. Two weeks ago I asked one of the staff if they charged for parking, and the fellow said there was no fee. I dont know how to access the trail from there, but I saw at least 20 sled trailers parked. A quick call to the Esso station might be wise for confirmation etc.
  10. Blake G

    How to mod new trl.

    Investment in the Caliber ski glides, along with some kind of matting for the track, (as mentioned above) will make your life easier indeed.
  11. Yes to Rosseau Roads Powersports and Marine in Port Sydney.
  12. Blake G

    Kinmount Haliburton area

    Maybe, but if SRXCHRIS is coming from the east, the Victoria rail line might make more sense.
  13. Blake G

    Borrowing a sled - Moral dilemma

    Unwritten rules can work, assuming both parties understand the rules. Not a good idea to lend or borrow unless there's a meeting of the minds.