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  1. Even better I find than fixed mirrors is the hand/glove mirror. Offers better field of view, and is much cheaper, but requires you to take your hand off the bars. Just wanted to note it as an option but am sure you guys are familiar with it.
  2. What happened to go performance? They closed down per above. I bought a used sled there a while back and he seemed like a decent guy.
  3. Bluewater is great to deal with as I posted in another thread. Also I would go with the legend cargo style trailer better quality but it is more money. Cargo trailers are easier to load and more flexibility. I have a 7 by 17 legend DVN tandem and works great. I would go two feet longer to not have to back in the second sled if I was ordering again. Everyone that I know with a front door says they never use it and would likely not get it again. tandem axel also tows wayyyyy better not only for the reassurance as mentioned above. Less bounce and sway and tongue weight depending on y
  4. Yeah just booked rooms on way up 2 hrs ago as we changed plans last minute. If I spoke French maybe we could have figure out how the trails were in QC but couldn’t figure it out. Next time. So we booked cochrane westward today. Back to the rooms; we got in tonight at the westway (was fully booked yesterday when I checked so someone must have cancelled). Then got in Hearst Super 8 and kap Super 8 other nights no problem. if you can’t get in cochrane try the moose in smooth rock. Or even the train station hotel in cochrane usually has stuff. Or floods landing just outside of
  5. Heading to cochrane now instead of QC. Nice to see the snow reports. Thanks and keep them coming. Hope to see some of you on the trail.
  6. Bluewater is hands down 100 times better than action. Heck I usually drive 100 kms each way to Bluewater before buying from the local legend dealer. hear of numerous action trailer issues - going to pick up a trailer that you wait 6 weeks for and it not being ready (pdi). bluewater after sales support is top notch - ordered many parts that they mail out and have always had great service. haven’t yet been to the huge new bluewater yard though.
  7. willb

    Val D'or

    Yeah I suspected there was some kind of province wide change on the grooming being not updated. It seems the clubs are still updating grooming online though: https://m.facebook.com/adminclubMalartic/ but need to read and understand French...
  8. Here is the winter road. https://www.moosecree.com/wetumroad/ Never been on it though.
  9. Which hotel told you this? We booked didn’t and hear any mention of it but makes sense to me. We are not in a red zone at this point anyway but just trying to be aware of any and all possible situations.
  10. Not only are they great people (their kids help out too), but the cabins are great, they have gas right there, a general store with a LCBO on site, and the meal plan is top notch especially the dinners. And there is a lake view.
  11. I must have missed something? When I ordered mine there was a choice to buy without insurance - it took a it longer to arrive in the mail. But it did and I just paid less (minus the admin fee) at the time of purchase. No rebate. Am I missing my rebate?
  12. Ox - Curious what’s that rod mechanism on the side of the cat stuck? Some sort of Jack?
  13. I agree items like this often take time. I believe I saw that OPG posted on the base camp Facebook page under the comments For that post saying the delay is due to OFSC. I can’t seem to find it now as I don’t have facebook... but interesting comment none the less.
  14. willb

    itg ?

    I assume you have the new 2019-20 version from the App Store? I would think so if you are seeing some trails limited in the app?
  15. The ski doo ones are 79.99$ cad with free shipping online right now and a dealer near me even had them on sale last week. https://www.ski-doo.com/ca/shop/Accessories/handguards_handlebars_accessories/muffs_pads/handlebar-muffs-fits-with-all-handguards-2015-and-up.html i have ran then for a few seasons now and really like them. No Interference issues of any sort - however I turn my kill switch button down and out of the way like the mountain guys haha
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