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  1. The road to the base camp is “hwy” 634 running from smooth rock. It only crosses the river at the top via the actual dam. “hwy” 579 is the one that crosses the via the gardiner ferry from Cochrane. Not sure where it goes, looks like to some camps and lakes. But maybe some development was back there at one time?
  2. Ha! But it is only regular. Either way there are no roads to town besides the ice road. I was told that gas travels by the train up to Moosonee when we were there. So way better deal for fuel in Moosonee!
  3. Great thank you for the information. We have backcountry’s so sounds perfect!
  4. Are there elevation changes and lots of backcountry riding options out of there? Would love to hear more!
  5. Agreed! I am sure the ofsc is doing some good work on this front, but some transparency from the ofsc on what solutions are being looked at and some details rather than we just closed trails would be welcomed!
  6. I agree with the comments above around a better plan for clearing the road and a long term plan for the place being needed. I have been to halfway and it is an interesting spot and am thankful of the people who worked hard to keep it open in the past. But without that ‘one’ family or group of people to operate it, it is a tough proposition. Ultimately I hope the trails can stay open without halfway. As a rider with a fuel caddy I can make it 200 kms pushing snow so a second caddy would make the trip doable (maybe not for everyone but still possible). In either case I wish the rider could make the call to go or not rather than the ofsc just closing the trails fully. There are trails in QC that have no fuel for ~230 kms and still open (La dore to Chib. as one example). so I wonder what it would take to groom those trails with out halfway? Quebec seems to groom trails that are this remote without gas so why can’t ON? Wonder what solutions we can come up with without halfway? Maybe the club can find an alternate fuel solution and operator support plan? Can we not put a larger fuel tank on the groomer? Etc. Anyway enough armchair quarterbacking from me…
  7. Worth phoning some local dealerships to see if they would trailer you around for a fee or even the club or some local towing companies. Might not want to do it as a business but you could find someone willing to do a one off for a few bucks. Good luck!
  8. FYI. https://abitibicanyon.com/extreme-tours-moosonee
  9. I would like to see the cost of fuel they pay. I suspect it could be lower than what we all think. I think they would be shut down if they were not making money. In fact they keep growing and investing in the place (new tank, tours, renos, places to stay, etc.). I don’t complain about the cost; it is what it is and I am happy to support them when I do. Anyway, I am thankful the guys are there and open and part of keeping this trail what it is. With that said this post on FB right here basically sums the operation up.
  10. Congratulations on the new sled! Tell me more about this Ontario riders forum? Is it new?
  11. I spoke to the gentleman doing the Hearst tours and his name is Dany G. Seemed like a top notch guy based on the call. The route is Hearst to Tozers camp (Onakawana) or right to Moosonee via the rivers (too long of names to spell out). But to be clear this is river running so limited playing around in the powder from what I understand. The trips can be customized some too I guess. Anyway, that is the route up, the route back is via the Moose and Abitibi rivers and the Abitbi power line down through Fraserdale and to Smooth Rock Falls (then you can proceed wherever you’d like from there via the trail system). This route back would be basically the same as the Moosonee trip from Cochrane. Some river running, some trails from Cochrane to base camp at the Abitibi dam, and some hydro lines which seem to allow for some more playing around in the powder. anyway, that’s my take, hope it helps some decide on the trip.
  12. Good to see other options. The prices for the tour from cochrane with extreme tours (abitibi base camp) keeps going up.
  13. Does it have a steel frame or aluminum? For reference I just sold a 2015 14’ all aluminum trailer made by legend (top of the line DVN model including 6’6” height) for $8200.
  14. Even better I find than fixed mirrors is the hand/glove mirror. Offers better field of view, and is much cheaper, but requires you to take your hand off the bars. Just wanted to note it as an option but am sure you guys are familiar with it.
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