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  1. We have done Port Sydney so many times this year it has been amazing trails all year. Highland have one groomer down and not grooming. Appreciate all your guys help. One more question how is B trail to Whitney may do that one Friday from Dorset
  2. The road is very poor for the overheating kitty cat on a good snow covered day. Need one of those new fancy Polaris 2021 snowmobiles lol Thinking of unloading at Ultramar going up 50 to 88 cross Hwy 11 up 87 Lake Vernon then do the loop 82/83/84
  3. Has anybody rode Du Ya Wanna 88 trails Thinking of going tomorrow
  4. Anyone ridden trail #11 Lake Kennisis to trail B How is the trail condtion?
  5. Trails in that area are very good thanks to Mark the groomer guy!
  6. anybody been to the forest last few days worth the ride?
  7. Kyle your working Blake and i riding the trails hahahaha Nunz your time is up February 3 and make sure your burgers and butter tarts are top notch.
  8. Nunz your time is up February 3 and make sure your burgers and butter tarts are top notch.
  9. anyone know what conditions are like Port Sydney with the new snow
  10. keep us posted steve thanks
  11. All the trails are turning green and great riding conditions. Dorset Dwight Penn Lake area was great riding . Lake of Bays was staked today and we rode down to Dorset from Huntsville.
  12. anyone know how conditions are in that area
  13. looking forward to seeing you soon
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