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  1. Diceman

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    should check out some Facebook posts...guys saying try to stop me.....
  2. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    can anyone give an update on conditions in theses areas...sure its not ideal but wondering about rds or areas that are really rough...hoping to hear all yellow areas are great...lol...deciding if its best to go towards Owen Sound or Stayner way up towards Barrie?
  3. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Guy told me that the areas around Markdale that closed did it to prtotect base hoping that even after 3 or 4 days of warmer temps that it could reopen and get altleast another couple days in...Sunday calling for plus 7.......
  4. Diceman

    New Hamburg Hydro Line Mud Hole???

    went through the hole mid afternoon on Sunday and it was not too bad....weather does suck for sure but hang in there...its funny, when waiting for trails to open I too wonder what the hell am I doing in this sport but once I am on the trail for the first ride of the year I am thinking that it would be a good idea to buy a new sled...lol....
  5. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    talked to a guy lastnight that tried to convince me that the whole area around Markdale, Dundalk, etc could reopen for weekend...hope hes right but not looking good...our gang did 3600 k this season so far leaving from New Hamburg or Conestogal Lk...
  6. Diceman

    2021 Polaris Release

    so whos 1,3, and 4?
  7. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Map just shows Markdale opened
  8. Diceman

    2005 vector.

    my 06 Vector I bought with 1700 k on it last year...have 8600k on it now...I put Dupont sliders on it and there still great with 7000 k on them ...exhaust donuts are still good...
  9. Diceman

    2005 vector.

    whats the red relay and whats the issue with Yamaha Heaters??Thanks
  10. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    just curious how the base held up after the warm spell?..sure they are wrong but weather network calling for abit of snow for theses areas so wondering if the season can continue in theses areas...talked to a few guys who said if they get all the snow this week they could be open by the weekend again...not sure if that is just wishful thinking...
  11. Diceman

    New Hamburg Hydro Line Mud Hole???

    it had kinda froze over on Saturday morning...
  12. Diceman


    side panel was fine, not a scratch on it..lol...
  13. Diceman


    I think around 12 to 13 k's....what would you guys think that sled is worth as is?...he is trying to decide what to do???
  14. Diceman


    shaft broke
  15. Diceman


    Nothing at all, no noise, vibration, etc...the bolt broke off , did not just come out,