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  1. Same old song from weather news..always the end of the world predictions and then nothing.....
  2. Got an email saying fix is in...anyone else?
  3. What years are considered Classic?
  4. Hmmmm wonder who that is.....lol...when my old ram passes away..will holler at ya
  5. I have been keeping an eye on used truck prices as I will need one at some point. Definitely see prices slowly coming down and inventory staying on lots much longer.
  6. Going well in huntsville...snow is strong and lots of wind. About 3 fresh inches in driveway
  7. Yep gonna bring a sled home on Sunday to go around new dundee..Can't believe they open before muskoka....
  8. About 3 inches in huntsville this afternoon and still coming down
  9. They now think 2 cm snowfall is Big emergency and give out warnings galore...I don't even look at long term anymore...is useless...
  10. Well I like having it...especially when I get lost as it shows me where I am. I won't ride with anyone that decides to go thru trail closed sign...no excuse for that
  11. Wow...ya think they would be safe in such a place..hopefully they catch the fckers
  12. Wonder if he is mentally challenged??
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