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  1. They now think 2 cm snowfall is Big emergency and give out warnings galore...I don't even look at long term anymore...is useless...
  2. Well I like having it...especially when I get lost as it shows me where I am. I won't ride with anyone that decides to go thru trail closed sign...no excuse for that
  3. Wow...ya think they would be safe in such a place..hopefully they catch the fckers
  4. Wonder if he is mentally challenged??
  5. One owner. 8700 miles. Studded..dual carbides.. spare belt...hard luggage bags with inner bags . Electric start. Mirrors Polaris VES oil since new. Serviced every year at dealer in KW. Sled located in Huntsville. $8800 or b.o.
  6. We always keep our heat on at around 48-50 F....never had a problem...however a neighbor after 20 years of keeping heat on decided to save so.e money....then next spring excavators digging around foundation to make repairs. We also have an older type phone system to turn on furnace...good option if u don't have internet...call ahead 5 hours and turns heat on to 1 pre selected temp. Propane forced air...
  7. I heard couple weeks ago..tunnel was impassable. Any update on this? Thanks
  8. So we live in a non stay at home region....so can we travel to the stay at home region?...sorta backwards what Toronto folk will be doing...walk across street to York...etc...or drive outside Toronto peel reg..doug ford balls must have shriveled up...
  9. Still red on new dundee...will that change? Is it due to health borders or something else???
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