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  1. Encountering a moose on the trail , that has to be special ! If you get to Espanola/Massey/Whitefish falls area please let us know what the conditions are like and any recommendations. Safe travels
  2. I thought I would like to try the area west of Sudbury also, so I have booked a motel in Espanola feb 21 to 25 , it is a lot less of a drive for me then going to Cochrane/Timmins, I see that on the Espanola snowmobile clubs face book page they just had to close a small section on D trail that heads south to whitefish due to land owner issues. So the direct route from Espanola to Whitefish is not available but a 25 km re-route via Massey (ESP1) is available. There seems to be lots of green west and east of Espanola.
  3. I agree with enforcement or grabbing the keys from offers and throwing them into the bush.
  4. Best wishes on your recovery, I experienced a brain injury 11 years ago in a car accident, sounds like yours was much worse then mine, every week you get better very slowly and don't know it, it is only after thinking what you were like a month or so previous that you realize the progress. Take care and enjoy your retirement.
  5. Son of a bitches, If they are not recovered perhaps the insurance company will be generous, you may be surprised. Just do not except their first offer and do some homework as the "current value" of those assets and be a pain in there sides.
  6. Can't agree more !! I never trust a web site especially the BRP site which has misleading information as to what a part fits. It's worth the while to buy from a dealer if possible.
  7. Was planning Timmins (Cedar Meadows) Jan 17th , but conditions and rules are making me think otherwise, I will give it another 10 days then make the decision. This is now the 3rd snowmobile trip I may have to cancel due to Covid in addition to 3 other trips to canceled.
  8. What would the guy have roughly paid (tax in) for the sled from the dealer?
  9. Thanks to those who chimed in and sent an email to the ML District Public works office , I saw the following article that updates the situation. the article states there were 141 emails of support and one against. Thanks again ! Quote "While still concerned about the risk factor of allowing snowmobiles to travel along Highway 118, the District of Muskoka’s Engineering and Public Works Committee will move forward with creating a new 500-metre trail." https://www.mymuskokanow.com/115550/district-committee-approves-new-snowmobile-trail-in-port-carling/
  10. Congrats on your new sled !! I was wondering what happened to the snow today, my lawn is bare now this morning it was white. BTW what are your ski's on that is quite the dolly if that is what I am guessing ??
  11. Made a donation yesterday, good cause even though I have never ridden that area
  12. Booked in Timmins Jan 17 to 21 at Cedar Meadows as a hub, I have only passed through Timmins two years ago on the sled coming from Cochrane, so I am looking for good trail number recommendations from people who have ridden the area, any suggestions ? Enjoy day long rides with some scenery.
  13. I believe last year they got permission to allow road running (on the shoulder) of the highway, so this is a step in right direction, asking for only two years probably allows the club to prove it will work if they can't find an alternative. If there is someone from the MLSTA in the forum who has some insight it would be appreciated to hear from them.
  14. Please read the link below included in the article is an email address to the township department that has influence whether or not the club can build a 500 meter trail along highway 118 West at a forthcoming meeting. This trail is required to bypass land where the landowner revoked the right 2 years ago and isolated Port Carling. The 500 meter trail would connect Port Carling to the Bracebridge trails. Club president states "Ahead of the meeting, Elliot is asking sledders to email publicworks@muskoka.on.ca to show their support. " If you can please email the public works department and show your support for this trail it would be greatly appreciated. https://www.mymuskokanow.com/115489/muskoka-lakes-snowmobile-club-hoping-district-council-votes-to-connect-port-carling-trail-to-rest-of-muskoka/ Below is simple text letter you can cut and paste to an email, publicworks@muskoka.on.ca Please feel free add any further reasons Public Works Department Muskoka Lakes District To: Whom this may concern; I support the Muskoka Lakes Snowtrails Association (MLSTA) proposal to the 500 meter trail along hwy 118West between Carr road and Penwood road. Snowmobiling in this area needs this trail !! Your support of the MLSTA request would be greatly appreciated. Avid Snowmobiler John Smith
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