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  1. Cancelled my trip to Cochrane next week and pushed back the reservation to Kirkland Lake in Feb by a few weeks. Just waiting for the trail that runs allong my property to go yellow so hopefully I can at least get a few Km's on. This reminds me of 2016 when the trails were closed in Bracebridge area for land owner reasons, all I could do is look at my new sled in the garage and wax it every week.
  2. I have seen in other area's then Muskoka, Trail Wardens (orange vests) which patrol the trails, they were stopping sleds and looking to see if you have a trail pass, back in those days he could probably have sold you a pass there on the spot, they could do nothing now a days other then lecture.
  3. The trail crosses the road way 1000' down the road from my home, twice now when I am driving by and see a sled when the trail is closed I stop pull out my phone and get a picture of the sled license plate, try and talk to the individual and lecture them if they haven't left. Getting a picture of the license number usually freaks the person out and they screw off, they know they shouldn't be on the trail. One time I got so pissed off at the young punks mouthing back at me I threated to call the cops pretending I am the landowner. I would have liked to have grabbed the keys from his sled and thrown them in the bush but I would most likely have gotten in trouble or else beat up. I have no problems parking my truck at the trail entrance blocking the trail , enjoy my coffee and wait for someone to come by to give them a piece of my mind.
  4. It is not that he can't afford a pass, I believe it is the principle of the deal, he gives the OFSC the right to use his property each year and in exchange he gets nothing in return except frustration. I am sure many land owners feel that way. He does get some satisfaction from knowing that he is contributing to the local economy but that is about it. The local club use to run an event as a thank you to land owners , but I understand it was not well attended. Time will tell, I see that the local club has been out surveying the summer damage and packing the trails the last few days so that is great news, just hope the "entitled" don't start running the closed trails.
  5. Did you ever get the sled out of the water and how, I have often wondered what you do if it were to happened ?
  6. Most likely there will be a few of those incidents this year unless the weather gets colder and real fast
  7. I definitely feel for the landowners, my neighbor owns the 2300 acres which D trail passes through (which is the only trail north from Bracebridge) , without that trail being open would mean the end of snowmobiling in the area. Each year he is surprised and annoyed that the OFSC won't give him a season pass as a thank you gesture, one day he will just say F you and that will be it. I realize there is most likely a legal problem with a trail pass "gift" for landowners and where do you stop. I have talked to the local club and their hands are tied when it comes to gifting passes. That will be the year that I personally buy him a permit for his work snowmobile and hopefully he will change his mind. He gets pissed when he see's what people do to his land, leaving garbage, going off trail, noise and breaking down his gates. Back in 2016 he was one of many land owners that revoked rights due to the misunderstanding of the provincial trail's act changes so he will do it again regretfully, despite what the it means to snowmobiling and the economic impact to Bracebridge. We were lucky to get the trail back in 2017. Each year I buy him a big bottle of his favorite as a thank you for being a great neighbor and fellow snowmobiler.
  8. Calgary is still the wild west in many ways and snow removal is almost non-existent, when I lived there 2008 to 2014 it was not unusual to be stuck in your house for a week because they didn't clear the streets after a good 1 foot or more dump. Once I recall calling the city (411) to request plowing as the complete street could not be driven unless you had a 4 wheel drive truck, the plan was to send a two wheel drive truck (the foreman of the Northwest roads dept) to drive down our street and if he got stuck then they would call for grader to come and pull him out and clear the street. ???? There was another time that a complete subdivision was snowed in for two weeks (North east area) and people could not get out of the area. Just wish I owned a snowmobile during those times.
  9. Merry Christmas all , Santa brought some snow for us in many parts of Ontario!! Thanks for all your input and suggestions the past year!!
  10. Not being disrespectful but can you show me where it says I can not travel to a Green area from a Red area by automobile outside the lockdown period. All I have seen is restrictions (enforceable) that say I can't have more then X people in an enclosed area, there are recommendations for non-essential travel. If you have a web site please share it with the forum.
  11. It would be a political death wish for a politician to mandate a travel ban (and enforce it) so they are leaving it up the Health regions to mandate restrictions. People are protesting over wearing a mask for Christ sake how would they react to an enforced travel ban. It is the impossible enforcement given the designation of essential and non essential classification of work the province has implemented.
  12. Based on my understanding and if lockdowns don't change then you should be able to go assuming the locals including the Health region director have not Mandated a restriction and you do the social distancing ... stuff. The decision becomes a moral one of traveling from a locked down region to a non locked down region. I have not seen anything that say's I can't travel at this time.
  13. It is a little confusing based on this article with the link below Based on this article which was published prior to the Monday announcement by the Ontario government This is what I see (1) All of Ontario will be in a lock down including Cochrane so the trails should be closed for the 14 days in the north and 28 days in the south ?? Any one seen any info that states the trails will be closed until the 14 day period is over ??????? (2) After the 14 or 28 day lockdown is over then the "Connector" trails that go from Red or Orange area's to green areas (health region wise) will be closed and not groomed. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/snowmobiles-covid-19-pandemic-colour-zones-health-ofsc-1.5847775 Riders in orange and red zones urged not to use trails connecting into green and yellow zones CBC News ยท Posted: Dec 21, 2020 5:00 AM ET | Last Updated: December 21 But the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is hoping riders heed public health warnings about travel to different regions and has developed a plan to curb the spread of the coronavirus, especially from hotspots in the south to low-risk areas in the north. The president of the OFSC, Sudbury's Murray Baker, says it's all being done in co-ordination with public health and based on their prinicples to keep people safe. For instance, he says any trails in areas deemed locked down by the province, would not be groomed and will show as unavailable on the OFSC's interactive website. As for areas classified as orange and red in the province's colour-coded pandemic framework, riders may have access in those regions only. "So if you're in a red region or an orange region, you may be able to ride within that region," explains Baker. "But according to the connecting trails to other regions that may not be in a red or an orange restricted levels, we would be temporarily making them unavailable between them, where we're allowing people to ride within their local region, but not enabling them to go to areas where the more stringent regulations ask for essential travel only." Baker knows it's a tough sell to tell snowmobilers not to go where the best snow may be. "So we understand people may put them (snowmobiles) on a trailer and go around. They may trespass across and through those areas, no different than what goes on today," he says. "But we can't control that. All we can do is, is provide trails that allow people to ride and respect what's going on with yellow and green."
  14. Let's just hope Turdeau doesn't pay for rescue flight's again , as these people traveled knowing there would be some sort of restriction coming
  15. Let's see what the rules will be, I am booked in Cochrane for a week on Jan 18 and if there are no restrictions that prohibit and we are welcome I will be going.
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