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  1. 04nightfire

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    never receive any issues this year. Was wondering what was going on as well
  2. 04nightfire

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Rode From nunz's place to Ahmic Harbour and back yesterday. Had a great day on the trails with a great bunch of sledders
  3. 04nightfire

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    Is that kimpex 2 up seat set up?
  4. 04nightfire

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    My 2 1/2 year old daughter has probably logged more km's than I have this year on her kitty cat
  5. 04nightfire

    Shining Tree

    Very interested to hear more info on this
  6. 04nightfire

    Holy Crap!!!

    I like option C
  7. 04nightfire

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    I found my 900 turbo to be a colder ride than my axys was
  8. 04nightfire

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    All you are going to hear in the mountains know is the sound of smoke detectors going off all day. I guess once you hear the beeps going off you know it is time to open your panel and cook some eggs on the secondary.
  9. 04nightfire

    Nice to see the Enforcement..

    Fingers crossed. This would be a good winter so far in these parts if we didn't get the 3-4 warm ups. Would be sitting pretty right now
  10. 04nightfire

    Nice to see the Enforcement..

    Just finished transferring it. Easy Peasy. Now fingers crossed mother nature doesn't drop this rain on us
  11. 04nightfire

    Nice to see the Enforcement..

    I bought a trail permit for my DOO this year. Ended up selling the sled before the permit showed up in the mail. Now I have a Polaris. I assume I can transfer it to the new sled?
  12. 04nightfire

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

    Doesn't look like you will need to wear a jacket behind that windshield LOL. All kidding aside, I had the doo muffs on my doo last year. Worked awesome riding in -40 weather. This year I went back to POO and bought a set of the Powermadd X2's to try
  13. 04nightfire


    My steering was frozen most of the time so I never experienced the ability to do sharp turns with it
  14. 04nightfire


    I wish that statement I made was sarcasm. Unfortunately, it wasn't
  15. 04nightfire


    Pretty well. They were the most reliable part of that sled