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  1. More updates from anyone up there this week would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Nunz. I'm guessing A Trail will see alot of traffic again this weekend but a little snow and some colder weather should help out. Trying to decide on a trip up mid week.
  3. Any updates from Cochrane to Hearst would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I thought that was interesting too. Does it say how it attaches to the helmet. I have two helmets and if I could swap it back and forth I could see one of those being ordered for next year.
  5. Thanks Blake. We will be doing the return trip the following day and just looking to change it up. Sometimes some of these secondary trails are hidden gems.
  6. How about L186 and L161? Just looking for some info on these trails to get off the A for a bit.
  7. New to the area. Just looking for some info on these trails to get off the A for a bit. Thanks
  8. Just curious on the type of trail from NB to KL. Tight and twisty, wide and fast or a bit of everything.
  9. What is up with B103 and B North of Haliburton. I know its rough through this area so, is it just a lack of snow or are there other issues. Kinda an important section of trail.
  10. Looking for some information on 'C' trail South of Smooth Rock.
  11. Proxrider


    Any updates from Lindsay to Haliburton would be appreciated.
  12. Planning a trip for next week and was wondering what exactly is happening on the B up to Whitney. Is it being maintained at all? The red section at the top that connects the two health units, is it passable.
  13. Proxrider


    Looking for suggestions on where to park to ride 900 series trails in Old Hastings
  14. Any updates on Haliburton Lake. Stakes or no stakes. Is this another covid issue as to why it might not be getting staked??
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