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  1. Carry a spare Dess Key in my jacket. Needed it once. Also wanted to mention about the tools that are stored on the outside of the clutch cover. Always thought it was a bad idea, so I’ve kept them in the glovebox. Saw the evidence at a repair shop a month ago what happens when tool drops off the cover. The torsion spring adjustment tool feel off, bounced up into the primary clutch and you can imagine the damage. Just a heads up to all current Doo owners and new owners. You might want to keep the tools somewhere else.
  2. Congrats again Scott on the new sled. PM anytime.
  3. Congratulations on the new sled Scott. Really happy with my 21 of the same model. Will definitely be strange to see you on a Doo. Hopefully see you next season.
  4. Great seeing you, Mrs. TD and Frank also. Have a great summer. Can’t wait for your posts of the new 22’s.
  5. Great four days of riding. We were on every trail west of Moonbeam to Hearst. Great to ride with WD and the crew again. The miles of smiles and laughs sure makes up for what went on at the Super8 in Kap. Great to meet up with all the fellow OC members.
  6. Many members of our group had also stayed here before and had left trucks and trailers with no issues. Our group even got a call on Thursday evening from manager who was at home asking us to move trucks to offsite parking then at 9:00 Thursday night. She was told no way. Couple of us did move Friday morning, manager told us parking area had been plowed. Yea right plowed, she must have a different interpretation of plowed than the rest of us. Got back Saturday and parked vehicles in the exact same spots we were in Friday morning when we had moved. Manager checked two of us in for another 2 nigh
  7. After today’s check in most definitely
  8. I can just imagine what your report is going to say.
  9. Ground floor view from Super8 Kap
  10. No speeding tickets for us the rest of the trip.
  11. Just like AC&YA says about flat spot. Tips will not stay. This is my 3rd sled with them. Always use loctite on set screw even from new install. Just have to heat screw up a bit to change tip.
  12. Stoney, I’m really loving this 900T. Lots of research and talks with TD before I jumped over to the 4 stroke side. No regrets after the first 1100 kms. The 1.5IR track is very comparable to the 1.25 with aftermarket studs I had on my 850. Everyone says you lose some top end but with the full pull across Couch last week I don’t see why you would want to go any faster. This sled is more predictable as to what it’s going to do in the corners. Could be the added weight in the front end and also the new suspension which is making it ride alot flatter out of the corners. The 850 could be t
  13. Totally agree with you both. My 18 Doo came with the 531 belt. Switched to the 571 as recommended by Doo. OEM belts aren’t cheap but they’re all I’ll use or recommend.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a better and safe 2021.
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