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  1. Guy at the desk at microtel in KL told us that they had only seen 14 truck / trailer combos so far this season. Normally its packed and they have an overflow lot. When we were there for the 4 nights, there was only at best 4 trucks including mine in the lot.
  2. Just experienced the same thing at the Microtel in Kirkland lake. We booked 4 nights there and 1 in cochrane. Told us theyd have to charge us $50 per night to keep the truck/trailer there, when we are not there. Told them to call the manager up at home, and call me in my room direct. That got sorted real fast .. Another thing which was weird is they dont allow you to park your sleds outside the hotel. They must be put back in the trailer at night ...
  3. revrnd, looks like you guys had a good trip .. We got up late friday afternoon, and left wednesday morning. Overall we did 1900 kms in those 4 (1/2) days ..
  4. Looking forward to the canyon for my first time .. revrnd and irreverent ..hopefully we can cross paths. Bob has my ride schedule and cell number ..
  5. Anyone have info from the A108Q which goes down the river towards the quebec border? (besides it being red due to health district) .. was hoping to run from Kirkland lake to Temi shores into Quebec. The club gave the usual response .. but hoping someone has run it, or someone local with insight?
  6. We may not see you .. as sounds like you guys are headed hearst way. Were doing Cochrane/ canyon/smooth rock sunday .. staying in cochrane.
  7. Watch for a blue sidewinder and manta green 'doo .. Were in the area from Friday till wednesday (.. ish. )
  8. Damn we just crossed over that in the last 2 days or so too ..
  9. We just ran from Lindsay all the way up the railbed, around harcourt and wilberforce and back into hali and down. Got stopped twice and we had guys from Toronto with us ( out of their approved health units) and they just checked paperwork and told us to move on.
  10. Cant recall the company name now. But that doesnt sound familiar ..
  11. Location ? Id be interested if they fit a sidewinder. Tired of getting my knuckles rapped off trees.
  12. Nope. The trail leading to the lake is yellow. The lake itself is still red.
  13. infernobuster


    Didnt make it for a ride today .. we were expecting snow overnight which we didnt get. Now calling for 5 cms plus on mon/tues.
  14. infernobuster


    Can give an update tomorrow .. probably headed there for a chance to get out.
  15. Unless the provision has changed in the last few days .. they can NOT ticket you for travelling or can they ask where you are headed or going too. It is a recommendation currently. Can they ask for ID, yes. Can they ask for suitable test for being " under the influence", yes. Thats a very small part of the directive handed to police officers last week.
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