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  1. Whats considered "lower price" trailers? Im trying to sell mine with zero luck currently ..
  2. Guys i ride with 3 of them just ordered new 25 skidoos and got a helluva deal from the sales guy . .. There are deals to be had out there right now ..
  3. Headed to KL friday morning for one last boot, as we were planning on doing Quebec but cancelled it now. Looks like Cochrane is getting 5 cms per hour as we speak ...
  4. Yep, looks the same for now. Lol..
  5. So far so good, only 153 k on it so far. Power steering is something im not used too, and takes less effort than before. And i was never shy of throwing the other one around regardless of weight, this just makes it easier on the body.
  6. We ran the forest on Monday, and conditions were pretty decent. The north road is a little sketch, but further north you go the trails are good. Its a little bumpy too with no groomers, and fair amount of traffic too.
  7. With the weather moving in this coming week and parts of the province about to see 25 +cms, id say by next weekend alot of things should start moving along now.
  8. Id say the rail trail from Lindsay to Hali .. they always open it too soon when it should be red.
  9. Bingo. The new owners were around late part of last year. We met them in the late part of the season, and again in Cochrane. They were at the sled show in TO just a few weeks ago. I was asking the Cochrane rep who was speaking with the new owners and felt that fuel prices were to remain the same at 5/litre.
  10. Ive run the FXR recon heated gloves .. what a game changer. Could never go back to a normal glove now. 2 battery packs, change em at lunch and good for the whole day ride.
  11. Thanks thats the one. The price listed isnt the one that he is offering for a show price. He said he is attending the peterborough show and offering the same pricing. For me, i put down commercial grade expoy flooring in the garage and dont want it torn up.
  12. Apparently there was a vendor at the sled show who was selling ride on sled dollys? Anyone remember the company name or website link?
  13. Were heading to Gaspe in the beginning of March for the first time. We plan on doing around 6 days of riding there and giving a break to the Ontario northern corridor this time around ..
  14. Damn, was hoping to run from Cochrane to Dubreville next weekend .. guess thats out of the question now.
  15. Upgraded to the mission helmet this year. ckx titan with non electric googles. xxxl size. Was my back up so only wore it a few times. located in kawartha lakes. $300
  16. Fenelon Falls marina has an overstock Thundercat they were advertising last week ..
  17. For vehicles there is little discounts being offered. I was just at the dealer this past weekend looking to buy a truck. Most dealers are saying " this is the price .. take it or leave it". On top of that Dodge trucks they just ramped up the price, and are offering big incentives to make it look like they are offering great deals. Hell they wont even good money on a trade in now, as they said the US market is now flooded with vehicles. My 18 F150 was worth 54 during COVID, now they are stretching to give me $35 .. sigh ..
  18. Can confirm 2 137"s will fit in a 6x12. Tight but possible ..
  19. Regardless of price or attitudes, im still running the east side up to the camp and back down the east side. It is a must at least once a season, but lots of other great trails up there without visiting the canyon ..
  20. Good Yami Dealer story .. Bought my Sidewinder from Fenelon Falls Marina. Since than they have done everything "right" in words of customer service. They go beyond the call to ensure everything is set up and good to go. We were just headed up to Cochrane a month ago and i was pre loaded with some other sleds. ( mainly skidoos) Sled was acting weird, so we called and asked if they would have a look at it before making the trek north. Upon arrival, it was off and in the shop. After 10 minutes they found a hole in the intercooler piping. Didnt have one in stock, but had a customer sled who was down for a while. Took it off that one, and got me up and running. Had warranty issues upon return and famous jackshaft bearing issue. Boom. All taken care of under warranty. The ski doo guys i was with couldnt believe the treatment i received, and even said to the owner that they would consider buying a yamaha after seeing the service level i received.
  21. Yep, the hill is alot worse than shown .. the problem is its icey doing down it, and even with brakes on you are still sliding. You have to hit the corner with the tree and maneuver around it ..
  22. This exactly ... The group is wilderness guided tours out of hearst. The nasty hill is just that .. you go down it and be careful. Only one person has ever gone back up it.
  23. Nope. The guide did though .. lol. The guides brought fuel for us on the sleds.
  24. Off the L161 they have a path to the river .. follow the river all the way up. And where it turns into rapids, you run the forest and than into the hydro fields. Good run ..
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