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  1. Good System...…… The Dexter E-Z Lub Axles are center drilled and the cross drill is actually past the inner bearing so grease is pumped between the inner bearing and the inner hub seal. That way it is forced back through the inner bearing and completely back through the center of the hub and finally through the outer bearing all around the axle. Then you have to remove all the extra grease inside the hub cap and replace the rubber plug. This action cleans out any "contaminated" grease whether synthetic or not as it purges. The worry is that the grease viscosity is compatible with the ability of the inner seal to contain the grease. This is why the tire/drum/hub/axle needs to be jacked up and able to be rotated as grease is pumped "slowly" through the hubs. Not desirable……… "Bearing Buddies" are basically hub caps with spring loaded plungers to push grease toward the outer bearing only and never clean out the contaminated grease. NOT OK.... There are some with nothing more that a Zerk fitting in the hub cap which is almost guaranteed to blow the inner seals out.
  2. Years ago I had a F-250 which I had switched into 4WD and found out the hard way that the hubs were not engaged due to a vacuum hose leak. All was good until the surprise when I got stuck on a hill and had to back down the hill. Ford dealer said it was common back then. Nice not to have to lock the hubs when it worked.
  3. 4 sleds and "stuff".
  4. There was a wind blown snow to ice patch night coming down 127 when the wind kicked my trailer across into the other lane and it tried to pass me. It was like pulling the rip cord on a parachute when I slid the trailer brake lever all the way over and it all straightened out behind me. I did not want to wait to see if it was going to pass me and accelerating on ice was not an option so braking from the trailer only was my choice. There were already a number of guys down in the ditch and worse that night.
  5. I have put my trailer brakes on separately in a couple situations over the years and they helped to save me. I usually have been pulling a big trailer and it almost helps to keep me stable on icy conditions. You can't do it with surge brakes and I am pretty sure surge brakes won't do as much good on ice. It needs the tow vehicle to work against which does not happen on ice. I would never want that situation towing any amount of weight. You need to use the brakes every day or they quickly corrode if run in salt. I need to take them apart every season and I spray them with oil to keep them working through each winter. I find some of them seized every year and sometimes can just loosen them, but often buy a complete kit from E-Trailer and replace. I spray new ones before closing them up. My sled trailers have #3500 torsion axles. The bigger trailers we have use #7000 axles. Try to never run those in salt! Last much longer.
  6. I have seen two versions of the routing of these new lines and one ran through the park while the one I last pulled up looked to avoid the shorter route and run up very near White River before jumping over Hwy17 and then following the existing power lines to the west. It may only be parallel with the existing power lines, but the trail does follow parts of the old lines.
  7. I still remember my wife telling me you had stopped while Paige and I went over to Henry's on Hwy 17 that day. We had to cut trees and break the trail since it was around Christmas / New Years 2012. We made it to Ernie's too that week through the park as Dog Lake wasn't ready yet. We also broke trail up to Hornepayne by ourselves. We were the first to cross the Kaby River and break through to the road. Good times. This was before the motel was re-opened.
  8. Yes, a big mine which has been there for many years. Like in Defiance, many foundries found it cheaper to pile sand & slag than have it hauled to dumps. We recycle a great % now and finally send what is left to a landfill. In some cases it has been approved to be used in construction of bridges and road projects. Most of the slag is pulverized and the iron removed and recycled while the rest is mixed into asphalt or used in place of crushed rock for driveways. No active piles near any of my companies locations. One old mountain does exist near a foundry we acquired, but it looks natural as trees and vegetation have now overgrown it.
  9. Hi Ox, Yes you are correct! I used Manitouwadge not Marathon when I did the math in my head. 46 kilometers from the D109A turn off to Marathon. 62 kilometers from the turn off to Mani. Total distance from White River to Marathon is 124 kilometers. Total distance from White River to Manitowadge is 140 kilometers. I truly hope these trails all come back along with improvements to the D trail between Dub and White River. If these were open and the water issues fixed to maintain the trails as open the entire season, I will definitely plan for a number of trips through these beautiful areas.
  10. Looks like Marathon is 62 kilometers from the old Trail turn off per the sign.
  11. Pictures I took of that bridge a couple years back when my daughter and I ran over to Marathon for the day and back to Dubreuilville.
  12. They seem to be better for flexibility in all seasons and I plan to try these. Thanks for the heads up ski.
  13. I meant when I had my kids with me the Moose Horn Lodge got expensive at $175 each x 3 = $525/night. Very nice place, but if we stayed in the main house, it felt like we were being watched. I have spoken with others who had a large group and got to stay in the lodges and only came into the main house for meals. They thought it was great. I preferred the B&B anyway. The Three Mills was good too and where I stayed back in the early 2000's when the trail came in past it., but the restaurant changed when it was sold and I don't like it as much anymore. I realized that during the years when the B&B was leased out for the season.
  14. It was not taken as any sort of promotion and I was glad you put it on here because of my curiosity. There were a number of seasons when the B&B was fully leased to utility crews and the like. Great for the financials, but sad for us as we missed staying and visiting with Ross and Frenda. We have stayed at most other places along the trails, but never the hard to get to in town center. We stayed at the Moosehorn Lodge also which is the gorgeous place out on the lake and right on the through trail. If you need gas they will provide that too. When I'm paying for multiple members of a group it is not what I prefer. The B&B is most like home and my favorite anyway. A great value when breakfast is included.
  15. I saw it this season on my trips. As the trail crosses the road to Valentine Farms B&B and beyond you see it. At night it was lighted in away to draw attention and I was curious about it. Just hard to give up our favorite in Chapleau which is Valentines with the chicken coop storage although not heated is much warmer than the really cold nights and there is no snow to clean off. Just a nice place to keep the sleds and it is always like being at home for us.
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