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  1. She is not happy with me trying a SkiDoo, but I hope she likes it also. Paige is still a Cat Girl and will be riding her 2019 XF-8000 again as it only has about 10,000 miles on it. If the SkiDoo comes as late as they say it could and the season starts early AND the border is open to those with vaccinations, I may be riding my 2018 XF-8000 at the start of the season. It has over 16,000 miles on it. Both motors still running like new with nothing done to them other than cleaning exhaust valves. Seems they are lasting like the Suzuki motors did so far. (These are miles not kilometers.)
  2. I remember you introducing yourself one morning at breakfast two seasons back at the Companion in Hearst. Hope to see you again this season. Thanks again. Scott
  3. Thanks. I will PM you this fall about the lights you put in. Just too busy right now and it may be a while before the sled gets here. Seems SkiDoo told my dealer that all the Spring Order sleds will be later than usual and it could be as late as next January before they arrive here in Michigan. Not a good start on my first 4-stroke SkiDoo. I have had 5 SkiDoo sleds over the years. My first was a 1969 Olympic. This should be a great sled. Paige and I have had both Covid shots and are hoping that can open the border to us by next season? Really going to hurt if we ca
  4. I have ordered my first NOTACAT since 1998 and it is like those you have ordered. (XR-S Renegade Turbo 900 R) I cannot figure out if a "mid to high" adjustable windshield can be fitted on a wide body 4-stroke. I like the option when it is real cold, but like the looks of the mid size otherwise. Then all the deflectors and such plus how the mirrors mount are what i am trying to put together. Seemed that all I could find was that a "low to mid" adjustable was available? Maybe someone can help me figure this out. Thanks
  5. I remember that happened in Matane. I was there a few days later after returning from a trip around New Brunswick where we were caught in that blizzard. Amazing what we made it through on the way back up to Gaspe. I ordered the same machine. Hope everyone loves them. My first NOTACAT since 1998.
  6. Paige and I really missing all the QC Members this season! Saw 65°F here at the bottom of Michigan the past few days. So happy you all have seen the weather change up there and can have a great experience. (A bit jealous) Be Safe!
  7. I had 5 Susuki motors make 20K. A couple well over 30K. The 700 Crossfires were fantastic except no reverse. Cat had a great sled and lost all the momentum when they didn't put electric start or reverse on them. The good thing was that I bought new leftovers still in 2008. Had to finally get reverse as my back got too old and my daughter got stuck trying to turn around one very cold night near SRF.
  8. I was absolutely wrong. In the past I understood the "Adventure" model to be a 2-up only and I was thinking of the Titan. I see the "Adventure" in the name of many different sleds now in the Polaris Lineup which I am more impressed with then ever before, but as I turn so many miles in "normal" seasons I was looking for a new 4-stroke Turbo motor also. The 750cc turbo twin of years past seemed to have good power and perhaps a version of that type of motor or as triples seem to be all the rage now? I seem to be drawn to the Matryx front ends with the 146"x1.5
  9. AC+YA


    There is no flat on the reverse side of the spring shaft and will likely not hold position or just work its way off the shaft. I have already tried to spin worn ends.
  10. Noticed the Adventure series only comes with the older Cleanfire 800 motor. Maybe next year they will drop the 800 and move to the 850?
  11. Perfect road conditions we can get to Searchmont in just under 7 hours. Last year in two different storms we spent a night along the way and kept going the 2nd time for an 11 hour trip time. We then unloaded the trailers as we pulled a 2 place and also pulled 3 sleds from our base trailer. Then we left as it became dark & went straight to Chapleau to get dinner and stay at Valentine's. OPP had all the roads shut down leaving Chapleau. Deep snow all the way from Searchmont to Chapleau.
  12. Bought the app for my phone and was checking to see if any routes had been updated closer to the actual trail routes. Noticed that the map used is old and misleading by showing the “no longer” Ker-Lin’s General Store with a fuel pump in Searchmont. Hope nobody counts on that.
  13. I gave up on fuel doors since very few stations have long hoses anymore. Seems most have long enough distance between trailer and the truck for tailgates, however the type of jack and where it is attached causes the issues of tailgates not being able to open fully. When you get into bigger trailers, the swing jacks go away and the placement of the fixed jacks is the issue. I hate it when the tailgate cannot be opened fully while attached. I have also added receiver extensions when pulling a hybrid 2 place so that the additional sled can be placed in the bed. Safety chain exten
  14. When parking along a snowbank, the ramp door does not work to reload or the man door is against the bank. When I leave my trailer as a garage in Searchmont at The Driftwood for months. I am forced to place it along an edge of the parking area. I need to point the V-Nose Door toward the plowed side to reload at then end of the trip. If you are leaving with the trailer, you can move it, but I never hook to it until the end of the season and sometimes bring another trailer to move sleds or bring guests along. I will not use the man door if I need to scale a mountain of snow to get to it, so
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