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  1. Any information on the duration of this closure yet? I was planning my trip next week (leaving tomorrow) and this will force a change. My buddy no longer accepts more than 200 miles per day and this will put us over….. Thanks for any updates. Scott
  2. I use furniture polish like Pledge or a store brand. Seems to help on all the rubber seals. If already frozen, a waist basket of hot water and repeat. leave open until re-frozen or dried.
  3. We were planning the 17th - 27th, but my buddy lost his sister over the weekend and due to elevated deaths (Covid) the funeral home, and cemetery are backed up so the service will be delayed until the week of the 21st sometime. Now we may come on the 25th or March 3rd?
  4. The lookout is at the black arrow, but as you go under the lines on the trail, you have to turn and go up the hill to the top. When groomed it is easy to ride up. only about 7 minutes past the Mystic Isle Motel running south on the D trail. About another 7 minutes to the split at Wawa 5. Then about 15 minutes to the Dam. BTW there is still Hydro Line work close to the substation/rail tracks so it gets plowed sometimes and trucks are moving around so go slow after the little dam.
  5. AC+YA


    We went from Searchmont to Dubreuilville first day. Spent 3 nights in Dub. Did some back trails and the Magpie a few times. Had lunch on the sleds at Tim Horton’s after going through the drive through. That was prior to opening back up. Then Monday had lunch in Hornepayne and continued up to Hearst. Then To Cochrane with some excitement in Smoothrock where the gas station was closed. Of course we never got gas since leaving Hearst and came in with the low fuel light on. After learning not to trust anymore we were able to pay extra and buy gas to get us to Cochrane. Then Iroquois Falls and Timmins and back to Kapuskasing. Then loops and again back in Hearst. Back to Dub the next day. Then ran down to Halfway for Lunch Saturday. Took about 2hr. 45min. From Dubreuilville. The Chili was great. We then ran over to Chapleau and stayed at Valentine’s. 62 miles and very fast perfect run. Sunday ran straight to Searchmont in new snow and drove home. Great trip. Best trails in the last 23 years. Everywhere. Halfway grader…..
  6. AC+YA


    We stopped in Chapleau on the way back to Searchmont at the end of a 10 day trip. There is now a service to trailer your group around the closed section which I will try to post. Also, some are cutting through to Harwood Lake Lodge from or to the C Trail and then just hooking up to the C101D. I have done it years ago. If you call Harwood L L them may be able to help you out? BTW - Loving the Renegade 900 T. 1,700 miles now and it is quiet, smooth, and sweet to ride. Eco mode is good for 76mph and I normally trail ride in standard mode. It does over 100mph in standard mode. I use sport at times, but I have never gone over 111mph. This is the best touring sled because it goes at a good pace with no effort. We went from Timmins to Smoothrock and with all the stops still averaged 57mph. All trails were perfect. Never have I seen them like this and almost nobody around. It was pretty cold also. We went directly from Chapleau to Searchmont using groomed trails only last Sunday. Never saw anyone and pushed 4-8” of new snow. We took it easy to conserve gas so 45 - 60mph. About 125 miles on the BRP odometer and 130 miles on the Arctic Cat odometer. Had just dropped down to 2 bars on the BRP fuel gage as we turned into the Driftwood. Gets good mileage if you take it easy.
  7. AC+YA


    I went past the Moose Horn Lodge (Chapleau) a few days back. The trail re-route and work to power lines has caused the road linking the Lodge with the trail to be cut to dirt, but I just went the other direction and all is good. I can see issues if there is a melt, but for now the re-route is fantastic and uses the other road most of the way. Chapleau area is all great riding. The trail to Halfway.
  8. I think that depending on the setting of the handle bars, there may be some interference when keeping the guards although turning the bars that much may only happen in a parking lot. While riding trails I agree that there would not normally be any issues. Today I plan to add the mirrors.
  9. It is listed as “high” windshield. The glove box extension actually sticks up pretty high on its own, but I like wind protection so all good for me.
  10. Even if you mount just one side, it will probably take care of issues. I often just drop one side and it does a great job! Looks fine to me! I had bought an adjustable windshield and the deflectors for my X-RS and after receiving my new sled found they do not work together. All the medium windshield kits with deflectors are sold out and on back order until end of February. Finally found a dealer in Wisconsin that told me they are putting high windshields on these sleds even though BRP says they will NOT work. There is a combo of windshield, support, and deflectors that is now on my sled and I like it better than a medium for protection. You cannot run the hand guards which come on the machine and is why BRP says it won’t work.
  11. I ran BRP tunnel mounts on my Cats. Just had to make a mounting system on a plate and bolt it to the foot rests. Can mount a little bit more forward and get better results. Still use the hooks to hang them for storage. Buy ski hardware from Simmons Flexi Skis to make it easy.
  12. It's about 115 from Goulias River to Black Creek and about 105 from Halfway to Black Creek if you do the trail all the way. We usually short cut it down Domitar to Ranger Lake and over to the bridge just before Hwy 129 and then follow the old trail all the way to Aubrey Falls Trading Post and jump out of the trail just before the parking lot and then follow the Hwy down to the F Trail / Black Creek. If conditions are good we run straight to Chapleau from Black Creek by jumping off the trail and running the logging roads. They were keeping them plowed a couple seasons back, so we took the trail all the way and had to hit Halfway for fuel and backtrack to go to Chapleau. Wondering if they are still using that area as much?
  13. The owners would not allow the trail to go through their property for maybe 3 seasons now and there was a chain up on the driveways so not open. The bridge near the D106 needed work for the groomer to use it. The trail has been run next to the road now for a few seasons instead but gets bad sometimes. You now just turn North up Hwy 129 coming out of the trail at BlackCreek and ride the shoulder up to Ranger Lake Road if you don't know the old trail, but I have had to cut trees in there 2 seasons back to get through. BlackCreek has to stay open or the trails will be done just the same as Halfway is needed to keep the F trail alive.
  14. It's been about 6 or 7 years back that I spent the night in the "being remodeled" upper motel. Came late 8:30pmish from Halfway on our way to Elliot Lake and stopped to get gas and decided to eat and stay. Could not get BlackCreek on the phone and thought they might be away for the evening visiting family so we grabbed gas when we saw Aubrey Falls had lights on. Could not usually count on AF in the winter to be open since it was sold years back and so I usually tried to support BlackCreek as they lived there and would open up even after dark. That evening we decided to call from Halfway before leaving but got no answer at blackCreek. Guess they had a party line phone years back and were having issues with that.
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