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  1. AC+YA

    Fuel Mileage Challenge (kind of)

    Agree. We rode 2 Cat 7000's one day and they both ran out of fuel within 1 km of each other at almost exactly 130 miles. We both had a couple extra gallons and finished the ride back to town. We came into Dub from Halfway and decided to run out to a lake north of town without gassing up. Back in the days when it was hard to get gas there. We were riding hard and thus this was deemed to be a minimum distance they were good to go.
  2. AC+YA

    Sault accommodations

    First you have to run the road over and back to the Zone also to get last gas on the way to Halfway. I don't mind if the road is covered and no sand. Just doesn't happen that way all the time. Just like when the trail was changed to cut out the pretty part by the cliffs, now also a bit of road to run along the way.
  3. AC+YA

    Sault accommodations

    At the moment (01/14/20) the Cedar Swamp and the trail to the gas at the Zone and the Blueberry Motel are not open. No way to go over to Searchmont from SSM on open trails. Start at Searchmont and drop at the Driftwood!
  4. AC+YA

    Sault to Searchmont?

    Drive to Searchmont and park at the Driftwood Chalets. (705) 781-3128 Less $ to park than the extra gas. Stay at a hotel and then drive to Searchmont in the morning. Best if it is your first time and that is only 90 miles. Went back to the longer old trail due to logging this year. The Whitman Dam Road is the trail as it passes The Driftwood. You will see all the trailers. You can even book at the Driftwood.
  5. AC+YA

    Borrowing a sled - Moral dilemma

    I have asked interested family members to come experience riding in Northern Canada because it is so nice. My brother is coming this season from Arizona to ride. I asked him to come. I have had one of my son-in laws come along. Two seasons back we made a great loop from Searchmont through all of the Northern Corridor and back down the other side to Searchmont. Last season from SSM east and back including days of Drummond Island and using the tree line back and forth to St. Joseph Island. The north shore was the best I have ever seen it with lots of snow. He crashed and rolled a different sled during each trip, but I was still happy that he loves riding. He offered to pay, but in wanting him to come I had already figured that since I invited him, he would not be held responsible for any issues. He had never ridden a sled before since he is from southern Illinois. The key is that I asked him to use my sleds. I have loaned a sled in the past, but a friend asked to take it due to his being in the shop. At that time I agreed with the understanding that he fixes or buys the sled for $X,XXX in the event of issues. After all, he asked me to use the sled, I did not invite him to use it. My question is, did the friend ask to use it, or was he invited to take it on the trip?
  6. AC+YA


    The new "west" trail was cut and opened last season by the Soo Trailblazers. The old "east" part was the old trail. Perhaps they are keeping it on the map for future need if logging takes the new shorter side. The new west side bypasses a wet area north of Toll Creek Road where it seems to washout during warmups and beavers have caused issues in the past. The old east route is partly the big haul road which connected Chapleau to Searchmont and had been logged over several seasons causing issues in past years. That was the fast open area along the Hydro Lines where the road ran. I believe the east side will be used when possible. I heard the logging is taking Whitman Dam road and a bypass will be groomed around that this year as it has in the past. I heard something about another washout also, but have not ridden from Searchmont yet.
  7. AC+YA

    Hearst hotel

    The Queens has a pool and maybe a hot tub. The Companion closed the hot tub down years back. You can still keep your sled in the heated garage of the Companion, but it costs an extra $5 / night and if it is full you are out of luck. We still walk next door 15 meters to the restaurant and lounge at the Companion if we stay at the Queens. We use both.
  8. Last season I got my ski caught in a crack and it traveled until it wedged under frozen sod. My daughter and I were not letting a little red patch stop us either. I got lots of negative feedback over that and was asked to never go on red trail sections again. I am trying to be good! It was not on private land BTW. I was just wondering if something had changed to cause another re-route in that section since it did show yellow and went back red? In any event, many will soon be wanting to journey along that trail including myself. Great to see all the work being put into the system so early this season! Thanks to all those making the trails possible. Happy Holidays.
  9. Correct. There is a loop around a water hole/pond and very wet area and some other swampy areas as you go to the east. It was yellow and went back to red. That's what I was wondering about. Hearst is no longer connected to Kap.
  10. The map seems to have changed and there is a stretch of the A trail red again from Opasatika River west to the Monument on Hwy 11 ?
  11. AC+YA


    I got my 3 permits in about 10 days. They came through 2 services to get to Michigan. My son's came quicker in about 7 days. When the clubs sent them years back I remember getting them in as little as 4 days. I am sure that the Quebec permits will come within a week, but have until December 9th to get the discount.
  12. AC+YA


    Since 2001 I've purchased between 2 and 8 permits every season. It is quick and easy now, but miss calling the clubs direct and talking about the upcoming season. They always mailed the permits free of charge and I got them within a week every time. Now with all the news on the internet I know most of what is going on before I head to Ontario. Ordered 3 permits this week.
  13. AC+YA

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    Between me and my friend, we have a total of 7 years on 2016 models with 137" tracks. They both went 130 to 137 miles before running out of fuel on a full-burped tank. I think the sled will be fine for 2 seasons with just basic maintenance. I would check chain tension after a few thousand miles and suck out chain case oil and replace each year. After 1 or 2 seasons you need to pull the brake rotor and caliper apart to grease that drive shaft bearing. Never had to worry about the rear axle tri-hub if you tighten it up each year and grease the bearings while you have it apart. The tri-hubs do come loose if only because it is plastic which only tightens so much before it deforms so not so tight either. Only had issues starting at -38°C while parked outside overnight in Timmins once. Stuck a hair dryer inside clutch side panel and closed it while running for about 10 minutes and good to go. Had to tighten front shock spring under track to lighten front end feel on mine, but my buddy had one which was fine with same setting. Think spring was different on mine. Good acceleration and steering, but that suspension will not transfer weight to raise skis off snow by design. If you like to follow close, buy the radiator screen to stop the fins from being folded over. Easy to install. Good trail sleds and never overheat! Some extra steam when running deep new powder snow. Ran 12,000 miles with just normal maintenance. Reliable.
  14. AC+YA

    elliot lk to halfway

    Talked to Black Creek Outfitters just now and there is a very short area that is down to road because it had been plowed this winter, but yesterday Monday April 1st riders came from and rode back to Elliot Lake and said the trail was good except that short section of plowed road near Black Creek. The Elliot Lake Club is done grooming and turned all the trails RED. They said that by Saturday there will be a big problem since it is going up to 60°F. They need to ride back down ASAP to get back to Elliot Lake. The ice bridge 50 kilometers south of Halfway could also become a problem. I had planned to cut trees and fill the drop if it gave before my return 7 days ago, but it seems it has held through a couple days as someone posted on facebook with pictures. Some people came from Searchmont to Black Creek on Sunday and said that the D201F was still good too. After all it is April and the farther south, the faster it will go.
  15. AC+YA

    elliot lk to halfway

    Take 108 north past Dunlop Lake Lodge like you are driving there and keep going until it turns into 639. Continue north on 639 until it hits 546. Turn right on 546 until it runs into the F Trail. The parking area is at the intersection of the F trail and runs west there and you will turn left off 546 at the T shaped intersection onto a bit of plowed road which is the F trail and the parking area. You have ridden past it on the trail and probably noticed all the vehicles. The problem is that the F Trail and all Elliot Lake Trails have gone RED today. Sorry to see that as you were hoping to start there. Perhaps a road has been plowed? If not, you will be able to ride to Black Creek because it is all fast open road. You need to call Black Creek and ask what's up at their end. (705) 841-2555 Jean or Don. Good luck Glenn.