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  1. There was a dashed line shown on a local paper map we got from the club guy who sold us all a single-day New Brunswick trail pass because the passes we had expired while we were stuck for an additional "storm" day. He confirmed the crossing as he had used it that season on a Gaspe tour. That was 2019 so I cannot confirm there is still a tree line or local trail north of the river. My guess is that locals still use it even if not, but weather will certainly be a factor. We were told that the tow truck flatbed can always be called to cross, but plan on ah hour for each crossing
  2. The "lightly lift skis up" doesn't work for me anymore. It's been years since my arm and shoulder had to be fixed and I prefer using the lever action to lift my sleds. I'm 66 now and feel this will work for me well into my 70's. Plus it can be driven and reversed using the machine's own power. I have all the dollies from swivels to steerable. Sometimes I put the swivels under my track and just push and steer it into a tight spot for storage. I just don't like lifting the skis by myself anymore even though I still can do it. This is much faster and easier. It does cost more though.
  3. I believe it was Campbellton, New Brunswick. The bridge cannot be crossed, so the ice is normally marked with a tree line and there is a local trail leading north to the main trail on the Quebec side, however the storm had buried the trail and swept away the tree line. The young man running the gas station across the street from the river in Campbellton was a sledder and described all of that and then said if we could get over the huge snowdrift and get on the river ice we should look for a group of lights and head towards them. It was a parking lot of a store next to the main road north.
  4. I have 3 sets of these as I am done lifting sleds to put any kind of rollers/wheels under them. I think that there are several versions and like you said, they are not all created equal. My "Ski Saver" version which is much better designed and built from heavier stock came from Finland and cost twice as much. The other 2 sets of the cheap copies I got were "China specials" and had to be tweaked just a bit as I assembled them. They would have worked, but I did not like the dimensional differences so I used my vise and a hammer to adjust a few things. The hardware was also China made "crap"
  5. That trip was changed by the storm! In so many ways it brought everyone together in the struggle to get back into Quebec from where we were stranded in shut down Caraquet, New Brunswick. It seemed it had cut into a fabulous long trip at first, but breaking through the drifts and finding our way as the trails could no longer be found in the mountains and finally being caught between the monster drift at the south edge of the river and getting onto the ice has burned the way we worked together to get everyone across into my head. No one was tagging along and I am grateful for your help, Patri
  6. This was after making it back across that frozen river from New Brunswick the night before in the blizzard. The tree line had been blown away and there was a 20 foot high drift along the south side of the river we had to dig down by hand to finally get the sleds through/over. It was dark and we were told to aim for the lights barely visible at times. We took the roads once climbing off the river. Long day. Same spot as seen in the previous post by Gadgetman. Beautiful view of New Brunswick from Quebec.
  7. The 2019 storm came when we were in New Brunswick and had to hold over for a day and then we pushed on for a tough day to get back across the river north to Quebec. It was a long day with many stuck issues. Even the groomers were getting stuck trying to open some of the trails. The motel warned us to move the sleds to where they are in the picture the night we arrived based on the wind predictions. It was bare pavement we pushed across to park next to our rooms and then decided they could be right and went back out and moved the sleds. The hallway was walled with windows and they covered
  8. We've been twice. It is about 40 minutes off the main trail. It has good places to eat and stay. The Rock is cool to see, but I will only do it again if I am stopping there over night, but have been there twice already.
  9. One of my favorite pictures from near LaCache. The big storm in 2019 stopped us from taking this trail that trip. The North Shore and through the mountains are a must. One day went from Perc'e Rock to Murdochville to LaCache To Matane. Was one of my favorite days of sledding. We had a beautiful sunset and were forced to follow two moose for quite a while as they would not get off the trail into the deep snow. We kept stopping so as not to push them. Got to the Quality Inn in Matane just before they closed the kitchen and had dinner.
  10. Ordered most of the things I planed to put on mine last spring and have received almost all of them. Just need the sled to get started installing them. I have the adjustable windshield already. Glad I didn't wait to order.
  11. You are 100% correct on what most new sled buyers put $ into. I have already done it for my new on-order Doo and already planned to add the block heater suggested by Gadgetman. It should add the assurance on the -40° nights that when able to be plugged in, that the following morning will not be a bad one. I have always been able to slowly put heat into my two-stroke motors and eventually get them started on the Cats. My electric start Cat 800's have always started with just the key or button. My Yamacat's have failed me a few times just because the battery's could not crank th
  12. I have talked a bit with a couple clubs where I ride often and have been warmly received over the past 20 years. These clubs over the years have naturally had lots of cross border riders from the USA. The Alouettes and the Trailblazers once had many trail passes sold to people from the states. I know that since the 9-11 attack the world has changed. Passports, exchange rates, the loss of local permit sales, no more try our trails free weekend, no more 1-day passes, and now border closings due to covid all have come into play. I think at one time after the close of the wood mill in Dub, US
  13. The projects taking place always come first as does the economic engines of the areas. They have left roads and bridges that were easily utilized by the trail system, but as ski points out are taken back as needed without debate. Some modifications also seem to be removed or destroyed in the name of the ecosystem or to remove possible liabilities of use. The wood rights went back to Hornepayne and there have been multiple road building projects to access the wood resources north of Dub. The roads run from Dub and can connect logging to the mills in the west and all the way up to
  14. Sean thought it was a person who had come around periodically asking for things and favors. He had left to spend some much needed time away with a women friend. Before leaving he had wrapped the refrigerator to insulate and had taken all the precautions per usual to winterize since the generators would be off. He usually ran only a small Honda generator when alone as the fuel costs were too much to keep water and all the other things going during the extended periods of the off season. When Sean returned to try and get things going, the place had been lived in and no houseke
  15. Hoosier, I live just a bit north from you (Michigan-Indiana line) and ride from the Soo or Searchmont usually 3 times each month. There are great trails going east also and would have a weekend that we could meet and go east if you don't want to do the extra 3 hours north by car. Elliot Lake is a good ride.
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