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  1. You are 100% correct on what most new sled buyers put $ into. I have already done it for my new on-order Doo and already planned to add the block heater suggested by Gadgetman. It should add the assurance on the -40° nights that when able to be plugged in, that the following morning will not be a bad one. I have always been able to slowly put heat into my two-stroke motors and eventually get them started on the Cats. My electric start Cat 800's have always started with just the key or button. My Yamacat's have failed me a few times just because the battery's could not crank th
  2. I have talked a bit with a couple clubs where I ride often and have been warmly received over the past 20 years. These clubs over the years have naturally had lots of cross border riders from the USA. The Alouettes and the Trailblazers once had many trail passes sold to people from the states. I know that since the 9-11 attack the world has changed. Passports, exchange rates, the loss of local permit sales, no more try our trails free weekend, no more 1-day passes, and now border closings due to covid all have come into play. I think at one time after the close of the wood mill in Dub, US
  3. The projects taking place always come first as does the economic engines of the areas. They have left roads and bridges that were easily utilized by the trail system, but as ski points out are taken back as needed without debate. Some modifications also seem to be removed or destroyed in the name of the ecosystem or to remove possible liabilities of use. The wood rights went back to Hornepayne and there have been multiple road building projects to access the wood resources north of Dub. The roads run from Dub and can connect logging to the mills in the west and all the way up to
  4. Sean thought it was a person who had come around periodically asking for things and favors. He had left to spend some much needed time away with a women friend. Before leaving he had wrapped the refrigerator to insulate and had taken all the precautions per usual to winterize since the generators would be off. He usually ran only a small Honda generator when alone as the fuel costs were too much to keep water and all the other things going during the extended periods of the off season. When Sean returned to try and get things going, the place had been lived in and no houseke
  5. Hoosier, I live just a bit north from you (Michigan-Indiana line) and ride from the Soo or Searchmont usually 3 times each month. There are great trails going east also and would have a weekend that we could meet and go east if you don't want to do the extra 3 hours north by car. Elliot Lake is a good ride.
  6. Jean and Don sold and will be gone soon or maybe it was the beginning of this month. She messaged me a couple months ago. The new owners may get more traffic running to Elliot lake from the Soo if the Trailblazers get the D201F back going and it makes for a good loop to Elliot. Enjoy that entire area! Very remote yet not way way north. This is where Dan does all the off trail lake jumping............
  7. Many have been going from Black Creek to Chapleau via Halfway Haven and I think I made that trip faster than the old direct F trail. All it did was hook the two in a better way. I took Toll Creek Road usually to save a few hours since it was shorter and no need to go out of the way to Halfway Haven.
  8. No. Just like the last time it closed, and now the F trail is closed also. Very sad if there is no work around, even the big northern loop section between Timmins and Chapleau will be done. This will isolate the northwest from the area between SSM and Sudbury.
  9. The issue back then was that Wawa get cut out of the loop as it is an out of the way dead end except for those trailering to Wawa to start the loop and must first run up to Dub and then get on with the loop in either direction. This is why I believe that the old trail was chopped and Halfway included in the trails from both directions. The F trail from Black Creek was cut also so everyone had to go through Halfway. I believe this was needed to keep them alive even in normal years. Sault Ste. Marie has been cut out of the looping except for those starting from there,
  10. I have done the trail from Hornepayne direct to Longlac at 270Km without gas. This trail still exists as far as I know at least when pandemics are gone. Yes, made it without using the extra I had with on my 2-stroke Cat XF-8000. I added gas on the way back so I could play since I proved to myself it could be done with hard packed trails. Conditions make all the difference. Nobody is making these long distances without groomed trails unless they have deep snow sleds pulling supplies "expedition" style and that is not what we are talking about. The money put into the bridge on t
  11. She is not happy with me trying a SkiDoo, but I hope she likes it also. Paige is still a Cat Girl and will be riding her 2019 XF-8000 again as it only has about 10,000 miles on it. If the SkiDoo comes as late as they say it could and the season starts early AND the border is open to those with vaccinations, I may be riding my 2018 XF-8000 at the start of the season. It has over 16,000 miles on it. Both motors still running like new with nothing done to them other than cleaning exhaust valves. Seems they are lasting like the Suzuki motors did so far. (These are miles not kilometers.)
  12. I remember you introducing yourself one morning at breakfast two seasons back at the Companion in Hearst. Hope to see you again this season. Thanks again. Scott
  13. Thanks. I will PM you this fall about the lights you put in. Just too busy right now and it may be a while before the sled gets here. Seems SkiDoo told my dealer that all the Spring Order sleds will be later than usual and it could be as late as next January before they arrive here in Michigan. Not a good start on my first 4-stroke SkiDoo. I have had 5 SkiDoo sleds over the years. My first was a 1969 Olympic. This should be a great sled. Paige and I have had both Covid shots and are hoping that can open the border to us by next season? Really going to hurt if we ca
  14. I have ordered my first NOTACAT since 1998 and it is like those you have ordered. (XR-S Renegade Turbo 900 R) I cannot figure out if a "mid to high" adjustable windshield can be fitted on a wide body 4-stroke. I like the option when it is real cold, but like the looks of the mid size otherwise. Then all the deflectors and such plus how the mirrors mount are what i am trying to put together. Seemed that all I could find was that a "low to mid" adjustable was available? Maybe someone can help me figure this out. Thanks
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