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  1. Good summary, SF. Consistent snow in this area and Golden Lake provides options ( cut across or stay on land trails). Hope that you find participants willing to assist. Thanks for maintaining the trails, OS.
  2. Weren't there like 10 rooms upstairs? Bring all of your wives
  3. Great advice, for options. Thanks. Call ahead, in a pinch for fuel, I suppose.
  4. I haven't been that way for 2 weeks. As you likely know, the old route in front of ' Delewana ' is closed. The new route takes you to Midland. I've always started towards Midland and then peeled off and made my way ( unstaked ) to that mushy part at the South end of Beausoleil ..then pick up the tree line again to Penetanguishene at the cookout/ camping spot at South end. Not for the faint of heart ( wifey ) ... or others now that you mention south Beausoleil issues. Be safe. Head to Midland ( tree line ). Note that land trail between Midland and Penetanguishene is roads. Not a good idea on 10 - 13 degree Sunday , group.
  5. Did you mean " talked into "? Never mind. It's Polaris. You meant to say ' tricked into '
  6. We saw a wolf at sunset , in Sudbury, a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't in a hurry to get off the trail. Moved aside and sized us up. We completed the Wolf loop and Moose loop. Saw both animals ( pair of moose ). No cougars ๐Ÿ˜ As for far north sledding, needs to exist. Trails need to stay open.,If it was an ofsc survey question vis-a-vis staying in the sport - it " matters". Extends the season, if nothing else. Thanks for terrain and logistic answers, group.
  7. Good thread. Thanks. I once pulled up to a groomer as I was leaving cottage by car - he stopped, I handed him a bottle of wine _corked ...consume at home :) and thanked him. Great guy.
  8. Neat article from Stokely Cross country lodge and trails received by email this morning - Most every evening in the Goulais River area there are snow squall warnings. And every morning all three groomers are out again refreshing the 100 km of Stokely ski trails. So if you are looking for snow and great skiing Stokely is the place. Our groomers are telling us that there are easily 6 feet of snow on the ground. Yesterday two skiers stepped off the trail to let the groomer go by and they were buried in snow only to be rescued by the groomer. The ski resort extended their season due to all the snow.
  9. Thanks for the information. What are the other Timmins snowmobile choices? And how would riders rate them? ( For example- group of guys, staging from Timmins ). We've always stayed at Super 8. Casey's next door for dinner. It's been a few years. Seems like many new chain hotels.
  10. Good points re: Elliot Lake. Wonder what those loops you mention are like.
  11. Canuck


    Great glove warmer. X2 on that. Thx for helmet advice.
  12. Always been a fan of Cindy's. Daily special is usually good. Can't go wrong with the burger. Nice that there appears to be an alternative.
  13. And now, back to the weather ๐Ÿคจ....... Snow every day ( a bit ) for next 10 days after this warm spell.
  14. Canuck


    Sorry to hear. I never bought the electric shield. 7 years of riding ( no eyeglasses ) - never needed it. .
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