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  1. Perfect! Both signs message the importance of farms and farmers - hope to see more of them.
  2. "Starting to think the weather people are in cahoots with the Covid crazy's who do not want people meeting and spending time together" I'd add that " budgets " may not allow for adequate road safety. I understand the need for warnings, etc. but "everyone'' is better off if we stay home and isolate ( some more ). Ran into a lady today, disappointed about possibly not seeing her family for the 3rd Christmas in a row. Happen to have season tickets to Buffalo Bills. Roads are safer there - so much snow clearing equipment, and it's used. Not awarded to contractors and ' hope for the best '. Enjoy your family gatherings. Leave a day early ( lady above ). Cheers
  3. I see (on the Interactive Guide) what Willy is referencing. Lake travel. As a frequent visitor to Sword Motor Inn (further up the road, in Bancroft), I'm wondering if Somerstet Lodge is worth a try? Something different. Have you stayed there in the past? This area, and SF's Haliburton recommendation, seems to have more consistent (and earlier) snow. Elevation? I've driven thru rain in Oshawa, only to see snow upon arrival in Haliburton or Bancroft. Bancroft Sword Motor Inn is the usual 'sledder's special'. Courtyard style hotel. Lots of trucks, trailers and sledders. Braaaap, Braaap at sunrise. Same with Bancroft Inn & Suites. Anyhow, these are 3 star ratings...'yours' seems to be in the 4 stars
  4. Canuck


    X2 on both comments. A rarity ( agreeing with UTS lol ). Really like the BVS2 . Original, non electric visor in my case.
  5. Any advertising that shows snow and a sled - even a ski-doo - is positive and promotes the activity. Really enjoying the Yamaha ads, general in nature, showing all their outdoor products. Aerial of the Yamaha sleds is awesome.
  6. Agreed re: great story, hard work by club. The sign is effective. In our cottage area, it's actually not ATVs that are the problem. It's tacos ( Toyota Tacoma's, and their ilk ). Chew what little earth there is ( Port Severn, Canadian Shield ) and spit it out as mud.
  7. Online article , from Canadian news aggregator The Peak : "Tough economic times mean consumers have to take a good, hard look at what they buy, limiting purchases to the essentials like food, rent, and… snowmobiles? What happened: Quebec-based BRP, the maker of Ski-Doos and Sea-Doos, just had its best quarter ever, posting $2.7 billion in revenue (a 71% increase from last year) to end a banner year for the company. One analyst told the Financial Post that the company saw “probably the best [growth rate] in the consumer sector in Canada” this year. Why it’s happening: BRP's already strong sales for watercrafts and snowmobiles were boosted by the introduction of a new product, a Sea-Doo Pontoon. But unlike many companies as of late, BRP was also prepared to meet the demand for its products thanks to a unique plan to overcome supply chain snarls that often left its factories short on crucial parts for vehicles. BRP sends products out to dealers even when they're missing parts. When the part is ready, the dealer retrofits the product themselves.( yay 😊 ) This practice spreads the workload between BRP and 3000 registered dealers, speeding up installations and getting products off the lot quicker. Why it matters: BRP’s success isn’t just a feel-good Canadian biz story, but proof that supply chain disruptions and a looming economic downturn don’t have to be death sentences for company growth. "
  8. I've never run it that way. Always the loop. Good day trip out of Cochrane, I'd imagine, running east side both ways Am aware of the ' politics '. Haven't been up in years.
  9. There was another element - folks travelled out of Canada. Many competing choices as things " opened up ".
  10. Ok. Saw Muskoka Brewery on the map ( big surprise...even checked operating hours ). I'll see the reroute during the season. Thanks, again.
  11. Way to go, Snowcrest Riders. Thanks. And great pic of current conditions, Re: Leaf. I looked for Wihnara Road basic mapping software, coudn't see where it met the train tracks, for some reason - the pic will assist during the winter ahead.
  12. Great pics, Nutter and Killswitch. A trip down memory lane. I'll never forget Doonut's love of 'off trail' riding. "Why stay on a groomed trail when that swamp leads to a path and a backwoods lake. Look, a hill, followed by another hill, a valley and three more snow covered hills (Muskoka). Darn, your stuck. Here's a shovel.... ". Thanks for posting, Nutter.
  13. Hi, I ran this google search "killswitch doonut ontario conditions" and it pointed me to a 2010 thread. I hope the search produces results for you too. I can't link you via this forum. But the thread is viewable in the search. The images are from Photobucket - glad they still link. ___________ Posted January 11, 2010 Sunday, Mrs.Doonut, myself and Killswitch headed out to Port Perry to join Nutter for KS's first licenced trail ride. Can't thank the guys from PPSC enough for the patience and support they showed her on her first ride. Me, Killswitch and Mrs.Doonut
  14. That's our preference too. Hotel is what you expect from a Super 8 and the same with Casey's next door.
  15. Warm up sheds " came to mind when I read this. As in - " just in case ". Appreciate all that these clubs are doing. Hopefully the provision of these sheds can become a provincial project ( not kidding, it's a tourism and health and safety matter ).. Somehow passed on to users in Ontario. Thanks again to the club's working on this north western Ontario project.
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