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  1. Great list and self sufficiency suggestions, Slomo. Thanks.
  2. In China, headlights were prohibited - without lights, cars proceeded slowly. There were fewer night time accidents. Hunters have access to reams of ( free ) online maps. To penalize sledders so that others don't use our maps seems like the one dimensional thinking, above. It's an old topic, no desire to rehash. We were landowners, granting trail rights (trail closed when gas station closed). No-one ever provided an FAQ stating that digital rights would be withheld. Maps were ready for fall sled ( and ATV ) show. Freely distributed. Let the planning begin ( for us ). Grab and ride ( apparently ) for Atv'ers under this model.
  3. Folks are gonna love my BV2S helmet this winter. Frozen 'air' dripping from the mouthpiece..... Burn the witch, they said, upon entry.
  4. You're just making yourself hard to find, Slomo. STG perfected that routine years ago, (the bridge is out, moat's filled, wish your were here maybe not the last one ) Enjoy the season ahead in Ontario , the Rock and environs between.
  5. Good point, Ski. We're looking at 'base' style trips. Out all day, lunch on trail, back to base. Of course, if restaurants figure out some way to accommodate us, glad to support them. Might involve modified take-out, some type of shelter outside (not kidding...Dock Lunch in Penetang comes to mind...wooden-lean to with tarps ...although they have inside in winter. Picture the wooden awning outside, with perhaps a portable heat supply in the way-way north on a cold day). Mad Max snowmobiling...here we come. Also going to miss Turbo Doo, btw. Never read the tipping point post or saw it coming. Like many, really enjoyed his writing. Definitely enjoyed the riding, comradery. In my best Arnold Sz. voice - 'he''l be baaaaack' (I hope).
  6. As someone mentioned, it would be nice to look at the interactive guide to bookmark suggestions like this. Look at surrounding trails, access, loops, etc. Heck, starting the guide early in the fall would allow the ' kinks' to be worked out now, rather than in - season. I get the landowner argument about not running it all summer ( ATV's) ... but judging by the lack of traffic after the long weekend ( highway and trail ) wouldn't mid September/ early October be a good launch date? Thanks for Pettawwa suggestion, Slomo. Filed away in the slow cooker, so to speak.
  7. And we stay there every couple of years ( rotate regions). Really enjoy the home cooked meals...but call ahead if you want to work out something else, if possible ( ie fewer meals, etc).
  8. Great choice for what the OP has in mind. Heck, I've even heard of folks making a day trip up from Sudbury ( and back)...so that's a possibility for this group. At least Rocky's on lake wanipitai ( sp ) for lunch.
  9. I stopped in to check out a cross country ski resort in the Goulois River area once. Got on their email list (mostly for parking, 'tho wife has expressed interest in the activity). Closed this winter - ongoing covid, border shut down to American guests was the reason. They're north of Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma. I suspect that area relies a lot on American guests, winter and summer. Not directly a sled destination, but a winter activity that's not opening this year. https://www.stokelycreek.com/post/stokely-s-2020-2021-winter-season?postId=5f539d612708110017bc8714
  10. Can't speak to this year's process (haven't ordered yet) but as someone who previously enjoyed going to the retailer gas station, filling up, buying lunch (spending local $) or, if at a powersports store, same story with purchases...I spoke against the online purchase process as detrimental to those who always supported us. Fast forward to covid restrictions and I'm thankful online is in place. Sounds like implementation issues, but overall a good plan. Noticed that stamps to office have unique self printed designs* and reflect upon prior oc.com suggestions about 'printing' day passes. "Can't be done", said many. _____ * stamps have likely been self printed for years. I feel like George H.W. Bush saying 'wow' in a super market when he saw a can of soup scanned - not manually entered - into a cash register ('tho that hasn't passed the snopes.com test). This week's stamp actually had a charity's emblem in the stamp. Luddites - they walk among us.
  11. I enjoy reading old posts - always wondered if the restaurant reopened ( winter ). Agree that the area, and SF's routes, are primo. Haliburton highlands a great place for early season sledding.
  12. We were getting March updates of gas stations closing because Covid infected individuals handled the merchandise ( so to speak ). And restaurants closed down entirely, not just to inside dining. No gas, no food - trails closed. Hard to forecast ahead this year, but we all know what we're buying into. Personally, with the borders closed ( sorry, Ski ), Ontario residents incredible approach to date, weather being allowed to 'set up' again ( just my observation ) - I think it'll be a great season.
  13. Yep. Florida is closed. Many friends have made the decision to stay north this winter. I've heard others looking into winter activities. And in breaking news, ( aka another reason to stay here) Florida just released 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes. What can go wrong? Give me snow and ice in winter 2021! "In the Florida Keys, the local mosquito control agency has just approved the release of 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes. ... The species they're targeting is the Aedes aegypti or “yellow fever” mosquito, an invasive species that transmits diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.." Keep tweeking nature until you get it perfect- said no one, ever.
  14. Haven't given much thought to season interruptions. Buying in Sept. to get benefit of the $50 'next year' (fair, IMO - ''fairer" if the mid Feb date was extended to March...since we rarely get good southern/mid Ontario sledding in until Feb. 1st). Actually see a role for gov't in these types of issues - stimulus spending - put in more than normal and assuage (potential) buyers with a gov't backed guarantee for season interruptions/cancellation.
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