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  1. 02Sled

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    you're mistaken... they are out for both... this is my clubs trail He's closing off access to his property period. Too many ATV's cut padlocks on gates (they carry bolt cutters). Too many ATV riders stupidly assume that if it's a snowmobile trail it's automatically an ATV trail as well. Some when confronted by landowners telling them they are trespassing have told the landowners they have a right to be there since it's a snowmobile trail. Yes... one of the ATV clubs had a problem with people not buying permits. They got paid duty OPP to be on their trails at the dates and times they specified. Word spread quickly. The increased permit revenue more than covered the cost of the paid duty OPP.
  2. 02Sled

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    It is C trail south of Port Severn. It's our clubs trail
  3. 02Sled

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    If I recall all floating bridges must be removed by a specific date... has to do with navigation so yes it is essential. As for building the understanding I have is that current residential projects already underway can continue. New projects are not to be started. Emergency repairs such as roof, windows etc. can be performed as well.
  4. 02Sled

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    It's because of the Quebec insurance laws, the limits of liability and so many other regulations that are different https://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures/20160315/car-insurance-differences-from-province-to-province/
  5. 02Sled

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Whenever you have a challenge with the carbides catching on the edge of the ramp whether it be where it meets the ground or in the gap between the trailer bed and the ramp a piece of the black plumbing drain pipe can solve the problem. If you're loading put the pipe at the edge of the ramp on the ground. Being round the carbide will run up and over then onto the ramp ski guides. Same thing with the gap. For me loading isn't a problem but when backing out the rear of the carbides tend to catch the front edge of the ramp at the gap. The pipe sitting in the gap prevents them from catching.
  6. 02Sled

    Stolen Sleds Recovered

    with the way our justice system seems to work these days I hope you're right but I bet they won't be locked up at all
  7. 02Sled

    Stolen Sleds Recovered

    it was $5,000 for each item... 3 counts - 1 for each sled and 1 for the trailer
  8. 02Sled

    Stolen Sleds Recovered

    Viktor Riha
  9. 02Sled

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    It is true for your car or truck on a closed road... good question about the snowmobile on a closed trail.
  10. Apparently the turnout was great and there was a lot more snow from Six Mile Lake north than there was from there south. Three of us set out from Port Severn Amco and ran Little Lake as soon as we could but turned back at the intersection of C & 19 with lots of exposed rock and dirt visible. Two of the sleds were overheating. We had to stop 3 times to let them cool down and it just wasn't worth jeopardizing their engines.
  11. If you're out riding this weekend the club is having a BBQ on Saturday at the monument on C trail
  12. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    X2 - never ran across an officer who wasn't professional.... I can see how if someone gives them attitude about being stopped and checked they may start checking everything and writing tickets when they find a violation that otherwise would have gotten a warning.
  13. 02Sled

    Honey Harbour Ice conditions?

    X2 - like the OPP keep saying No ice is safe ice... if you don't know don't go. Too much at stake. Often people see sled tracks and assume it's safe.... could be the tracks are from someone weighing 140 lbs on a 400 lb sled doing 80 kph. The 220 lb guy riding the 600 lb sled doing 40 kph says it's safe. See there's the tracks. Then he goes for a swim
  14. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    law states it clearly
  15. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    simple solution... follow the low and don't swap out your exhaust system. They have large signs posted in the area. The land owners are getting royally annoyed by cans and will close trails.