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  1. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    X2 - never ran across an officer who wasn't professional.... I can see how if someone gives them attitude about being stopped and checked they may start checking everything and writing tickets when they find a violation that otherwise would have gotten a warning.
  2. 02Sled

    Honey Harbour Ice conditions?

    X2 - like the OPP keep saying No ice is safe ice... if you don't know don't go. Too much at stake. Often people see sled tracks and assume it's safe.... could be the tracks are from someone weighing 140 lbs on a 400 lb sled doing 80 kph. The 220 lb guy riding the 600 lb sled doing 40 kph says it's safe. See there's the tracks. Then he goes for a swim
  3. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    law states it clearly
  4. 02Sled

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    simple solution... follow the low and don't swap out your exhaust system. They have large signs posted in the area. The land owners are getting royally annoyed by cans and will close trails.
  5. 02Sled

    About time I bought a sled.

    Your helmets should have come with breath deflectors to address fogging. The alternative is a heated visor to replace the ones you have that plug into the sled and there is a spray you can get that helps
  6. 02Sled

    Are you getting the storm

    a dusting overnight in Toronto but snowing pretty good now. Hopefully the trails around G-Bay are getting some much needed snow.
  7. 02Sled

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    I've seen that... key for them though is they have a helicopter following them for instant rescue.
  8. 02Sled

    Are you getting the storm

    To me Port Severn is ideal... we'd have municipal water and sewer which is rare in cottage country. Fire and ambulance are literally minutes away. Not on a back road where we could be snowed in for days. 20 minute drive to Midland. 10 to Coldwater. 25 to Barrie or Orillia. Traffic gridlock is 4 cars waiting for the swing bridge at the lock.
  9. 02Sled

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    without a LUP in place and the OFSC insurance coverage hydro is exposed to liability... not something they want to take on
  10. 02Sled

    Seguin Trail

    I hope you don't get the freezing rain that's in the forecast.
  11. 02Sled

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    Sad and tragic... I flew into Montreal on Monday. As we approached the airport for landing you could see the St. Lawrence River and area. I was amazed at the number of snowmobile tracks on the ice that from the plane seemed extremely close to open water. Then just before we landed I could see a snowmobile running the ice, the open water, the ice and the open water, continuously skipping.
  12. 02Sled

    Whats Your Definition Of Too Fast??

    too often you don't realize you're going too fast until it's too late and you run off trail into that tree that jumped in front of you or you run into another sled
  13. 02Sled

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    yeah it's a big conspiracy... really... you think that?
  14. 02Sled

    Are you getting the storm

    Just saw the Barrie news... All around Georgian Bay from Owen Sound south, Barrie around Midland Penetang, up to north of Parry Sound and then east into Muskoka has a severe freezing rain warning.
  15. 02Sled

    Are you getting the storm

    Absolutely...everyone is different. My frustration is that she was totally on board with retiring to Port Severn right up until I said lets get a contractor to do the build and sell in Toronto.