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  1. We had an account at a local gas station for groomer fuel. At one time there were people making accusations that club members were filling their personal vehicles at the expense of the club. There have been people that believed the club supplied sleds and fuel for those doing trail patrol and were upset about that saying where do they sign up.
  2. There are so many ways a business could adapt. I was surprised more didn't do like you said, a fire and some music makes it much more appealing.
  3. A horse or a cow will trim that grass even faster
  4. I drove by Mt. St. Louis Moonstone on Tuesday and was surprised how much snow was still on the hills.
  5. Whoever wrote this needs to learn basic English, spelling and grammar.
  6. Part of the challenge of stocking a large parts inventory is that eventually if not sold it becomes essentially worthless. You also have the cost associated with having it in stock and hoping someone buys it. When Wye Heritage Marina was sold a few years ago they had a huge $ value for in stock parts on the books. When examined as part of the due diligence a very large portion of those parts listed at full value were essentially worthless from being very old.
  7. Wild Bill at Rosseau Rd. and family go above and beyond. My first time reaching out to Bill was phenomenal. I had trailered to the Seguin to ride with friends. My sled wouldn't start. Fortunately I also had my wife's sled in the trailer and was still able to ride. That afternoon when we got back to the trailers I called Bill and asked what he thought I should check. He told me that they were about to close but since I was close he would wait for me to get to his place. I got there and he thought it might be something as simple as frozen gas line or similar. He would leave it in his heated shop
  8. Fear not... it will be solar panel powered and can stay in the air forever... unless it gets cloudy
  9. I remember about 2005 we were looking at trying to add to our power feed to our data centre. York Mills and Don Mills area. Toronto Hydro told us it couldn't be done since the infrastructure in the area was already at capacity and there weren't any plans to upgrade the already very old components. Now imagine trying to add chargers for thousands of cars.
  10. Shoot them dead and put a very big knife in their hand. You feared for your life. I have two locks on the coupler and a wheel clamp on each of the wheels. Hopefully that's enough to get them to look at someone else's.
  11. OHIP covers the hospital bills... which are likely the most significant if there's a serious injury.
  12. I have been to a couple of sites like that but since I was just there for the day it was waived. For them it was a condition of employment and employees were subject to random testing after that.
  13. The corporate medical insurance in the U.S. is far different than what we are used to. Company policy can even have mandatory drug testing. I managed a U.S. based team for a few years. The company paid part of the medical insurance the employee paid the rest. One of the things that was prevalent was lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions. One of the team was struggling financially due to uncovered prescriptions for his wife's pre-existing condition. Then they also had an opportunity to reduce their premium portion for not smoking or drinking and if they attended a one day good health sem
  14. I do it every year and I've never had any issues. Squirt on the soft cloth and rub gently with just one or two fingers using new spots on the rag frequently. I always rub from the outside edges of where the permit was toward the middle so I don't spread residue beyond where the permit was.
  15. I'll be spending lots of money on lots of other things...
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