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  1. So how do they account for the truckers that need to eat and sleep in their area in order to get their supplies to them? Is that as the crow flies or is it distance by road. Are they going to google map search everyone coming in to make sure they aren't 51 km away?
  2. As I see it the key difference on permit placement is pretty straight forward. Slow down and continue or get stopped. If the permit is where it's supposed to be it's easy for the OPP or trail patrol to see and validate. You slow down and don't need to stop. If it's somewhere else, like behind the windshield pointing straight to the sky it can't be seen as you approach a check. That means you actually have to stop.
  3. The virus was and is a threat to the health of everyone. A large segment of our volunteers are "older" and part of the more vulnerable segment of the population. There is an obligation on the part of the OFSC to protect the health of the groomer operators. They are to be protected as employees and therefore subject to the same provincial regulations as any other business. They have done a lot of work to create protocols regarding club operation that complies with the provincial regulations. You can't have someone drive the groomer for X hours and then just have someone else jump in to continue for X hours without taking precautions.
  4. That's for processing, handling and shipping. That's how the 3rd party company gets paid for processing the order on their systems, packaging on their mailing equipment and sending them to you. Not just postage which is the smallest portion of the $7 cost.
  5. No sign of mine today... I'm like a kid waiting for the mailman to arrive.
  6. If it's not warranty I go with Wild Bill at Rosseau Rd. just south of Parry Sound. It's a long drive for me but I believe it's worth the drive for service I can trust.
  7. Yeah... I thought of that last year and held onto it then but she is definitely done.
  8. My wife has decided she is done with sledding. Time to sell her barely used 2015 Arctic Cat ZR7000 El Tigre. It has 763 km on the odometer. 135 HP Yamaha 3 cylinder fuel injected 4 stroke engine, Arctic race suspension, air shocks and pump, heated seat, tilt handlebars, mid height windshield, Arctic Cat mirrors, side panel wind deflectors, spare belt, 9.9 gal / 37.5 l fuel capacity. Instrument cluster includes, trip 1, trip 2 and full odometer, hour meter, clock, speedometer, temperature bar gauge with a numeric temp display, fuel gauge bar, voltage meter, 1.25 in. rip saw track, 12 V power outlet, adjustable ski stance and more. The heated seat was a big plus according to my wife. She did one ride each season and invariably it was a very cold day. It has been serviced each season and kept in a fully enclosed trailer. It was started last week for the first time since being serviced for summer storage and fired up right away without any hesitation. Mint condition. I hate to sell it but if she is done she is done. Asking $8,900.00 for a sled that had a list price of approx. $16,000.00
  9. I can follow instructions as well as the next guy. There are online videos and written step by step directions. I choose to have it done by a professional marine mechanic for me. I see it as cheap insurance. The person who does mine has been a mechanic for about 40 years now. A good friend did his own a number of years ago based on people telling him how easy it was. In the spring he put the boat in the water and set off from the dock. He pushed the throttle and the boat didn't pop up on plane as usual. The bilge was filling with water. He missed one drain plug in the fall. If I recall it was on a cooling component and fortunately not the engine block. It was an expensive repair that cost far more than winterizing would have been. That was the last time he did it himself.
  10. as I understand it the GRCA expects the OFSC insurance policy to also cover those who use the trails in the summer and non-snowmobilers in the winter
  11. you're mistaken... they are out for both... this is my clubs trail He's closing off access to his property period. Too many ATV's cut padlocks on gates (they carry bolt cutters). Too many ATV riders stupidly assume that if it's a snowmobile trail it's automatically an ATV trail as well. Some when confronted by landowners telling them they are trespassing have told the landowners they have a right to be there since it's a snowmobile trail. Yes... one of the ATV clubs had a problem with people not buying permits. They got paid duty OPP to be on their trails at the dates and times they specified. Word spread quickly. The increased permit revenue more than covered the cost of the paid duty OPP.
  12. It is C trail south of Port Severn. It's our clubs trail
  13. If I recall all floating bridges must be removed by a specific date... has to do with navigation so yes it is essential. As for building the understanding I have is that current residential projects already underway can continue. New projects are not to be started. Emergency repairs such as roof, windows etc. can be performed as well.
  14. It's because of the Quebec insurance laws, the limits of liability and so many other regulations that are different https://www.autotrader.ca/newsfeatures/20160315/car-insurance-differences-from-province-to-province/
  15. Whenever you have a challenge with the carbides catching on the edge of the ramp whether it be where it meets the ground or in the gap between the trailer bed and the ramp a piece of the black plumbing drain pipe can solve the problem. If you're loading put the pipe at the edge of the ramp on the ground. Being round the carbide will run up and over then onto the ramp ski guides. Same thing with the gap. For me loading isn't a problem but when backing out the rear of the carbides tend to catch the front edge of the ramp at the gap. The pipe sitting in the gap prevents them from catching.
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