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  1. just like every yr, i'll bitch a little but still end up buying my permit. ohhhhh the pain
  2. lol iv'e sold my sleds many times and said that was it, then it snows and i hear the first sled running down the trail and then it happens. off to the dealer and start the shopping. it's a illness that i enjoy catching
  3. you getting any action on this offer?
  4. can't even see across the road in mount forest
  5. ToSlow

    AJ Lester

    they can get real nasty if they are tied up all there life, and not feed. or kicked around, never know how the owners raised them. all dogs can bite if not raised right
  6. ToSlow

    AJ Lester

    I know his feeling of taking the pain, not from dog attack. my prayers go out to the family
  7. cause you could see there foot print where they got out of the vehicle and walk to where the missing sign was, then walk back to the vehicle
  8. we had a few stop signs go missing this yr in mount forest area, the footprints come off the road,
  9. can you please expand on what the grease does for starting? Thanks
  10. How long of a trip are you looking at? Iv'e got an app i can't miss on the 24th
  11. I'll be in voisey's bay, on that date, I fly out on the march 1st and gone for 2wks work, I'll be back on the 16th if you want to plan something then
  12. Wondering if anyone is interested in doing a multi day run in Feb. Time frame would be drive to destination on the 18th and return on the 23rd, or 25th to the 28th, post your interest here or PM me. "Destination TBD" Or if someone has a ride planned on these days and don't mind another sled joining, let me know. thanks.
  13. ToSlow


    you get your sled serviced, want to go back out for a run tomorrow?
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