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  1. ToSlow


    Maybe put some orange ribbon tie on the wire
  2. ToSlow


    Anyone know what happened here?
  3. thats easy for teens cause they never come out of the there room
  4. ToSlow


    check the trail map on on the ofsc site, most of it is red accept around the brussels area
  5. If you ride north west should be a few more rides before it’s done. Hopefully the warm up and rain they are calling for don’t happen
  6. D9 was the best I’ve seen it in a few years, although we had some reroute it still came together pretty well. Hopefully next year will even be better for snow. Thanks to all the volunteers and operators and landowners for making this available and happen and to all the folks behind the scenes like the mechanics that fix the equipment to keep the trails table top
  7. how far north did you run?
  8. trails are mint except for the little road running
  9. Shoot me a message if you’re coming up to the mount forest area.
  10. Not a lot but some. If you stay west of hwy 6 it’s doable i would think after this wkend warriors are done it’s going to be crap till the end. not a lot of grooming going on when it’s this soft. Snow don’t set well
  11. There is still snow in the fields, road running part of the trail is bare. probably be the end of it if you don’t get out in the next couple of days
  12. Was down that way yesterday and trails come to a dead end going south. Didn’t want to venture out on the the lake didn’t know the conditions turned around and run back towards fergus
  13. Lots of snow lost already from the last couple days
  14. I'll be riding D9 area again tomorrow, if anyone wants to meet up and go shoot me a message, or post up here thanks
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