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  1. Just go and check what’s open no need to download the app
  2. Glad i don’t own a triton. But some have more problems then others
  3. Don’t know what used sleds are going for back home, but
  4. When i get off rotation in a couple wks, Thinking of heading north somewhere for a few days run. wait and see what trails are going to be open
  5. Although it is a good thing for sledding running from Erin to Bellwood is still off the map i guess
  6. you get the new sled yet? Post some picture if or when you get or already have it. I might be on the block list?
  7. I just find it sad that there’s enough stupid people sledding that they have no choices but move the trail to keep the idiots safe
  8. Keep the snow dance 🕺 going i had over 3500k’s on local riding last year
  9. That truck is an old second gen dodge ram, should be easy to spot with the colour and custom wheels
  10. I got to say the guy who came home and found the truck hooked up to his trailer was a lot nicer than i would have been
  11. for those who don't have faceplant https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2021/09/09/organized-snowmobiling-loses-a-visionary-volunteer/
  12. Bring on the snow and let her rip.
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