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  1. Just go and check what’s open no need to download the app
  2. Glad i don’t own a triton. But some have more problems then others
  3. Don’t know what used sleds are going for back home, but
  4. When i get off rotation in a couple wks, Thinking of heading north somewhere for a few days run. wait and see what trails are going to be open
  5. Although it is a good thing for sledding running from Erin to Bellwood is still off the map i guess
  6. you get the new sled yet? Post some picture if or when you get or already have it. I might be on the block list?
  7. I just find it sad that there’s enough stupid people sledding that they have no choices but move the trail to keep the idiots safe
  8. Keep the snow dance 🕺 going i had over 3500k’s on local riding last year
  9. That truck is an old second gen dodge ram, should be easy to spot with the colour and custom wheels
  10. I got to say the guy who came home and found the truck hooked up to his trailer was a lot nicer than i would have been
  11. for those who don't have faceplant https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2021/09/09/organized-snowmobiling-loses-a-visionary-volunteer/
  12. Bring on the snow and let her rip.
  13. All this chatter about trails and gas and restaurants is making me itchy for the winter time
  14. I’m a volunteer, usually help stake with Tony P just south of town
  15. Lots of staging spots. Last year was one of the best in the last 10 or more. you probably could have rode close to your hometown
  16. Then go after the powers to be, the ofsc was following what the local government mandated
  17. Need to lobby the heck out of the government at all levels
  18. One yr out of over probably 20 that some never got to ride, and most probably rode anyway. And you think they should get a discount?
  19. Totally agree with this
  20. Why should they get a discount? we in the south have had to constantly trailer north to get snow with the exception of last yr. we was never offered a discount. different circumstances but same end results
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