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  1. I think they can happen. Limited entry, masks, etc... we all know the drill. Although by the fall majority should be vaccinated so maybe full capacity who knows.
  2. I'm not too sure. I'm sure they are fine. I would call. The guys had the issues at the super 8 this winter with parking.
  3. Comfort inn is great, as well as the super 8.
  4. Polaris had massive issues last year. My sled did not get here until 2nd week of Jan. Hopefully as said above there are no supply chain issues this year.
  5. Ya for some it might be hard. Ones that check 25 on a normal year and are now at 75 to 100. Hopefully everyone packs their patience.
  6. I actually worry about how some of these dealers are going to handle this in the fall. Some have bikes coming in for storage etc, quads coming before hunting.
  7. Anyone on the fence should get theirs in sooner than later.
  8. Did you see the electric ranger yet? It's nice
  9. Pressure from polaris, so yes a falling out. He's good now though.
  10. Peak powersports and nothing but amazing things to say about them. Always reliable service and support. Go performance as well was great but, no longer in business.
  11. I've never had a problem at comfort inn
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