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  1. gobills

    Zrtkat is in st zenon

    For sure then you can sit and relax in the bar area.
  2. gobills

    Zrtkat is in st zenon

    Great spot to stay. i love it there. Chicken and rib dinner has never disappointed.
  3. gobills

    Trails 77 and 76 accross Lake of Bays ?

    76 is a great trail. Lots of deer around too.
  4. I've got lots of questions but I get no answers!
  5. gobills

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Good to hear soup, glad you had a good trip.
  6. Wow what is going on? This is really unfortunate. Honestly though not much good can happen at 430 in the morning, for the other 2 guys that went through. Really unfortunate.
  7. gobills

    Very sad

    Man this is sad to read. RIP condolences to the family.
  8. gobills

    2021 Yamaha’s

  9. gobills

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Maybe they will make a sled that starts when its cold out.
  10. gobills

    Moose Lake near Halliburton

    Ya it sucks. Use to be my daily run pretty much minden, up to moose to the forest across all the lakes and back.
  11. gobills

    Moose Lake near Halliburton

    Yes there is a land issue up there been ongoing since last year. I think it might be permanent. You can run the road if you want if there is good ice on the side of it.