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  1. No different then polaris this year. Going to be missing parts on some but not all. Shipped to dealers later to install.
  2. I might venture out there this year to test it out. Thanks
  3. Probably just based on the steady increase in fuel costs. Diesel is currently the same price as regular.
  4. They won't be in place yet.
  5. Not sure why they can not facilitate this event outside somewhere, or at the international center.
  6. So no northern corridor this winter?
  7. I sure hope its get sorted out. It's a great spot.
  8. Would be nice to see a total breakdown of permits per district.
  9. Ontario is the same as far as I know.
  10. Yup use the hand mirror. I've had them and there not the best, if you have hand guards they stink. Hand mirror is always reliable.
  11. Hopefully yours come in on time, good luck switching to poo. Maybe a couple 550s with what low stock dealers are going to have.
  12. I think they can happen. Limited entry, masks, etc... we all know the drill. Although by the fall majority should be vaccinated so maybe full capacity who knows.
  13. I'm not too sure. I'm sure they are fine. I would call. The guys had the issues at the super 8 this winter with parking.
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