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  1. I see the b112 to pine springs is open. First time in a few years. Congrats to the club.
  2. Precision efi, I am pretty sure this is the guy who used to do stuff on the polaris sleds. His name is Martin. The guy is so good at what he does, if it's still him doing the stuff for ski doo now he would be my go to.
  3. Might want to look over your messages there was never any reference to it taking a day. I Told you I'd let you know when they change it. Anyway glad you got out
  4. Np back for sale 150 bucks
  5. Ok deal fell through farmer bailed on me after initiating the change let me know.
  6. I replied to your message 2 times but got no response sorry. Its looking like its sold. I've asked ofsc to change name and postal code to someone. I will let you know if it falls through.
  7. I wear either north face fleece gloves, or under armor gloves. I've tried fxr,klim,arctivia,royal brand etc.... I finally found that the thinner gloves with muffs have worked the best. I carry large gloves with me just in case I ever got stuck or broke down.
  8. Thats too bad to hear. I had a great experience with them 5 years ago. Since then they have lost the NEO trailer dealership. They lost their good sales people as they went to other dealers. Personally the owners head got too big!!!! JMO
  9. For anyone who wants this it in fact can be transfered. Here is the response I got. Just so everyone knows. You can certainly gift the gift card to another. If you can let us know the last name and postal code of the individual, we will be able to update the gift card and let you know once complete. Let us know if you have any questions. Regards, Permits Team
  10. I'm in the same boat. Chasing snow year after year, agree on the weather network as well. My son just started this year on the trail, and I was skeptical on a decent year already due to the circumstances were all in. Then got a curve ball thrown at me and my riding is really limited this season. Might be out too.
  11. Its a gift card so to my knowledge there is no fee. Its a gift card with a number attached to it that enables you to get a permit. Should be able to send it to any address tied to any vin.
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