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  1. Any Mtn Dew? Or does yours have added vinegar? We seem tol roll through your area around 3AM +/- Hoping for some snow to come soon. We are hoping to be there first of March, somewhere....
  2. More snow there than I expected. I take it that it gits thinner the further N you go? It looked like Wawa / Dubre had lost most of what they had.... ???
  3. IDK anything aboot TC going anywhere in '98 as I didn't even have online service 'till 2000.... I doo recall it being called New Dundee now that you say that.
  4. LMV, when was Day1? It hasn't quite been a full 20 yet, has it? Prolly close tho.... This site is no different. AFAIK most all of uscame from trailconditions.com -------------- Think Snow Eh! Ox
  5. I am a mod on another site, and we have had folks git pissed off and leave, and want all of their posts taken down. (informative site - machining) The Powers That Be have yielded to one or two and I find that complete BS. It leaves holes in threads, and also, there have been reports of links to other posts being wrong now doo to a post prior to it having been removed now. Personally - I'd say that if you want to leave, then just leave. Quit posting, and your profile will sink. One option that I can live with is that the profile is closed, and all posts are now under "Guest" moniker. You can't search much now, but at least the thread makes sense to go back and read. As a member/contributor, I hope that you never allow folks to delete posts, but then on a site like this - prolly not so big'a deal. Not likely searching form much tech info here anyway... .
  6. I know what it is. I just don't know aboot the infighting that apparently has taken place. I don't see it from out here, which of course was the whole point of the barrel of monkeys. .
  7. Well, I'm not part of the Monkey Barrel, and thus - I have no clue what y'all are talking aboot. .
  8. I just shipped a recoil to a fella in Kitimat a cpl weeks ago and I asked him of their conditions, and he said that they were pretty thin, but good enough. Honestly, can you tell the difference between 6' depth and 15' depth? Other than filling in a few holes, that's aboot it. We look for the local ski resorts to claim a 40" base before we like to go. That's enough to cover most of the land mines. I remember riding into The Soo (Mich) back in the 90's after they just got 80" in one storm. Had no concept of depth until we got to town where they were plowing it down to the streets AND the sidewalks!
  9. I don't have ANY ice on my pond currently. Shirley you gotta go a long ways N before it is safe! .
  10. Any relation to the Deep Snow Diggers from Midland? .
  11. Nothin' but tail lights
  12. Ox

    Trail finds

    Now, on the opposite note, this fall we were looking for a snowmachine that we left along side [an old and not used in several years] trail 1 week before the shutdown. We didn't find it. BUT we did find an oil jug and a 2.5 gal jerry can! Not ours mind you.. ours were gone, but at least there were others in the bush as a boobie prize, so that was nice. But the jerry has a mess'a holes in it! I have not yet fingered out what fer vermin would have been able to leave these marks:
  13. Ox

    Trail finds

    Back in 12/99 (I think? Pic will say) we found a few snowmachines along the trail on the way to Halfway. We knew that they were out there overnight and not been seen yet when we left Searchmont. (The store was open in Searchmont back then) We were also told that the OPP went out at midnight, and nobody'd heard from them yet either... It was a COLD night! These guys were scattered for 45 klicks I bet? (Looks like we took this pic on the way back home a cpl days later) These guys are from The Soo. Not sure if any of them are on this site or not? This same group came along and rescued us the previous year. Actually - the fella on this sled had a fiver for me and my chum to split - as they knew that we were out there and not made it through... Me and my chum were breaking it open the year before and we each had burnt through 20 gals gas and had not found Halfway and was all but out of gas. This group was to have been following us the day prior, but they obviously didn't leave in time, and held out fore the next day. So the next year, they beat us by a day to breaking it open, but they didn't understand the concept that it takes extra gas to break open. I think there was aboot 7 sleds strung out for a long way. The guys running point ran out first, then the next, and the next, and .... I think that the last guy made it within maybe 5 or 10 klicks of Halfway tho. By the time we made Halfway, the last of the group was choppered out, and the OPP flew in some fresh meat to ride the sleds back out. Not that I haven't left a snowmachine or three in the bush as well, just no-body has any p;ics to post of those.
  14. Ox

    Trail finds

    This one we picked up in the bush NW of Wawa. (not near any trail) The boy stands >6' at that time I think. It's a pretty big rack. We were back in a small spot that was clear cut and had a LOT of moose lays in it, but the area was very tight and I was quite concerned aboot scaring up a moose with very little options... As we were leaving that area I saw it. It was under the snow, but sticking up. I could tell what it was by the profile of the snow. I stopped and waited.... "What'cha dooin'?" I said to the boy: "You gunna go pick that up?" "What?" "That shed" "What?" "Over _ there..." "OH!" That is a real prize for him to this day. 11 years ago. .
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