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  1. Ah! I forgot that the Hornepayne / Hearst trail goes to Mooseland first these days. I haven't been on the new trail yet. .
  2. Doo you mean Hearst to longlac? Yeah, that's 150 miles or so. Otherwise Manitouwadge is in the middle, so no issue. I think that you can make it from Manitouwadge up to Longlac on one tank. We was able to git gas in Caramat as we were headed back east to Hearst and I don't think that we have ever been on the short stretch east of Longlac? Hard to say if Caramat is open anymore tho. ??? .
  3. Ox


    Was just talking to my steel salesman in Chi-Town a bit ago. He said they were getting snow, and he's sending it our way. .
  4. Apparently - that is a sign of it having had a wrap on it. They strip all the OEM decals off and put on ... those ... things .... I really don't git it .... So then, when they go to sell, they either have to find someone that thinks that wrap is kewl or they need to take it off and sell with no decals, or fetch new ones again. Can't say how many times I see a sled for sale. 1 yr old Laundry list of aftermarket shtuff they bolted onto it Don't forget the really kewl wrap! 400 miles $5000 in aftermarket BS and they got 400 miles on it... I jist don't git it.... .
  5. Ox


    My chum had a Jeep pick-up in high skewl. Straight 6 with Desert Dogs. Those tires are so loud, that he lost his muffler on the way to skewl one day, and didn't know it 'till he got there. Found it on the way home. .
  6. Oh, so set it next to the recoil eh? That could be a new tactic to keeping the recoils cooler. Good idea! .
  7. We used to run Hot Doggers (smaller unit than the Miff Pot). I think that the last time that I used that was one beautiful day when we were riding in + temps all day. It was tough going off-trail tho. Plenty of stucks I think. I had burritos in my [black] tank bag. When I put the burritos in the Dogger, they were both thawed, but didn't think much aboot it. We stopped at dusk for supper, and I made it aboot 100-200 meters and I was already sick! We were still 60 klicks from Halfway, and I had a hard time moving. Chums were playing and soon enough we were on the groomed trail for the last 45 klicks. I remember riding ahead slowly while they played. I got a ways ahead and stopped, shut the sled off, laid back on the sled and wished I was dead. I could hear noises in the bush beside me. I suspected that it was just sluffing snow, but it could have been a moose? I didn't care, I just laid there. After a few years of that - the novelty wore off, and I am just fine with dry goods packed for the day anymore. .
  8. Must have a Hot Dogger down in there... Must be your own sleds and nor fly/rent? .
  9. Ox


    Here is my chum mid March 1997 in S Michigan. We left in an ice storm to go ride Algoma a cpl days later.
  10. Well, it seems that someone hasn't drank the coolaid that winters are gone...
  11. Yeah. I plinked a rock that was looking just my direction just north of Wawa many years ago. Never seen it! But the shear edge was sharp and hooked in hard. Hadn't ridden 5 klicks from the truck yet, and the weekend was over. Stuffed my bulkhead back. It was a total loss - on the chassis... Within a few days I found a chassis in Indian River, Mich for cheap. Dealer had replaced the whole sled onto a new chassis. The left ski had caught something, and stuffed the trailing arm mount back into the footwell. My left footwell was fine. Pop a few rivits and replace, and then move the rest of the sled over onto it. Couple day job to move the whole thing over, but for the dealer to have just replaced the footwell would have been a LOT easier than what they had done. But as you say - apparently that's not how it's done... .
  12. A 2by and a sledge would likely go a long way. If the other option was a complete replacement, what would you have had to try?
  13. Ox


    I would not ass_u_me that at all. Typically a warm winter hangs on late, and a cool summer follows. Now in our case here, we had a cool summer last year with a warm winter following it. So it could go either way, just depends on when the trend breaks and swings the other way.
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