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  1. We have a round-about in Angola, Indiana (just 30 smiles from me) that has been there as long as I have known. (45 yrs at least) https://www.google.com/maps/@41.6348666,-84.998897,113m/data=!3m1!1e3 It is the center of town and only 1 lane, and trucks doo fine there. Just in recent years when Toledo started installing them - have I experienced a 2 lane round-about. I had to have a "WHOA!" moment to figger out how this worked! And those are not nearly as large as the one in Angola at all, and my BIL says that "You jist let the trailer run where it wants to and be done with it." I don't think that I have been through one of the 2 lane jobbies with my trailer yet.
  2. Yeah. they are not designed for trucks.
  3. Cat tunnels buckling eh? Talk to Dan or Pat aboot cat tunnels breaking during the Challenge Canada races back around 2000. Nothing new...
  4. I hadn't heard any bad press or experience with the Alpha before, but then the Cat forum would be the last board that I would visit.. Have you spent much time on an Alpha?
  5. LOL! In the new Snowest that just came out, they were dooing a comparison between some version of the 2023 Summit, an RMK (or whatever term Pol uses these days), and what they referred to as "an Arctic Cat Mountain Max (in blue).
  6. WOW! You could read posts on that FB thread 'till Tuesday and not get caught up!
  7. Reading that again, it sounds like 50% on your side don't meet the requirements either. No?
  8. So then, what's to be concerned for? (Monkey barrel)
  9. I understand that some folks can cross, but - as over 50% of the folks (on either side likely) I don't meet the needed criteria. I fully expect to be able to cross soon. But couldn't a few weeks ago when I would have wanted to.
  10. It's not really that simple. It doesn't mean that you are not allowed there by law. Is it on Crown? I ass_u_me that the east side is at least? The west side is likely Crown that has an easement from the Hydro? Which is still Crown? In Algoma area, a green trail mostly means that you now need a permit, or a local camp to be here. When it's red - you can be there with anything that you want. (if it's Crown) Snowmachine (in June if you like), Camper, Swamp Buggy (those guys can doo a lot of damage ina short time!) Camper, even a transport if you like. Also means that the OFSC isn't liable for any damage. Forget the fact that it's Ride at'cher own risk anyhow ... I'm guessing that the day that Halfway said that they were closing for the season, that the trails all went red in that area. With the report of all that new snow and closed trails - If I had the ability to scootch accrost the St. Mary's River, I'd'a been there in a heartbeat! (or maybe 9 hours of them anyhow)
  11. Likely just means that they are done grooming.
  12. Of course - the other side of that is: If it doesn't matter, and it's the same off-season, then why not make it November?
  13. While I agree with you on that, but in the end, does it matter if your warranty starts in April or in November? It's all the same off-season anyhow .... ???
  14. Doesn't look like much snow-pack there at all? The Soo got nailed all winter, but Elliot Lake didn't git much? I thought that the North Shore was getting good snow?
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