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  1. I don't understand this, but their facebook page is all over the place as far as post dates, so even if there is news there, it may be burried. ???
  2. I imagine that there are nicer places to stay, but The Smedts family has supported the club more than any other, and the whole trail from Searchmont to Wawa was at the very least signed by Marc and Willy. For many years - the only signs on the 180 miles was "Bristol Motel ->" signs at every turn. I think that there may still be a few standing yet, but not many. Willy had the gas in the bush. The second time that we came up the D trail (first time we ran out of gas doo to blizzard dump and spent 3 days in bush) they sent Marc to meet us out in the bush, and he met us
  3. Notice that Willie and Bonnie sold The Bristol Motel back last spring sometime. Not that I expect this to be a big deal as it's not like they were closed or anything. Just an FYI is all. More likely a notice to Yanks more than Canucks. Not that I expect too many to bother with jumping through hoops to make it over the river this year, but ...
  4. Yeah, I'll move 480 all over - no worries, but recently I just wasted a pair of [good] spindle drives by flip flopping "top cards" (brains). Was checking to see what part of which was good to go, and when I got done, NOTHING was good. It seemed that maybe the brawn of one drive, took out it's top card,and when I put that top card on the next base (brawn), it buggerd that. Then on to amp 3. It was a real domino effect. (sorry monkey!) Normally that is a safe thing to doo. Part numbers on the cards were all the same, and they sell them sepperate regularly, but this time I
  5. I haven't cut and burnt wood in nigh on 30 yrs. (don't have a cabin tho either) Was just at the Nutter Center down in Dayton, Ohio on Friday night to see Sarah Evans and Alabama. My wife really wanted to see Sarah, but she wasn't feeling up to par, so Exile opened up in stead. Then everything / anything else that she wanted to go see and doo on Saturday (like Wright Patterson AF base) was now requiring masks, so we came home early. My wife / a happy camper! Never heard of Nutter before. We don't venture that direction often. Let alone that far.
  6. Oh, I sure woodn't worry aboot the pellet stove while out riding or anything - no. I just meant - like leaving for the week. Yeah, my bin is relatively sealed too I guess. Like I said - it smoldered. Not so likely to burn the place down, but I still don't like the thought. Are pellets all that much cheaper heat than gas up there? Last we burnt pellets was that cold winter of 13/14 when LP was in scarce supply. I have a pair of pellet (corn) "furnaces", and we ran one in the shop and one in the house that winter. I bought the first
  7. Remote lighting? Like - completely starting up from nothing? You gotta be kidd'n? The lowest setting is the lowest that I know of them going. There is no such thing as a pilot light on them eh? I would no recommend a pellet stove for unattended use for long. I have once had the fire burn (smolder) back up the screw into the tank. I don't remember what the cause was, but my guess was that the feed motor died? I'll take gas thank you very much!
  8. Apparently there was some posts in one of those threads that I didn't see that maybe explains a bit more aboot why you have gone this route? Was you having issues with the public sticking their nose in here and then complaining? Otherwise I am not seeing what you are trying to accomplish? If all the same people are "in", and you get ousted if you are a bad boy (gurl?) well, isn't that the same out front too? Just looking for the thought process here is all. ???
  9. This is one of the newer I/R units in my shop office. I have one like it in the house that is usually (preferably) vacant. I can heat the west side of the house (where the water closet and kitchen is) to 50* all winter on 300 gal of LP (maybe less?) and this is out in the wind.
  10. The building where the original (90's) store was at in Searchmont had a cinder block basement. Back a round 2002 (plus or minus) the wall fell in and the basement filled up (?) with sand. I agree, not a fan of cinder block either, but if you are a long ways from a concrete facility, it makes it harder to go poured.
  11. I have a few ventless LP wall hangers. I love them! Especially the new I/R units! No hydro to worry aboot at all!
  12. Boy - with a full and tight basement, I wouldn't expect any need for heat down there to keep from freezing - as long as your pipes aren't right up agginst the foundation. The house here where my shop is has set empty over half of the last 8 years, and I have had one pipe near on the N wall near the west wall that has froze a time'r two while vacant. I never had issues with it when we lived here (25 yrs) but it has started to be an issue on the cold winters now. What I have done is to keep a fan blowing in that direction to keep warmer air circulating in that corner now.
  13. Or all the way around the 49th..... Sure would be nice to know by Holloweenie time whether the bridge will be open or not. I'm guessing not, but - if it were to open, I would like to git my permit early. .
  14. Yeah, well 15 yrs ago was the time to have done that. There hasn't been enough interest since The Crash to justify $pending loonies on anything like that since. Hornepayne's trail has been there since the 90's, back when the sport had much promise of bringing $. I believe that Brian was likely the president of the club at that time, and also the big wig at the Town Centre (name?). I am guessing that he pushed for and found financing for that extra line, as I don't know who else in Hornepayne would have benefitted from that, other than the gas station sell a few more gallons of gas?
  15. I highly doubt that there was $ to build a new trail - as long as there was another option. You know that's how these things work.
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