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  1. It snowed for prolly 4-5 hours here yesterdee. Didn't stack up here, but my chum on the other side of the Indiana line said that the ground was white over there.
  2. Wait - that WAS done this year - wasn't it? I'm sure I seen a post here, or maybe even a writ aboot that in a sledding mag maybe, or ????? I think that it is the link from Mani to Hornepayne that is still not opened yet? The west end of that goes through some nice hilly terrain, and then dumps you out on (next to) Industrial (?) Road on the Hornepayne side, and then seems to flatten right out all of a sudden. Not rode that section in decades. I don't like to ride the flats...
  3. Yeah, I guess I should have included the owners of the subject as well. That would have been the year recently (not this last year) that had a really late start doo to cold I think? Where he spent basically the whole month of Jan at The Bristol?
  4. Strange... I wonder if they knew that he was gone via posts on F/B? Still, IDK what value would be to be there, as opposed to down by Linus/Pee Wee - where we have camped sometimes. Funny how 3 of us here are all in about a 50 mile circle from each other.
  5. Squatters? Like moose and bear? Steve [and Billie] had an issue with one large bear that eventually squatted right through the kitchen wall. He was hanging on the wall soon there after, and a large cross-cut saw was hung on the outside wall - upside down after that.
  6. I doo agree that is likely the case, but others have used the term "can't", and that simply is not the case. I rode that trail for 3 years before Halfway was there. Purty sure that it was Dec '99 when they opened originally, and I was of the first group/night of customers. (Should have been there the night before, but we slept in the bush that night) It was a groomed trail when we started riding it in March 97. (although it was under 18" of fresh snow from the day before - but it had been groomed anyhow) I just ass _u_me that the groomers had a lot of j
  7. I have no idea how this would have NOT happened after this season. It would have been bad enough if they just left it closed up all winter, but then they went in to doo _ due diligence on keeping the trail open, even tho the border is closed. You take Yanks out of D north, and y'aint got much. Then doo the provincial wide shut down, and no snow, and .... Not quite understanding the donation thing? Not a go fund me? .
  8. Not sure if the weight of the snow will harm the 15" tall wheat or not? So far it looks like it will be OK. Lot of corn in the ground around me tho, and some of it's been there for a while already. 25* tonight won't doo it well. Today's variety's are awfully forgiving compared to what I played with 40 yrs ago, but I expect to see some replanting going on in a cpl weeks. Some beans in the ground too. No clue what to expect with those. But after it quit melting on impact, we totaled up as much as 5". I've never seen the like. Snow
  9. IF it was real cold: IF we decided to go riding anyhow: IF we were riding the Zx's: Then - yes, we would likely rummage around to find some windshields. We take them off for hwy travel anyhow. BUT! A) I typically ride smarter, not harder these days. I have my -40* badge/T-shirt already, and my boy already has permanent frost damage to his cheek from -30*, so no real value in still riding in the bitter cold anymore. C) We don't ride fast. We are mostly off-trail'ers. We can and have gotten stuck on trail at times, but we pull
  10. We seldom use the windshields on our Zx's anymore, and my G4 doesn't even have one (Summit), but back-in-the-day we used to just keep adding them on to the 'shield. The longer you went w/o blowing up the windshield, the more years worth of tags that you had built up on it. Then, when it dies, you can hang it up on the wall in the garage eh?
  11. I was in Culvers in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Saturday afternoon. No masks. Full ketchup bottles. And in wheels a fella in a Razor. His whole family jumps out and comes in for dinner. He said that it was legal anywhere in the state - except the freeway. I noted that he had pick-up tarrs on it. I cannot imagine paying for knobbies and then running the roadways! .
  12. I know that you are highly safety conscious - or at least you like to think so... You will have your helmet and your chest protector on, and then go out and buy a new KTM, hop up the motor, intend to get in a race with hundreds (?) of other people on the same course at the same time. That is obviously "reasonably safe" in your mind. But if I want to take my ATV and cruise through the bush with maybe 1 or 2 other people, not racing, but rather enjoying the natural beauty of the Algoma bush, you are going to say that I should have all that gear on too. "Well of course, b
  13. I saw that when it came out on the Yukon page a few years ago, but I don't recall the canoe in tow thing? I wonder if that was edited in since then? This is aboot all I have to say aboot pancakes:
  14. A) I cannot imagine sledding w/o a bucket, but only for the porpoise of staying warm and dry, and maybe keeping the wind out. However - I doo ride with one fella that wears a bomber hood and goggles in stead of a bucket. (off trailer rider) B ) I despise any law that is there specifically for my own safety. You worry aboot you, I'll worry aboot me. I'm a big boy now... C) In the name of the health care cost argument - I can counter that easily. So, let's say that Billy gits into a jackpot. C1) Billy will be off werk for a few weeks, but is
  15. I don't normally pony up for all that fancy schtuff. In this case - I just use 2" rattshit straps. You'll rip an A-arm off before you rip the strap.
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