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  1. Well, if they are limiting builds this year, then the used market is likely to stay strong.
  2. Again - you laugh, but I ride with an old fella [in the mountains, gotta be aboot 80 by now] that has not had a seat on his sled in the 20 years that I have known him. We met up with the Ski-Doo spring test ride promo @ Grand Mesa, Col once - maybe a six - eight years ago now, and the first thing that he did was take the seat off and toss it in the snowbank. (OK, well maybe not toss in snowbank, but it makes a good story better eh?) The Doo tech was like .... "What the heck? You don't want the seat on it?" "Naw, Bill doesn't need no stinkin' seat! Just a was
  3. ... just ... sorta .... fell off?
  4. Ox

    New ski doo?

    I snow checked an '02 Summit 8 151 from Dan Guay in Deubrilville. I rather doubt that I got one that he was already going to be getting. Purty sure that he "ordered" it. I'm guessing it is more of a pressure sales pitch. Has anyone been told on the last day of Snowcheck that they could not take their order b/c it was sold out? Other than possibly the case of a limited build...
  5. I can't say that.... 25 yrs ago in Da' U P eh we were up on Friday Dec 15th. Had no clue that it was actually opening day. Trails were fresh glass and no-one else out there. Except one lone rider on a corner. WE were over. Not sure aboot him? Me and my chum both stuffed it in the bush and he kept rolling. There was no reason for him to stop. We were fine and at fault. He was THE ONLY sled we saw ALL DAY! Sleds were a lot slower back then.
  6. If the previous guys are in control enough to give the count down - it is nice to know if there is more coming. We had one group that said that there was still one or two more, and they didn't come, and they didn't come. We got so that we almost stopped on the corners - knowing full well that they were gunna have a full head-o steam trying to play catch up. When they finally got there - they were OK, but I wouldn't count on that being the case the next time.
  7. Ox

    New ski doo?

    All this talk aboot the new Mach Zed, but I don't think that anyone has mentioned the new Lynx? I know that most of y'all are more aboot fast trails than boondocking, but Shirley there's a boondocker on here - somewhere.... Other than SDB, as he rides those green things.... Not a week or so ago I was reading in Snowtech why you won't see a Lynx model sold west of the Atlantic. Then my chum texts me aboot maybe buying a Lynx. What? I can see him buying a Lynx to have for heading North. (Algoma) He likes to have the new tech. We picked up a fac
  8. "New Sleds Faster" Nothing new here.... I remember when I got my '96 Grand Touring 580. Coming off of a '75 Deere and '80 Yammi I was ditch banging to fast, and I ended up in a tree. My chum told me that I needed to slow down, that I was going way faster than normal with this new sled. New bumper and some fancy work on the hood, and I was back in business. I don't know if it is really a "faster" thing tho. I think that it mostly boils down to handling and ride comfort. We already have a preconceived feel for safe speed.
  9. Ox

    New ski doo?

    I'm not an authority on the Freerides, but I think: A) They have a shorter tunnel now'days? Meaning that the 165 will have a 151 tunnel and no snow flap. It will overheat on the packed trail, but if you are jumping/dropping these, if you come down on the back end, you are less likely to damage the tunnel. Also - snowflaps are a big drag in deep snow, and especially if you think that you want [try] to back up in deep snow. I will bungie my flap up when I want to back up. B] I believe that these have stiffer suspensions - as they are designed for tho
  10. Ox

    New ski doo?

    March '08 (I think) me, my boy, and a chum were planning to make a huge ride from Hearst up to Moosonee, and if all was fine at that point, I wanted to run up the shoreline and bring the Albany back on return. Marc said that the Albany part wasn't worth the bother as there was nothing to see, but still, would be cool to doo it once eh? We had sleighs all in tow, all set to camp out at night. Enough spare gas to git 2 strokes from Albany all the way back to Hearst. We did leave the kitchen sink t'home, but I did have heat (if needed for whatever) many spare bearings and such, cots,
  11. Ox

    New ski doo?

    Boy, this sorta mirrors the concern aboot making a "living wage" at their part time job at Timmy's. Just like there are starter jobs, there are entry level machines, and a whole used market that runs from "barely ridden" to "popular local trail only" sled. Want a Mach Zed? Don't got 23 Large? Well, there are some mid 2000's "1000 CC" machines out there in the Rev chassis. Or an 800 trippple trippple from around 2000. Or maybe you settle for a good used MXZed in stead? Or, maybe you find a carbed 600 MXZed that is only a fe
  12. Ox

    New ski doo?

    My chum [still] has an [had 2] M11. Boy that thing Schidt and Git! Climb a hill - yep! But gitt'n it back DOWN the hill is a whole nother issue! I think that I can find a pic of a hill that he took all the snow off of in The Badlands. (Wawa) OK, I guess it didn't all slide down like I thought, just where he spit polished the rock I guess... Big pile'o snow at the bottom now!
  13. Ox

    New ski doo?

    A 130 is turbo'ed? And yet the same motor is in the M Zed @ 180? Good grief, what is it N/A? That must be a LOT of boost ???
  14. Well, that cleaner pic does look more "cornery" than the grainy vid appeared.
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