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  1. I just HAD to see this! So, new bed is yellow with black and says Doo?
  2. Boy, miss a day and the whole bloody world comes crashing down!
  3. But Cat aint any of those. Cat barely has an ATV/SxS business at all, and when Text bought them, they relabeled them "Textron" for a few months, and doo to overwhelming fussing, they re-issued new CAT nameplates and stickers to be put on them. My chum was a dealer for them at the time and of course they made it all sound like it was going to be "HUGE", and yet, here we are - what - 4 years later by now? 3+ anyhow.... Yunno, those hold-over sleds are gone by now .... If it wasn't for the Alpha, IDK if they'd even be selling sleds at al
  4. "News" out of Cat would be that they were actually going to see aboot producing motor toys for big boys again at some time in the future. At this point - Cat aint on the radar hardly any more that Yammi. Textron didn't seem to doo much good for Polaris in the 70's. Doesn't appear to be making headway here either. They must make some bucks somewhere, but it Shirley aint been in the toy market. (apparently they are big in military)
  5. [Prolly told this story already, but since it's true I can tell the same story many times without changing the names and events... Something my wife never seems to be able to doo] IDK, must'a been 7-8 yrs ago? Me and chum got a late ride on Easter weekend out west. Picked up a trailer that a chum of his had left at their camp in Colorado for some reason. (?) That late in the yr the snow there was terrible, so we drug that trailer up to Dubois where the snow was only slightly less terrible and we rode there for a cpl days, and headed home. Then the
  6. I guess I am on the other side of that. I want it done snowing when I unload. I don't like to ride while it's snowing if I can help it. On the other subject, I fully expect, and quite honestly _ appreciate _ "bad" weather roads when I go sledding. Just part of the experience I guess? I don't have a 6 place enclosed hooked behind my Suburban, and then bitch aboot the roads that I cannot run 115 klicks safely. (and doo it anyway) (not that pulling a 30' enclosed behind a 'Burban in the summer is all THAT safe either) [most always] I toss tw
  7. I fired a truck lines for this. "Surcharge" has been WAY over abused! Katrina hit in '05 eh? Fuel was $4 US for nigh on 15 yrs after that! And somehow $4 fuel still demands a surcharge? Couldn't find time in the last dozen years to update the cost/mile fee and just roll it into the cost of dooing business? Then the price of fuel finally started dropping, and even got down to pre '05 rates, and yet there is still a "Fuel Surcharge"? REALLY pisses me off! Then one day a trucking company (steel hauler) decided that it was a good idea to
  8. The cruiser is rubber up, doo you still git a Failure to Control ticket?
  9. It snowed for prolly 4-5 hours here yesterdee. Didn't stack up here, but my chum on the other side of the Indiana line said that the ground was white over there.
  10. Wait - that WAS done this year - wasn't it? I'm sure I seen a post here, or maybe even a writ aboot that in a sledding mag maybe, or ????? I think that it is the link from Mani to Hornepayne that is still not opened yet? The west end of that goes through some nice hilly terrain, and then dumps you out on (next to) Industrial (?) Road on the Hornepayne side, and then seems to flatten right out all of a sudden. Not rode that section in decades. I don't like to ride the flats...
  11. Yeah, I guess I should have included the owners of the subject as well. That would have been the year recently (not this last year) that had a really late start doo to cold I think? Where he spent basically the whole month of Jan at The Bristol?
  12. Strange... I wonder if they knew that he was gone via posts on F/B? Still, IDK what value would be to be there, as opposed to down by Linus/Pee Wee - where we have camped sometimes. Funny how 3 of us here are all in about a 50 mile circle from each other.
  13. Squatters? Like moose and bear? Steve [and Billie] had an issue with one large bear that eventually squatted right through the kitchen wall. He was hanging on the wall soon there after, and a large cross-cut saw was hung on the outside wall - upside down after that.
  14. I doo agree that is likely the case, but others have used the term "can't", and that simply is not the case. I rode that trail for 3 years before Halfway was there. Purty sure that it was Dec '99 when they opened originally, and I was of the first group/night of customers. (Should have been there the night before, but we slept in the bush that night) It was a groomed trail when we started riding it in March 97. (although it was under 18" of fresh snow from the day before - but it had been groomed anyhow) I just ass _u_me that the groomers had a lot of j
  15. I have no idea how this would have NOT happened after this season. It would have been bad enough if they just left it closed up all winter, but then they went in to doo _ due diligence on keeping the trail open, even tho the border is closed. You take Yanks out of D north, and y'aint got much. Then doo the provincial wide shut down, and no snow, and .... Not quite understanding the donation thing? Not a go fund me? .
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