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  1. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Yeah, that's what I decided. It's just that in the pic that the water looks so much closer than it really is. Slushy spot just on the other side right there too...
  2. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Aboot 10 hours for me.
  3. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    I've been to Dub on ATV's a few times too. That isn't a bad place to stage out of - especially now that Pat is back at the Motel. * Note that I haven't stayed there since Pat has been back tho. Swung in one evening to say Hey to Luc, and that's it for a long time now. Also stopped to see AC/YA, but only his wife was there. He was out sledding. Whod'a thunk eh? I think it was the day or at least the weekend that we scored this prize, not far from Dubreuil FWIW - The boy was prolly 6'2" at that time.
  4. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Yeah. You're right... It looks more like Magpie Blue eh?
  5. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    Is it just me, or is that lake water a bit "Green"?
  6. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    I don't think....
  7. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    I wish I had some pics of just outside of Pukaskwa National Park. There's some big rocks in there! Or even the bottom end of Long Lac, where you can get to the road. That's a big mine field! Meandering between Volkswagen Bugs basically....
  8. Ox

    Season Comparison Pictures! Post yours

    LOL! There is someone on Snowest with the name "ThistleDoo", but I think that he is from Colorado? Possibly Alberta, but I know he's not in Ontario.
  9. Ox

    Are you getting the storm

    13/14 & 14/15 ???
  10. Ox

    Are you getting the storm

    Well, Volunteer didn't seem to git it....
  11. Ox

    Are you getting the storm

    Not sure where she lives now, but back-in-the-day Mary Hill lived in a trailer park.
  12. Ox

    Are you getting the storm

    It's that ^%$#! north wind! Go away and come back in November!
  13. Ox

    They are still riding in Hearst.

    Well, as long as this ^%$$! north wind continues ......
  14. Ox

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    Social distancing does not mean that you can only sit your fatt assets on the couch and binge watch Gomer Pyle. It means that you aint swappin' spit with the next person. Working outside? Heck - dooing aboot anything outside for that matter.... A few people werking in/under/on/outside of a new house is a problem? A dump truck that is from your area (dump trucks don't tend to git too far from home eh?) making a delivery to your area. It's not two or three guys digging a grave by hand for Petey's sakes! You want sumpthin' to actually worry aboot - how aboot that Gordons Food truck that came from Mississauga this morning? THAT may be sumpthing worth concerning yourself with, but not like you're gunna eat without it... Some folks just lose the spirit of the act, and git too concerned with the exactness. "Stay at home and in your house" makes a whole lot more sense to someone living in a 5 story appartment building in the city, than it does to some joker who has 5 acres of woodland up aggin a lake. Crickie - if he wants to fish or hunt for mushrooms - who gives a Schidt? Is he in your face? If so - then I guess that means that YOU aint in YOUR house eh? Is he in ANYONES face? You better jump all over Rev for cutt'n wood then! Also note - that that construction crew has likely been working together daily since before this whole thing started. At which point should they stay away from each other? Staying especially distant from someone not in your daily circle and especially not local is more the point. Let's see.... Most of the week I have been in the shop all day, but today I dropped forktruck tanks off at the LP place, and continued up and snuck over the Michigan line to make a delivery and a pick-up. Came back and picked up my tanks. Back to the shop and unloaded, picked up the Mrs. and headed accrost the Indiana line to pick up a skid. Stopped at Dairy Queen, and came home by way of my G-ma's who we need to check on aboot every day. You guys that are all held up on the couch aint gunna be safe until the rest of us git it, and you aint gunna eat for long if the rest of the world doesn't keep moving - so for Petey's sakes - let us get on with it and quit worryin' aboot what the rest of the world is dooin'.