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  1. Hopefully all the Trudeau lovers are happy 😊
  2. Passed you guys on the A this morning. Trails were mint!!!
  3. I agree they are all good. You really can't go wrong.
  4. Can't wait its going to be exciting.
  5. Agree on Peak, although I use there other location. I have been a long time customer of theirs. Prior to that was go performance, as scotty said no longer around.
  6. We were up there a few years ago having lunch and a crew of guys came in with pretty sweet sleds all decked out with lights, extra gas etc. One guy sat and had a beer with us. It was Rob Gardner from cains quest. Amazing guy with some great stories. They had scouted the route they were going on with a helicopter. All backcountry riding headed toward chibaugamauo.
  7. We stopped in for lunch a couple years ago. Cabins looked great as they were just building/updating them. Good food. I Would stay there for sure next time we're up that way.
  8. Bad news for sure for anyone that got that. I can't see much changing for next year at this point. Im sure manufacturers do not want to release new sled models after this year, but who knows. Tough decision for people to make. With there being virtually no dealer inventory it would be hard to cancel. Although I can see snowcheck being extremely limited this year so that might make people hold out.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2022/1/20/1_5747814.html This should help you.
  10. No, not until the 31st
  11. Both have cabins to stay in.
  12. Meekos is a little fancier. 100 lacs is more rustic. Restaurant at meekos is really nice.
  13. Agreed keep this stuff off the trails. Wait until your done for the day. Keeps everyone safer. More enforcement needed. Always amazes me up there seeing garbage cans full of empties too.
  14. Honestly there all good sleds. It all depends on her. She may not like the polaris for certain reasons and same for the ski doo. If there is anyway you could get her to try one or 2 models out before buying it might help. Might be worth a trip to a few dealers and see if she can sit on them(if they have any) On the polaris side I would go down to the 650.
  15. Kap has some of the best trails in the province.
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