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  1. The only time l was at 3 Bears a kid beat on me with a stick on our arrival . The place and water reeked of diesel . Thankfully the meal and booze eased the pain .
  2. Here is a little preview of the commercial that V2 and I were a part of on the day of the shoot. V2 and I supplied the sleds and our services as wranglers for the day.
  3. Has anyone heard any news on whether the Hotel in Matagami is being rebuilt? starting to think about planning trips!
  4. That is a pretty broad brush you are painting these young people with. I know quite a few young guys and gals that are passionate about snowmobiling and do volunteer their time when they can. As an older guy myself I have been involved with this sport for too many years, it seems that we do not welcome the younger generation into our clubs in a way that they want to help out and also have fun. I have 3 daughters, they all look forward to the first weekend of December where they can invite their friends to help volunteer with trail set up. We have Hot chili in the shop afterwards with a warm fire, it's all about the experience. If you make it enjoyable, welcoming and fun, the "young gals(and gals)" will return.
  5. My preferred demo day.






  6. This winter l noticed a new building going up between Harriston and Clifford, beside the Pioneer gas bar. Today a Polaris sign was hanging off the fence . Could this be a new home for POO ?
  7. l told the sales rep to surprise me . Just thrilled she called me , could not get the deposit down quick enough .
  8. The 2 stroke guys might be fearing the day those motors let go after a few thousand km ,and no warranty .
  9. Just back from Gaspe region have a pic or email on your phone confirming you did purchase a permit . Make sure you take the trail from La Cashe to Murdockville .
  10. Not sure how anyone can say they are the best , unless they have numerous dealings with all the dealers . Just saying. Sled guy 74 has Polaris blood .
  11. De Boars in the Elora area has served me well in the pass . Never heard anything negative , friends deal there as well .
  12. A few years back our group 4 of us came across a good sized tree blocking the trail . As we struggled to move it ,enough to get by , 2 other guys pull up behind us . They crack open the Red Bulls and watch . We get our sleds past and put the tree back across the trail . I know it was a prick move , but felt right at the time .
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