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  1. Caswell is due for a flame. Shame this once regal property has been left too such disrepair .
  2. You asked for a little positivity then proceed to tramp on a dealer and a supplier .
  3. 3 Days and 3 nights if you can keep a cork in it . Na 3 days and have some fun .
  4. My original plan was to buy a trailer built in Ontario ,however the inventory was low and the production time did not fit my schedule . Next trailer 100 percent made in Canada . People l know who have dealt with Bluewater have had good results .
  5. This past summer l bought a 7 x 14 lighting aluminum . Tows great , use it for work as well so getting lots of use . Noticed some screw heads along the bottom trim have snapped off . Dealer wants me to bring it back early April for repairs and a good look over.
  6. Talking with the OPP last weekend they strongly suggested using the garage as they have been investigating numerous sled thefts in Hearst . As he said for 12$ why not . I had the oldest sled in the barn that night I'm sure l could have left it on the sidewalk with the key and no one would have touched it. .
  7. Exactly, I told her l don't need that much horsepower , she said well l do and it comes with a learner key for me. So yeah l be on the 1200.
  8. I am still waiting to hear back from your dealer . Lockharts are on the ball .
  9. Yeah V2 we had a long drive home after our last trip . So Carly started calling dealers and spent my money . Lockhart's won the best deal of the day award . We may need to do a group ride in November .
  10. He my lower his price if his wife or girlfriend are pregnant
  11. Kirkland is good for snow as of today just as much as Cochrane . How ever there is about 1 k of logging between Kirkland and Sesk. Groomer has the ditch leveled that section is tight when sharing with a fully loaded truck. Might want to call the Doo dealer or club on Thurs. for a boots on the trail report.
  12. here are a couple snap shots from our weekend. pictures or it didn't happen...
  13. Did our annual father daughter scramble Kirkland to Timmins Friday afternoon . Sat. Hearst ,Sun Hearst to Iroquis Falls , Mon. morning back to Kirkland . Trails were all top shelf, had a few long runs of 1st on . Thanks to all clubs efforts . Not very busy sled wise only exception Smoothey's the Meca for Kap Timmins and Cochrane Sat . Go get it .
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