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  1. Glad to see the Jolly revived . My company framed the 2 story building with the 30 motel rooms , Which seems like a life time ago . Ingrid and Ernie were the best . Took a few of us out on the boat weekly ,more than once we had to drive the boat back to the dock , good times . The Jolly rocked .
  2. Hey All Does the trail go to Casino Rama? Also wondering if there is room for truck and trailer parking? Has anyone done this in the last couple years? Looking for your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  3. For our group we do a late lunch back at the shop. This years menu is moose chilly ,crackers , pickles and beer . The crackers and pickles are for the vegan .
  4. Cedar Meadows Spa and Resort Timmins . Should be considered .
  5. So what is the rest of the story ? Did he ride the rest of the weekend or hit the bottle .
  6. My daughter and l witnessed trail side justice Quebec style at the Pohenegamook club house . 4 Riders pull up one no permit one with pipes . Result one permit bought at full price plus. one went off on a flat bed. Everyone stayed calm the guys handled the punishment like champs .
  7. Brazilian wings true story , I met a pub owner from Southampton who also imported 30 to 40 k lbs. of JUMBO wings monthly . All sold before they landed min order 500 lbs. . l couldn't see myself jamming that amount in the family freezer .
  8. l would prefer to be ranked as a Backwoods Thug sounds tuff . Senior sounds , you know Senior .
  9. Only missing the DESS , included the heated visor port and LED head lights . Sales lady also gave me a great discount on a few other items Chris wanted . Very pleased dealing with Lockhart's .
  10. Wife and l went for a drive Saturday and had a 900 R follow us home . Black beauty , l think it may have found a new home .
  11. We may have been in that same blizzard as you. We were on the north shore when the weather took control of our day . Destination was Rimouski got escorted into Mont Joli by a road supervisor as he was closing down the roads . At the edge of town we were meet by the police he told us to run the roads and booked us a motel room at the Quality Inn . Awesome motel , good location for trail access , meals etc. So the plan now is to finally get to Rimouski and take in a Jr A hockey game . Never meet a Quebecer l didn't like .
  12. We were at the Campbellton Hotel by the bridge, they had a tow truck operator with a tilting flatbed. He was bringing across four to five sleds at a time, I saw a lot of 504 bills changing hands. We didn't take the shuttle as we backtracked through moose valley and the took the trail north into the Matapedia Valley. That was probably one of the best trails I have ever been on. The only other tracks were moose tracks.The bumps on the trail were moose crap. That was in February 2019. We plan to be back there this February to finish this journey.
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