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  1. Just scroll by ,  It is a snowmobile no need to bash any one .

  2. Oh well , I did take the advice of the article . And made alternate arrangements . One closed trail is not going to put a halt on the Pilgrimage to the Promise Land . Hope to see you there .
  3. Slowmo had written a detailed report on the trains . He was a good contributor on O C .  Now he can be found on D T or facebook. I have contacted him for info from time to time .

  4. Not a fuel issue , part and manufacture issue .
  5. Had to replace fuel filter and sock on a 22 900 R at 4000 k . When the dealer ran the vin # he said we will need to replace the fuel pump and sock , common problem , parts are here on the shelve . Then he says should be ready by 10 am tomorrow , can l book you a motel . It is 2 in the afternoon . My daughter is off to the side listening see tells me to take a walk she wants to talk to them . I am outside take a glance in. Karley has the service manager, sales guy and 2 service techs behind the counter they are laughing and smiles all around . Not sure what was happening , But they put 2 techs on it . Back on the trail by 5.30 .
  6. Garage meeting is long over doo , not sure l remember the secret pass word to get in .
  7. Fake News haven't heard that term in awhile eh . Lets Make D, Ville Great Again eh .
  8. Those 12 foot wide's come in handy on the long drives . Two sleds a cot or couch whatever your more comfortable on .
  9. The dream team. Ready to ride by 7:30, disappointed if we don't do at least 400km a day. All giggles on the 500+km days. We don't let a break down ruin our trip. Get it on a flat bed and off to the dealer, those Quebec mechanics get it done in a matter of hours. All shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.
  10. Saturday afternoon l am sitting on a park bench while my better half is wondering through the open market. A middle age women walks over and joking asks if l will keep an eye on her father . He sits down , this guy is old , native Indian for sure . He jesters toward a red squirrel ,says watch . Two black squirrels start to harass the red ,as the red drops the nut it was caring one of the black scope up the nut and both blacks run off. I asked the native guy do you think that because the squirrels are so aggressive this early about gathering nuts that we my get a long cold winter . Na , what it means is the black squirrels know how to get what they want with out having to work for it . He said be prepared for a harsh winter and be prepared to help others who can't prepare . Well l wasn't expecting those words of wisdom , this guy was awesome, best bench partner ever. He went on saying l liked shooting squirrels , you didn't have to hunt them , just had too look up. His daughter returns and asks what we were talking about ,with out missing a beet the old guys says nutin . He then told me his name was Henry and he was 94 years young .
  11. No sir posted at 70 kph.
  12. Next to impossible to run slow where we ride. No matter the trail conditions , wide trails ,excellent sight lines , wide sweeping curves .very few road crossings . So yeah the odd track does get sacrificed . As long as it happens on the last day , all you can do is smile and wave as the rest of the gang blows by you.
  13. Hey  V 2 just a conversation starter  I'm staying in as long as you are.

    1. volunteer2


      Okie dokie. Great to hear. I figured you were stiring the pot

  14. My mistake mine listed above is a 22 180 hp. Had to replace the track last spring , fuel pump replaced at 6000 km.
  15. Cat RIDER I have a 21 Renegade 900 R 6500 km . Hadn't thought of selling , but might entertain the idea .
  16. R. O. E. after 1 day, delete him .Someone better will come along, your time is to valuable .
  17. Same here not many km , but someone has to do it.
  18. No rain for the next week is great for pulling trail stakes and signs. Not going to track up the farm fields and cake the Ranger in mud . But l probably will .
  19. l called around long before l needed to ship. The trailer had 3 golf carts and skid of B B Q s on board plus my chairs . So this trucker had a good arrangement for himself . Oh and the trailer didn't stink , however l was not going to eat off the floor .
  20. I ship product out to Calgary on a livestock trailer . Trailer was going out empty cost 200 $.
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