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  1. Not a huge poster in these forums, but an avid follower. Please sign me up.
  2. Not trying to stir stuff, but I think it also kinda says something about who the the Other parties keep picking to lead them?
  3. Thunder Bay this morning.
  4. Probably a ferry. They tend to not like ice. Freeze up and Break up are equally challenging in the far north.
  5. I think its what THEY call Kushog Lake.
  6. I'm not an expert by any means, but they wanted to go through the park, adjacent to the existing line, but the parks folks wouldn't allow it.
  7. Whole new line. They are running it adjacent to the existing line, as much as possible, except around Pukwasa Park, where its on a brand new right of way.
  8. There is a new line being constructed between Thunder Bay and Wawa called the East-West tie. As far as I understand it, we have a surplus of power in the North-west, and there's no way to get it over to the more populous regions to the east.
  9. I hear you about Purolator. They are the absolute worst. Ironically, Canada Post delivers (almost) to the door, while I have go into town to Purolator's depot to get stuff. Having said that, currently waiting a package from CanPar that was supposed to have been delivered Tuesday, but seems to have gone into a black hole in Toronto.
  10. There is a huge interest in sledding, just not riding groomed trails.
  11. It would be the mid 90’s, just off the top of my head. I was heavily involved with the Nipigon club around then. I recall making the run a couple times on my 93 Enticer. Lol.
  12. Actually, Thunder Bay was not the black hole. At one time, they boasted the largest snowmobile club membership anywhere. A township south and west of Thunder Bay(Neebing) was the black hole. Thunder Bay was very pro snowmobile until 3 or 4 crappy winters, and the local economy tanking killed the number of permit holders. The club couldn’t recover and that was the end of organized snowmobiling here. Nobody has been interested enough to try and bring it back.
  13. That is potentially doable in places, but I know at least one culvert has failed, and would be tough to get around. Most of the larger bridges have concrete barricades on them as well. CN still owns the route, and does not do regular engineering inspections of anything on that route. They consider anyone on the former track as trespassers.
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