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  1. Washed the truck and trailer outside in Parry Sound.....WTF eh!!
  2. Sacrifice a old Ski Doo to Odin .....LOL.
  3. Problem is .....there are not enough Game Wardens. Without feet on the ground nothing will happen.
  4. Definately a positive start...everyone needs to get out and start clearing trees etc from trails.
  5. Out for a Rip....had to try the new sled....
  6. Yup needs to do allot of freezing....tonnes of water up here. Cant wait to get out riding again
  7. welcome!! wives are always going to have something to say..........pretend you're hard or hearing!!
  8. Be careful out there!! .....winters coming
  9. Put some in my Honda ATV - would not run - WB fixed me up. He said to me .....I didn't know Honda made a Diesel ATV.....LOL!
  10. Yes - we were ice fishing it kept flying over us just SW of Ardbeg. Thought is might be MNR but did not stop in for a visit.
  11. Yamforlife

    I quit

    Thats why I picked that Avatar (it reminded me of me) .....Just kids back then and we were smoking......everyone smoked....Imagine a 9 -10 year olds smoking now? World has changed allot for the better when it comes to smoking. I can't beleive they want to legalize pot......now that is messed up!!!
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