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  1. Lep

    Seguin Trail

    Heading up in the morning.....light the fire and check the ice...when u need some packing done north of the mag let me know.....my crew are in QU at the moment.
  2. Lep

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Top end has a railway track to cross....if u jump the second cut after the warmup shack that will run u to the end of the yellow going north...now saying that if u know the cut there is a Y in it...staying left will take u to the 103,,,staying right base camp....have fuel on board.
  3. So if I am reading this correctly we have to pay a visit to all or landowners after this renewal.....does all our 200 clubs know this??? ….this is news to me....I sure hope I don't have to visit the pissed of landowners I have already, with the issues we have had already this season....don't know how well that may go with 2 of them.....sure hope the landscape doesn't change a lot.
  4. Lep

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    If u know the area no need to run trail to base camp....just saying.
  5. Lep

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    Vid was produced 10-15yrs ago by a few peeps around PS area....we used to have a indy 650 setup for water 20plus yrs ago up at the big lake in Sudbury,have pics of the boys water sking behind it.
  6. so when do u think they found this out I mean the OFSC....pretty sure the ice had not melted.
  7. I shake the hand of 57 landowners twice a yr....spring and early fall to make sure all went ok thru the season that just passed,and make sure all is well with the up coming season.....some of us are at or witts end with the BS the last 10yrs.....u have to be pro active in todays world.....sitting around at the palace with your rose coloured glasses and dreaming up some more BS and pointing figures to the peeps on the front lines doesn't cut it anymore.....maybe its time to walk away.
  8. Same old $hit... lay the BS on the club/ volunteer and district....if u haven looked at your insurance in the last 20yrs or made changes for the changing times,time to take of those rose coloured glasses and put the bottle down....WE the volunteers are on the front line for this activity/sport,and when we need help this is the $hit that comes down the pipeline....and we wonder why club membership is going backwards and when clubs have no bodies we have no snowmobiling....IMO just a matter of time.
  9. Lep

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Dennis just my luck...not complaining at all....its a 2 smoker and they come apart sometime....and yes I play with them and push them beyond there bounderies most of the time...no one to blame but the nut in the brain bucket...
  10. Lep

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Tell him to put a match to it.....I have yet to ride a 850 out of Quebec....ride in no problem...week or 2 of riding I have not rode out on the same sled I rode in.....always fun with our crew....lol Turbo will put a smile on his face.....makes those tuned 900"s feel slow....
  11. Lep


    Thanks....going to take a run up to visit the new place at shinning tree for a few nights and visit the others in the area and say hello.
  12. Soupkids looking for some help.....about 1/2hr plus before u come to the big lake coming from the north....locals park and ride from there....can leave trucks etc there if riding for a few days going north....thinking of staging there instead of the STP yard.....
  13. Lep

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    It is....just need to keep your eyes open...
  14. Pulled alot of iron with a rope on C many moons ago...piston alley is what that section of trail was called...and yes it did cross the river...fun trail.
  15. Time will tell...sad with what is going on.....sure hope it gets worked out.