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  1. Looking like this in southern D9
  2. I actually wanted to ride with you a few years ago.I have Dr650 and xr650l now
  3. Seen you at cowbell,great trail conditions eh,roads not so much
  4. Look all I'm saying is if 1 of the 3 trails that lead to blyth are open people will ride the trail to the gas station or cowbell or the inn,just the way it is there or listowel for that matter when a trail goes right thru town.Trail cross's my back yard,I keep it clear in summer,pull stakes
  5. Buddy I live right on the trail,I know how things go,its all good
  6. It's a blyth thing,people ride snowmobiles everywhere,ofsc trail open or not.Blyth peeps be coming out of town on rail trail to B&W trails also as we have stayed open.
  7. It's a rail line into blyth,multiuse=open
  8. Ya I suppose b&w is to the edge of blyth(big mill)only.Its a well used trail to get to the boot
  9. They did a strange thing around the signage,chants and voodoo kinda thing
  10. Ya I here ya,tried to head north of Walkerton yesterday but got slowed down by a groomer crew here!good times
  11. Blyth was very rough the last 2 weeks,groomer down?cow bell I just across the street from gas and tim Horton's now.I still prefer the rubber boot for food.Railway from Walton to Blyth is very thin in spots
  12. Follow road to benmiller just like old trail in ditch from hwy #8.railway line north of Benmiller to Auburn to Blyth/Lucknow
  13. Really just a dead end from Clinton now without benmiller or bayfield to loop thru .went there this winter and still went thru benmiller to auburn for old times
  14. Still great up B108
  15. Just a little bit around palmerston and mount forest.B108 and B111 are generally always a bit rougher/busier than the rest.
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