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  1. brodhagenbullet

    Beer cans on trails

    Didn't realize it matches the hut
  2. brodhagenbullet

    Beer cans on trails

  3. brodhagenbullet

    Ice riding

    Thinking back to some of your pix words like submerged and wet come to mind.sure wish I was ridin with you.Have a great rip
  4. brodhagenbullet

    Arthur & Durham trail conditions?

    Where the trails are green around Markdale is the best rail line from there to Owen Sound 10 out of 10
  5. brodhagenbullet

    Stop signs!!!

    My point exactly(riding in the south and stop every 2 minutes)
  6. brodhagenbullet

    Ice riding

    Excellent info right there
  7. brodhagenbullet

    Throwback Thursday

    That bridge looks like the one right near Elk Lake that Crosses the Montreal River years ago .scary chit man
  8. brodhagenbullet

    Stop signs!!!

    It’s real flat and open here without a lot of bush trails and some just don’t seem to catch your eye enough.I stop at all stop signs if I see them✌️
  9. brodhagenbullet

    Stop signs!!!

    I find the stop signs a tad small and missed a few here and there.Down south here there is 1 every minute or so and gets kinda monotonous although I ride at a good pace and I’m getting older(52)
  10. brodhagenbullet

    Always better to leave space between sleds

    Videos pretty damn entertaining thank you
  11. brodhagenbullet

    Whole Lotta Lurking

    1 sled topic out of 5
  12. brodhagenbullet

    Whole Lotta Lurking

    Oh I have been watchin this site like forever but only a member periodically.Have issue's remembering passwords and such
  13. brodhagenbullet

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

    So sad my boys are 10 &12 and can't imagine
  14. brodhagenbullet

    Whole Lotta Lurking

    The reason I won't look at freedom sledder much anymore.no info about snowmobiling
  15. brodhagenbullet

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    Did anybody get the car unstuck on trail northeast of mt Forest Thursday out?I tried to help old fellow but it was to stuck and wasn’t hookin my sled to it!Was a nice sunny day so he was walkin(no phone) to house near by.Gotta love no winter maintenance roads