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  1. One of my favourite trails actually!! We try to get off A whenever we can. Less traffic and absolutely beautiful
  2. He lives in North Bay.....I am from Kearney...that is 1 hour away....I am all for supporting the small towns that got caught in the cross-fire.....if we could divorce ourselves from North Bay and only be Parry Sound I would be OK with that!
  3. Well. From where I sit and all the posts and news reports I have read....the individuals as well as small business most certainly spoke loud and clear that they didn’t want the closure. No way local business should be boycotted because of a decision they had no control over and were at the mercy of Dr Cheerios! They need all the support they can get. Some of them will never recover and will close permanently. Resorts/hotels/motels and restaurants in particular. (Which atm are mostly impacted anyway as this region is still in lockdown). I am sure everyone would hate to see places they regularly
  4. Are you suggesting that you penalize the local businesses that are struggling to survive over a closure that they disagreed with and had no control over?
  5. Absolutely! I agree that you should be able to do that. If you own a cottage I believe that you have every right to go and enjoy it, and especially check on it to make sure everything is ok. I am really referring to folks that trailer up and ride then leave. I think we need to respect the fact that this region is still in "lockdown mode" at least until March 8th, and they are only opening the trails to "local residents" - not a "free for all" opening. It is what we fought for, and finally got it as we felt it never should have been closed in the first place when all other regions were ope
  6. Another death n NB today from COVID. He will be looking for any excuse to close them up again. If you are local...great...ride those trails and Giddy up!!.....if you are coming from another area into this lockdown zone, I would suggest you find another zone to ride if you can. All he needs to see is a bunch of non local sledders rushing in and BOOM..there we will go again! At least there is lots of snow now further south, so that helps...keeping our fingers crossed that people use their heads here ...please. I have read on all sorts of pages people planning on rushing in to “rip” on the tra
  7. BREAKING NEWS!!! Just heard on Moose FM they are opening OFSC trails Monday!!! Whoohoooo. https://www.myparrysoundnow.com/61691/outdoor-recreation-to-reopen-on-monday/
  8. Just announced extended now until March 8th!!! This makes NO SENSE!! York can open and all regions surrounding NBPS is Opening. All this does is push people to other regions instead of staying local.
  9. It is! Guess it's just time to ride.......I argue it is for my mental health.
  10. Just announced: The stay-at-home order will stay in effect in Toronto, Peel Region, York Region and North Bay Parry Sound District until at least Feb. 22.
  11. Update - I was just informed that there already HAS BEEN a letter sent to Lisa MacLeod who is the Minister responsible for this on January 30th.....no reply!
  12. hmmmm.....good idea! Thanks for that! I will get him to send to them as well!
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