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  1. Kind of difficult to figure out what’s open tonight
  2. Just wondering..............why has the OFSC not sent a "loner" groomer to you in the interim? I thought that it was their responsibility to do this?
  3. So sad condolences to Family and Friends. Ride safe everyone https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/man-dies-after-accident-on-area-snowmobile-trail-5008336?fbclid=IwAR2NrlfjiNCniPS2ufcf6PRl1TdBeRDbuModaszHhzHS2nOeoFx_evCDEbg
  4. unfortunately. It was a fatality. Condolences to the family. 😢
  5. I also ride with one as I believe it is also a safety issue - however, I think if I had a stuck throttle I would instinctively go for the kill switch - just my own personal thing I guess.
  6. Yes I figured with more trails opening that it would be one of the loops people would want you do as it is one of my favourites as well. Hope they get it off the trail and fixed up soon so they can get that trail open it sure has been a challenging year…but they are doing the best they can and working their butts off to make it happen.
  7. The throttle issue is certainly a safety issue , but I would be more inclined to use my Kill Switch than pull the tether if my throttle was stuck…but that’s just me maybe. With the Doos it is not an insurance issue and seems like more sleds being stolen other than 22’s. In fact , I haven’t seen one post yet about a 22 stolen. BRP has given post locks to the dealers for the customers that purchased 22’s without DESS. Picked mine up and they work great. So at least they have been quick to act and offer a solution at no charge.
  8. I am beginning to think you are obsessed with tethers
  9. I have both iPod and iPhone with iTunes. So yes, I was wondering about charging the speakers as well. Hmmmm. Maybe I will just keep signing to myself. lol
  10. Just saw this post from Highland Tovers. Posted about an hour ago. Please avoid. Please avoid trail 95 at the moment we are experiencing technical difficulties helps on the way !! Cheers
  11. Thanks Ski. Yes. That is what I am looking for. Mr Giddy is not one for the comms thing, although I can see the usefulness. I usually lead and am always waiting for him LOL. But he is never too far behind, but I am looking for the nostalgic tunes! I will look into Sena! Cheers!
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