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  1. Yeah, a couple days later someone assumed it was abandoned. Why would you wait multiple days?
  2. Because a club president can vote on what a groomers hourly wage would be, there is a conflict of interest for allowing such.
  3. Different industries have different standards
  4. I wouldn't be so sure of that information.
  5. Long story, but back in about 2003 4 of us were planning a trip to ride from Thedford Ontario to Kapuskasing. I was riding a rather Problematic machine at the time and didn't trust it to make the trip. I went in to Fast Track Performance in Dorchester, who I had been dealing with for parts for a while, and told Charlie that I needed a used sled that he could guarantee would make the trip. Bought a 2001 Zrt 800 that he had. 2 days later we were on the trails. About 10kms from from finishing the trip in Kap, I called him from the side of the trail, and let him know she seized up. He said drop i
  6. Got one of these on order. ZR8000 LTD
  7. Current ride is a 19 ZR8000. Have ridden everything from 470 SkiDoo to ZRT800x2. Ride everywhere from southern Ontario (home) to the northern corridor. And bullshit on the 100% of conditions. You trying to convince me that in fresh snow a 1/4 round pin sticking out of a track makes a difference? Not a chance. Either you haven't ridden a sled without studs in so long that you have forgot what it's like, or you are brainwashed. Oh, and of the 12 guys I regularly ride with, 1 is studded.
  8. Been riding for 30yrs myself, and have only had 1 sled that had studs. And that was because they were installed when I bought it. I have never encountered a situation that would prompt me to spend the time and money to install them. Riding within the limits of what you have is key. And I ride hard.
  9. No. Trail routes around it. D trail west of Kukagami Lake Rd if it didn't turn off the old railbed would cross the bridge
  10. Rode across a couple times in the side by sides in the last couple years. Had lunch on it in fall 2019
  11. I should put you in touch with my friend up there who has no riding buddies. Doesn't get out often because of it.
  12. Did 600kms between yesterday and today. Yesterday got cut short when buddy clipped a rock and bent left side control arms. Got it back to his place and couple new parts from Royal and we were back at it today. Stay away from the south side of Sudbury. Around Lively it was pretty short on snow. Overall could some snow but was quite good for what they have. Also want to apologize to @soupkids for not contacting him while we were there. Got busy rebuilding my kids sled during the week, and then Friday night had to replace front a arms, and realized once we were on the trail yesterday
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