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  1. Enough here to shake out the cobwebs on my own property.
  2. Might want to check the weather. Going to be 9 Thursday after 5deg on Wednesday. Wouldn't go too far from the trailer
  3. Same. Left NL yesterday, and to Latchford trails were OK. From the dam to Temagami were heavenly. Had lunch at Temagami Shores and continued south. And from Martin River to the D were the same, absolutely perfect
  4. We will be back. Oh and breakfast at the 17 Restaurant in Blind River. Fairly priced and excellent. And Rustys Cafe for dinner in Blind River was.......... interesting. Rusty is an interesting character.
  5. No. Rods from Killarney to Little Current , then over to Whitefish Falls. Wasn't going to do a big crossing that wasn't staked.
  6. So why do more people not ride this area? It was absolutely great. Trails were fantastic. Lots of different loops available. Rode from Killarney across Georgian Bay. Neat to do, but don't need to do it again. But from Whitefish Falls to Blind River and up to Elliot Lake and back to Espanola is something I am going to do again. Over 3 days and I would guess we met maybe 30 sleds.
  7. Thanks. Looking to leave French River area then down to Killarney. Then next day hop across to Manitoulin, back to mainland and west towards Thessalon. . Next day loop north and east.
  8. What are the trails like on the north shore of Georgian Bay? Spanish, Blind River, Thessalon, SSM. Really tight and twisty? Or more flowing? Is a 300km day a long day there? Or??? Leaving in the AM and heading that way
  9. Officers on trail in Sudbury yesterday checking specifically for trail passes. Checked all 5 of us, and another 8 or so while we sat close.
  10. You don't have one in your pocket, but you have one at home before you leave obviously, as you are on this website
  11. Never owned anything that needed them, but I have been multiple times with/for friends, and they have always been very helpful.
  12. Never used one, but didn't even think I would need one for the Mission. Haven't worn it yet, but friend who has one never does.
  13. Where did you race? Just curious, because I believe they were testing them at SOAR around the time I quit racing. Forget if it was Bickle who brought them or Fawaz.
  14. Got about 5kms of my break in period done. More snow fell after this.
  15. I never expected to be reimbursed, and the $40 will not impact my life, just curious what others have experienced
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