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  1. Right on, good for you. I lost my Dad last April..... not easy cherish every moment whit him. If you guys are in my area this winter look me up (Dubreuilville)
  2. Yes sir, going to be fun grooming this winter. Thank you to Port Perry for the Drag donation about 4 or 5 years ago. It served us well, it was an 8 footer but with our bigger groomer we needed a 9 foot.
  3. Imagine all the stuff he had on that Sled, lol oh Dave, he had everything with him.
  4. I was sad to hear that Dave did not make it, Wow I was expecting to see him pull up at the store with his sled this winter. I met Dave early online in the mid 2000's, I had the chance to meet a group of riders from the forum around 2007- 2008 I think when I was at a conference in Stratford, we had a good time that evening, he was with his son, Canuck was there also with us. We hit it off right away, he was funny and always had a smile. When he would come riding in Dubreuilville he would stay a few days, he was always doing something with lights, gadgets on his sled, GPS's and stuff lol, the tech guy on snow. For a while he was given a new nickname because of a trailer mishap he had on the hwy. lol here's a quote I found that he posted recently in November that shows how he was. " "While I love snowmobiling, most of the pleasure comes from the socializing with others over lunch / dinner and a few drinks after the ride. ." Sledjunk RIP Dave, you will be missed buddy.
  5. Ahhhh man, sad to here this about Dave, He will be ok and be back on the trails. Thinking of you buddy.!!!!! get well soon.
  6. Yiur trip is longer as you have to use Dub 1 (D108A) now, not changed on the map as the trail is not on that side It's 13kms more then the other way. lol
  7. I would be out already with our groomer packing but we where told we can not go out with groomers before Dec 1 because we would not get paid for our hours and also for insurance. Maybe there is different policies in other districts.
  8. -25C feels like -29C talked to some Drill Rig guys working night shift and they said it got down to -30C where they where drilling about 15kms east of town. Big Snow squals conming in today.
  9. I heard he was very good, wonder why he left?
  10. Hahahaha yeah, I would of needed that. OMG, I forgot about that with Rick......wow...... Rick you need to find that again...... lol
  11. Thanks, having a good time doing this. Can't wait to hear what you think, Let's make some plans to go on a trip this winter, I'm up for a trip back to longlac and Geralton.
  12. -25C -27 winchill, In Dubreuilville freaken cold. good for the trails tho but not for my body lol
  13. Episode 4 is now live. you can have a listen to here. https://www.buzzsprout.com/689972/2033298-when-luc-learned-to-swear-why?fbclid=IwAR06K_YQ8Tj3DJaWD0bxj54skjt8P-0OTY_RQAfDhJ1APGak0G88p3Tgo_8 Having fun with this.
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