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  1. The longitudinal lines are not as serious a concern The latitudinal ones are a big failure.
  2. Yeah. No track = no brakes. Very dangerous.
  3. No kidding. A 600 can get you in big trouble. No need for this.
  4. 4 year is exclusive to snow check. Be careful though it may be outsourced to an insurance party
  5. Yeah I was gonna say didn't think your Don
  6. Agreed. I personally believe the axys rear is superior to the iq. But, most people seem afraid of the discontinuous tunnel styling, so sales on a tradional tunnel will likely be higher.
  7. Yikes just ride down echo lake for 50m and your past it
  8. If the axys front end went on that idny rear end, they wouldn't sell any pro s pro x sleds!
  9. The indy is polaris best sled. Even with the 600, it rips! So damn fun on trails, and stupid cheap (picked up one up a couple years ago for 7k new)
  10. Got a new Triton 2016 clamshell for 3500 all ready to go. No more of those left. So far the clamshell hasn't been a pain at all.
  11. Yeah clubs did all they could I know they groomed evry trail I rode the night before. Emsdale visitor center had 200 trailers, sand lake full, every staging area was packed. Best part of the day was riding LOB
  12. Trail 47 is fantastic until the end of the fire road, quite rocky afterwards
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