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  1. I'm Washago, although I'm working Thunder Bay for a couple more weeks .I'd take all of them; how much $ are you thinking ? Thanks Clint
  2. Hi , sorry, I forget where you're located.
  3. I just bought a 2023 made in Canada Weberlane 7 x 23 double ramp in New Liskeard for 4 k $ less than any used ones I've seen lately. A father/daughter in New Liskeard at VJ Trailer Sales. All aluminum with stainless door hardware. I bought a Strathroy Action Neo aluminum POS before I knew better and the steel hinges seize shut after every use. No grease fittings, plastic hardware, no warranty, and they have no clue. Never ever buy junk again
  4. Smooth Rock Falls had 4 inches and someone's out packing the groomed trail, likely a young lad getting to work at the gas station
  5. Thanks. If you call or text me when you get a minute I'll get your address. Take 'er easy
  6. Ok , super, I'll take it. I'll get it out of your way asap, but that may be late September. If you wish , my Mom is on the farm near Sebright but I certainly don't expect you to deliver. My cell is 7056273140 if you want to touch base and I'll wire you the $$ . Thanks , Clint !
  7. Hi , sorry to just touch base again now. As The Road Hammers say , "I've been everywhere man "... Kenora , Pickle Lake, Red Lake , and now Thunder Bay for a few weeks. I may be driving down past you late September if you still have the stove ? Thanks
  8. Howdy , Old Slow Sledder, Are you located near Minden ?? I'm in Sebright Clint !
  9. Dan , I'm on vacation next week in Armstrong so hoping to get out scouting on a few cross-country tours . They won't be to your high-standards but I'll try and post some pictures and videos. Yes , I had lunch ready on the grill so woulda shared for sure. Enjoy one of our final weekends on the snow !
  10. I was working at the Hydro station by the trailer park Fri,Sat, Sun and pretty sure I saw you guys stop there. Enroute now to Thunder Bay and there are a lot of bare spots even north of Marathon
  11. Same with the fiancée and I last year. Booked a week at the Waterfront, looking forward to spending the week riding all directions and dining at Rooster's. No doubt it was a little windy out, but we rode rough trails and hard-packed drifts for a day, checked out of our room and headed for Cochrane and Kap and won't go back to NL. They know how to do it there !
  12. I see a truck-load of sleds just arrived at Quinn’s Marina if anyone has ordered from them .
  13. Turbo , 6 inches of fresh snow from Longlac all the way over to Driftwood, but it was super windy and so the drifts will be hard packed so I’m hoping the groomer gets out and level them out for you especially on the L123
  14. Yamatario , hope you were able to steer clear of this ! Enjoy the trails
  15. Attention all NORTHBOUND highway 11 travellers , check Ontario 511. I am traveling southbound from thunder Bay. Highway 11 is closed from the Hwy 101 Timmins turn off to Cochrane and also Cochran to Driftwood. You cannot get to the Timmins turn off, the line is a couple miles south of that, You’ll have to turn West in Matheson and get over to Timmins and go up to Driftwood. All roads are snow-covered but OK. It is just a couple tractor trailer head-on collisions , that’s all. Clint
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