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  1. Turbo , if this is the 11 Litre bag I’ll take it if you’re going to be in Orillia anytime. 125 $ sound fair ? Clint
  2. G-Man , if you call the Westway and they have it , and keep it, I’ll be driving thru there a few times this spring or summer and I get over to Ottawa a few times too so can drop it off for ya.
  3. Mrs Buoy and I stay at the Best Western, which includes breakfast; but the Station Restaurant across the street opens at 7 am and always has snow-covered access.
  4. Awesome. Looks like lots of snow left there. What towns did you pass thru ?
  5. Nunz, after chatting with you I drove from T Bay down to Sebright. I pulled in to the Long Lake # 58 Reserve and confirmed they do not have premium gas. Couldn’t find a number for the Can-op across from the West Winds so called the Robin’s next door and he confirmed no premium at Can-op or anywhere in Longlac. Premium is only available in Geraldton .
  6. Mrs Buoy and I started out from Atikokan this morning with our destination being the White Otter Castle. Lots of fresh snow on the trail, a few km of plowed logging roads , and slow-going on some twisty hydro lines had us alter our route and return to Atikokan from the west.
  7. No problem Nunz , where are you starting and travelling then ?
  8. The only decent accommodation in Longlac is Four Winds hotel. I have stayed there for work many times. Lcbo across the street and restaurant across the parking lot.
  9. After riding snow drifts in New Liskeard for 2 days, trailered up to Cochrane and headed toward the Canyon today. Trails were well-used but flat and fast. . . as usual . Apres doo are going down good
  10. MM , myself and Mrs Buoy are in New Liskeard now. We headed for Temagami yesterday afternoon but there are a few long sections of the A that are narrow and twisty. It will slow you down for sure
  11. I have not yet done this, but my buddy and his wife did a couple years ago. They are both new to snowmobiling and made it . They were rented skandic’s by a local dealer . I have a friend from Blanc Sablon and plan to do this trip this year or next with my Son. Apparently a designated local grooms the trail 20 miles each direction from their house and turns around at a warm-up shack where the adjoining local takes over. I don’t believe my buddy carried fuel with him so must be available as needed.
  12. Nunz, I’m planning on attending. I’m in Sebright , and will join all of you unless work pulls me to the far reaches of the province. Thanks
  13. Wimpy , I’m here holding down the fort. Anybody that says “ lads “ I have a beer or a spicy Caesar for. Room 20
  14. I’ll be heading to the Westway tomorrow too. When do you land there and any riding plans for tomorrow ?
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