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  1. Boy Oh Buoy

    Time for Leads to Wear Safety Vests?

    G-Man , if you call the Westway and they have it , and keep it, I’ll be driving thru there a few times this spring or summer and I get over to Ottawa a few times too so can drop it off for ya.
  2. Boy Oh Buoy

    Cochrane - Place for Breaky?

    Mrs Buoy and I stay at the Best Western, which includes breakfast; but the Station Restaurant across the street opens at 7 am and always has snow-covered access.
  3. Boy Oh Buoy

    6 day eastern Quebec trip

    Awesome. Looks like lots of snow left there. What towns did you pass thru ?
  4. Boy Oh Buoy


    Nunz, after chatting with you I drove from T Bay down to Sebright. I pulled in to the Long Lake # 58 Reserve and confirmed they do not have premium gas. Couldn’t find a number for the Can-op across from the West Winds so called the Robin’s next door and he confirmed no premium at Can-op or anywhere in Longlac. Premium is only available in Geraldton .
  5. Boy Oh Buoy

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Mrs Buoy and I started out from Atikokan this morning with our destination being the White Otter Castle. Lots of fresh snow on the trail, a few km of plowed logging roads , and slow-going on some twisty hydro lines had us alter our route and return to Atikokan from the west.
  6. Boy Oh Buoy


    No problem Nunz , where are you starting and travelling then ?
  7. Boy Oh Buoy


    The only decent accommodation in Longlac is Four Winds hotel. I have stayed there for work many times. Lcbo across the street and restaurant across the parking lot.
  8. Boy Oh Buoy

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    After riding snow drifts in New Liskeard for 2 days, trailered up to Cochrane and headed toward the Canyon today. Trails were well-used but flat and fast. . . as usual . Apres doo are going down good
  9. Boy Oh Buoy

    North Bay to New Liskeard

    MM , myself and Mrs Buoy are in New Liskeard now. We headed for Temagami yesterday afternoon but there are a few long sections of the A that are narrow and twisty. It will slow you down for sure
  10. Boy Oh Buoy

    For people who have been to Quebec

    I have not yet done this, but my buddy and his wife did a couple years ago. They are both new to snowmobiling and made it . They were rented skandic’s by a local dealer . I have a friend from Blanc Sablon and plan to do this trip this year or next with my Son. Apparently a designated local grooms the trail 20 miles each direction from their house and turns around at a warm-up shack where the adjoining local takes over. I don’t believe my buddy carried fuel with him so must be available as needed.
  11. Boy Oh Buoy

    Summer Sucks/Nunz's 50th birthday August 24th

    Nunz, I’m planning on attending. I’m in Sebright , and will join all of you unless work pulls me to the far reaches of the province. Thanks
  12. Boy Oh Buoy

    Yup. Come on Thursday.

    Wimpy , I’m here holding down the fort. Anybody that says “ lads “ I have a beer or a spicy Caesar for. Room 20
  13. Boy Oh Buoy

    Yup. Come on Thursday.

    I’ll be heading to the Westway tomorrow too. When do you land there and any riding plans for tomorrow ?
  14. Boy Oh Buoy

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    I just pulled in to the lot . Figured I may as well park here for a couple hours instead of on Hwy 11. North bound closed at Line 11 if anybody’s travelling that way