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  1. Spring Lake is in Dwight not Dorset. Also Blue Spruce Resort is nice. Free overnight parking during your ride if you stay there. Its in Oxtongue Lake just east of Dwight on Hwy 60. https://www.bluespruce.ca/ Also in Dwight, the old Boiler Room is open again. https://boilerroommuskoka.com/
  2. The Firehouse and Ox Narrows are closed.
  3. Would it be available to the public to watch?
  4. What about the AGM this year?
  5. Ryan was suppose to be the guy to get more funding from the Government. Didn't happen.
  6. All dog's behave different when in a "pack". The poor kid could have just been running by and maybe laughing or screaming loud which triggered the dogs. The dog's might have just been playing but 300 lbs of them will hurt anyone. Sad for all involved
  7. I use to get an email from the ASC about 2-3 times a week keeping me informed of what is going on and how things are including pictures. This year nothing. Even the President of ASC use to provide trail updates on 105FM in Huntsville once a week a few years ago. Did anyone else get them? I sent them an email a few years ago then just started getting them. I'm not even a paying member or volunteer.
  8. Its all about communication. I contacted the 2 other clubs near by and they did not know there was a groomer down between them. They each have 2 groomers and could have helped out over the weekend if asked. The down groomer is the only one that they have and still no info on their groomer and the trails that have not been groomed since Thursday are still showing green.
  9. Saw a groomer with a track off on Friday night on trail 76 or d101b I think going to LOB. Came up from LOB on Sunday and its still there and the trails to Dwight and north were beyond nasty. Anyone know what is going on and why other clubs or a spare groomer wasn't used for the whole weekend? Ran into lots of pissed off peopel in Dwight who drove up for the day and dropped in Dwight. Why wouldn;t the trails be marked yellow or even red on the ITG and let people know? Nothing on their website/FB or District 7 FB about groomer down and expect poor conditions. The trails and information from that area use to be one of the best. Not so much now. Also the outhouse at the shelter is a disaster. WTF. And no other outhouses on the trails either. They are marked on the map but not there.
  10. This message was sent from the OFSC Executive not the President or Governor's. Dog wagging the tail again.
  11. No surprise here. Look at his Linkdin page. Never spends more than a few years at a place. Make some changes and move on. Seems like a new trend with executives. This way no accountability for what you do because you are gone before the results surface.
  12. Many, basic first aid should be mandatory in schools right from grade school at least 2 days a year. Now there are AED's all over in big cities and no one has a clue what to do. Sad.
  13. You would make a killing having open hours on Sunday.
  14. It wasn't open at all last winter either.
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