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  1. I noticed that the B112 and 209 are fairly close to each other (about 25km via the hydro road). Were these two trails every together? Would there ever be an interest from HCSA and Orillia District Snowmobile Club in linking them? I also want to say thank you for the good, hard work from HCSA over the years. I am excited for the 2019 season!
  2. I assume the trails are pretty much bare? Anyone know how close they are to being reopened?
  3. Is it easy to accessTwin Mountainsfrom Pigeon Lake?
  4. I am not going to dump on the new group. I don’t volunteer (live 3 hours from the area), but I know there is a lot of work that goes into it. I cant expect them to be grooming over Christmas. Sure KLSC has been out, but other then them, it’s pretty RED across the Ontario map. Hopefully it’s good to go this weekend and we all have a fantastic New Years!
  5. Rail line south of Kinmount is now green. I would assume North of Kinmount has to be close.
  6. Hi, Last year my 2011 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT 600 etec got squished by a sanding truck. I was leading on the RAP tour and the B trail cut through some logging operations for about 800m (near Paugh Lake). I came around the corner and a sanding truck was absolutely flying down my side of the road. I was stopped standing still and just watch this truck approach me. He tried to get over but he couldn't do it in time. I jumped off the sled and watched my favourite toy get crushed. I was literally doing less than 20 km/hr as I came around the corner and hugging the bank. The
  7. Hey Livin, I noticed (or I think I noticed) the rail line was a lot wider in some spots. I assume you guys have been trimming the trees! Thanks for the good work!
  8. Exciting!!!! Thanks for the good trails Livin. Wish I could ride and not have to go to school everyday!
  9. Hey Livin, is Trail 9 permanently closed? Or is it just really hard to get ready. I've never been it on it before.
  10. I want to buy a ski doo 1 up seat for a 2009 ski doo rev xp.
  11. I believe that Motel is still open. They always have lights on, rarely do I see vehicles though. I'll try and verify the next time I am there.
  12. I am not sure about Hali, but I have parked at Kinmount along the rail line a few times (once was for 3 nights). There will likely be 10 trucks there this weekend.
  13. You mean all those spent fuel cells from 40+ years of operation that can be fit inside a small room? I'd rather tell our kids that theres these radioactive rods that we dont really know what to do with, but are containable. Instead of saying there are these greenhouse gases that are impossible to contain and have been raising the earth's temperature by a lot over the years.
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