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  1. MR85GT

    New Liskeard ride suggestions

    It was great meeting up with you guys!! Always nice to put faces to names, hopefully we can do it again sometime. Nice pics btw Cheers, John
  2. MR85GT

    Kirkland Lake

    I'll keep an eye open for the Pro X
  3. MR85GT

    Kirkland Lake

    I'm hoping to ride out of Larder on Sunday, where are you guys riding from/to??
  4. MR85GT

    Kirkland Lake

    Shouldn't be an issue at all. I think the river bank is a bit too steep this year for the groomer to pass right through, but easily navigated on sled. Great trail btw
  5. MR85GT

    New Liskeard ride suggestions

    I choose Golden Corridor every year even though I live 9 hours away!! They do amazing work with limited funds!!
  6. MR85GT

    A107Q & A110Q in District 14

    Thanks for the update 14, going to be in Larder Family Day weekend...good to know!!
  7. MR85GT

    Matheson and north

    There's a thread on Dootalk saying highway 67 has been packed and should be groomed this week. They have some signage to do but are hoping to go green from 67 to Matheson this week!!
  8. MR85GT

    gas in kirkland lake?

    Yes, L108 goes right to the Comfort Inn. L108 tee's into L107 hang a left and follow to the end. Go left up the road three blocks and it'll lead you into the back of the Canadian Tire gas bar.
  9. Great, thanks for the update!!
  10. Baylaker, how was the Singhhampton area?? We've never ridden up that way, wondering not only on conditions but also what type of terrain is up that way. Cheers!!
  11. Terrible news, sorry to hear. Just can't fix stupid!!
  12. MR85GT

    Snow Squall watch is on!

    Great news!! Please give us an update after your ride!!
  13. MR85GT

    B110- Markdale to Owen Sound- yellow

    Thanks for the update...heading up tomorrow!! I think they're getting a bit more snow tonight which shouldn't hurt.
  14. MR85GT

    B110- Markdale to Owen Sound- yellow

    We aren't going until tomorrow now. Looking forward to your update if you're able to go today. Cheers
  15. MR85GT

    B110- Markdale to Owen Sound- yellow

    Thinking about riding this Saturday, any updates on its condition would be greatly appreciated!!