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  1. I rode from Elliot lake to the soo on Thursday taking El3 to D134 then D trail to the hotel and it was snowing pretty good so no issues with roads then . Missed the turn to stay on the D 134 somewhere so can’t comment on that section but it snowed all night. The warm up may change things quickly
  2. I just rode from the soo to halfway haven on an 850 and it’s 130 miles from the fair field in and took 25 litres of fuel on fresh groomed trials. There is gas at Goulais river if needed.
  3. There is away around Goulais river by running the road to Anglican Church road then down high 17 for a short distance to pick up the D trail to go from the Soo to searchmont then onto halfway and wawa. You can email the soo president of the local club for more info . I will be riding that way on this Thursday going to wawa.
  4. You are correct there is no gas at searchmont but there is gas at Goulais river if need . I know that l can ride from the soo to half way haven on my 850 renegade with no problems. I believe that’s about 130 ish miles. And that’s leaving from the hotel at the soo . Can’t remember how many miles it was to searchmont but the ofsc trail map can show you that . Hope this helps l will be riding that way this Thursday morning going to wawa
  5. Hi sledjunk l was at that spot where the tree was down and my buddy had his fancy saw . Saw the moose just before we came up on that tree
  6. Hey Luc I was wondering about getting in on your trip . I would be by myself and probably stage and ride from searchmont on Wed so I would need a room at Dub. Is this possible or do you know if they are full . Thanks Mark.
  7. Going to be there tomorrow in the afternoon and heading to wawa . I love riding your trails .They are awesome.
  8. I was there last weekend , left from Fairfield inn and went to Wawa then to dub and back to the soo . Great riding Friday to early Sunday . Perfectly groomed trials. Then got to warm on Sunday , things got beat up on way back to soo after searchmont. Going back this weekend for more great ridding .Have to say the clubs do a very good job .
  9. Thanks for the info gonna be riding on Friday .Halfway is gonna groom tomorrow towards searchmont and wawa groomed towards halfway on Sunday.All trails to searchmont are good to go.
  10. Just wondering how the trails from the soo to wawa are after the last warm up. Look to head that way for a 3 day ride this weekend. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  11. We are staying at the same hotel in the soo also.Wawa motor in has a nice bar and good food if you are looking for a spot to eat at. Never stayed at the place you are going to. Maybe we will meet up .
  12. Ok sounds good I will be at wawa motor in friday and sat.I ride a black 2017 850 renegade x and my buddy is on a 600 x renegade.Im going to the soo today sometime.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I am going to drop on the road and ride to wawa for 2 nights then back on Sunday.
  14. Thanks for the advice. I think I will trailer to the road and start from there.I plan on staying at the fair mount hotel Thursday night . Do you know how long it would take to get to searchmont from there. Mark.
  15. Thanks for your help. I will send an e-mail to him.
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